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Missing Numbers in Your Name | Numerology Remedy | InnerWorldRevealed | Aditi Ghosh | Live Stream

So if you have questions, i would like you to keep on shooting them from time to time, and i’m going to check the chat box and let you know in brief what i think about your query. Uh. I’m, going to speak in brief about your specific query, because uh talking about a blueprint in depth requires some more time and attention and for that i’d, have to look into it properly and it’s.

Not ethical to comment on a blueprint without analyzing it properly. So without looking into the details, i would not be commenting on a particular aspect and there are many numbers that we have in our blueprint that create a particular unique combination of numbers that we need to pay attention to, because human mind is the most complicated machinery In the world so as a whole, life is actually very simple but human.

Mind for human beings with our complicated minds, are the ones who make it a little more complicated. So if anyone is around just, let me know that the audio and video is clear so that we can go ahead properly.

So right now i’m going to introduce today’s topic, which is the missing elements in your name, and i’m choosing to talk about the missing elements or the missing numbers in your name, because the questions based On name change are the most common ones that i’m receiving um.

In spite of the fact that i’ve been telling people that name change. Is the last resort that i take uh. You know i’m still receiving uh queries based on name change only, and so i have chosen this topic today to provide you with an alternative uh to name change, maybe uh.

If you watch this log, you would be able to find an alternative to name change. So just let me check okay, so good mornings, neha, you’re awake right now, at this hour. Welcome to my channel once again and how are you this morning? What are you doing so, as i introduced today’s topic, which is going to be about the missing numbers and the missing elements in your name and let us take forward.

Oh great, you’re, doing accounts good. That are you. Do you keep awake whole night or you walk early hours? So, okay? Where was i i have forgotten where i was so uh? Okay, great you wake up early. I do i’m an early riser.

I wake up at around 4 00 a.m. In the morning – and i mostly work during the early hours only so now, the first question that i’m going to talk about is what is a bad name. Actually many people uh say that their name is not good.

It’s. A bad name and what basically is a bad name. Thank you g benga. Thank you. You, you were there last time. Also, thank you so much for supporting my channel, both of you uh. So, frankly, speaking as i was talking about bad names, what is a bad name, so, frankly speaking, i’ve, never come across any text by the father of numerology pythagoras.

I follow pythagorean numerology, so i have never come across any text by pythagoras, claiming that he ever said that any particular number or any particular name is a bad name. You know he just said that all numbers have specific qualities and all names are just sounds and vibrations, with different qualities, just that with different qualities and different goals and different purpose.

So you know pythagoras never claimed any number to be bad. All numbers in numerology are good just that certain numbers have more power, while others are more common numbers, and you know it’s easier to deal with the numbers which have a little less power.

So i always opt for the ordinary ones, whereas there are many extraordinary numbers so now this brings me once again to the question: why do people then feel uncomfortable uh in their name? Well, it can happen that they are not uh showing acceptance towards personal history, or maybe they do not like the sound of the name or whatever.

But whatever may the reason be. The fact remains that the name contains within itself certain gifts and certain learning lessons which will remain in spite of the fact whether you like the name or you don’t, like the name.

You know, the name name basically gives us the destiny number. The soul number, the original destiny number and the soul number which are never going to change, even if you keep on changing your name.

So let me get back to you all gee benga, okay, you are, i think, as much as i remember you’re from ghana. Okay, you also wake up early, okay, good. What is the time at your end? Right now give me your direct mobile number um.

Let me see: okay uh, you can um, you know, follow my facebook page out there. I regularly respond to all the messages that come in, so you can message me on facebook. I will respond to you. Don’t worry, okay, so hello uh, we uh.

How do do i pronounce your name, juliana, hello? Where are you from and welcome to my channel? So let me get back to the topic. As i said, even if you don’t completely, like the reason for having your name, you have it for a reason.

If you don’t completely approve of your personal history and you hate your name. The fact is, you cannot get away from the destiny number totally at some point in life. Your destiny, surely, is going to show its color, so your first name, first full name that was given to you after birth, contains a lot of gifts.

A lot of learning. Lessons which you will never be able to ignore, so the first step towards being happy with your name is showing acceptance to your roots and knowing that there is no getting away completely getting away from it.

However, we can definitely work upon styling. Yours you a bit so uh. You have uh collected a lot of information in the previous lifetimes, all of which is basically stored in the letters of your name.

I don’t know how much you all believe in reincarnation and the philosophy of reincarnation and karma, but pythagorean numerology. You know this philosophy is one of the corner stones in pythagorean numerology, so uh you have.

According to pythagorean numerology, you have carried forward a lot of information that you have been collecting over the past lifetimes and in this lifetime. You have the collection of it shown in your name, so it is the collection of all what you have worked for so far, and even if you change your name, the purpose, the learning lessons for you are not going to change so the first birth name.

As i said, is known to be your destiny number, and if you don’t know how to calculate your destiny number after some time you can click. On the i button, i’m going to provide you all the leads out there, which will help you in the basic calculation of the core numbers and the destiny number.

So once again, in that case, what exactly is a bad name? Basically, what happens is sometimes in a blueprint. What we see is in a particular name. Certain numbers are extremely strong, while certain other numbers are completely missing and when we see that a lot of numbers are missing in a particular name, then we understand that the balance is a bit lopsided and the person in that case might be facing a lot of Challenges uh in relation to the missing numbers, so uh.

In that case, you know when i see that the name has around four or five missing numbers in that extreme case only, and also if i see that the length of the name is too much and the numeric values, the variety of numeric values is not much In that case, i usually happen to suggest a name change to balance out the energy a bit, but even if you have such a name, which has a bit of a lopsided balance, remember that there is a reason and a purpose for that too.

You know nothing happens without a reason or without a purpose, so everything that you have every gift that you have has a reason for being there now. Let me once again get back to the chat box, nester navarro.

Well, my name is not agathi. My name is aditi, so let me type it a d. I t i that is my name: okay, uh uh. Okay, i mean uh, okay, greek guiller. Thank you. Okay, welcome. Jibenga. Time is 1 9 a.m over here in lagos.

Okay, so you don’t sleep at night. You’re awake at the midnight. Why aren’t, you sleeping you need some rest. Sleep is the best remedy, uh nestor navero! You are in late l-e-y-t-e how to pronounce that philippines.

I know about philippines and the time is 8 10 a.m. So you’re ahead of us out here. It’s. 5 43 a.m. Ajay thiagy good morning from india, hi ajay. How are you welcome to my channel uh don’t. Be sorry, mr it’s.

Okay, we are from different countries. We have different, you know dialects, so it’s. Okay, don’t, be sorry number three and four missing in your date of birth. Okay, it is missing in your date of birth, but you have to find out whether it is missing in the letters of your name also or in the numbers from your name name also, so you have to find your soul number ajay uh your personality number, your Name number and see if the numbers are missing in your name also, and then you check the letters, individual letters and if you feel that the letters are completely missing today, you have come to the right place.

I’m, going to give you some quirky solutions that may help you or subdue the effect of the missing number to a great degree. Okay, so keep watching belinda baker wow it’s; 6 15 p.m in missouri, usa. Yes, i know you are having evening we’re having early morning.

I really like this time of the day. You know this is my favorite time of the day. You know, starting from 4 a.m, to 7 a.m. This is the time i love the most and also i like the twilight a lot. You know g benga.

Yes, i’m using i’m using to wake up midnight every day. Why are you waking up at the midnight? Do you do some work, which is uh? You know requires that timing williana mode? What does it mean to have two arrows of protection? I uh, if you rephrase it, it will be easier for me to understand arrows of protection with respect to which uh technique.

You are talking about okay, we will definitely get back to that. Okay. So now let me take forward this topic and i have forgotten how much i spoke about. Basically. So i think i was talking about what’s, a bad name right, so anyways uh.

Let me try to remember okay, so, as i said that i suggest a name change when i see that the balance is a bit lopsided only when i see that more than four numbers are missing completely in the blueprint and one or two numbers are repeating too Many times and the balance in that case definitely is a lopsided balance.

So in that case, in such an extreme case, i suggest a name change, because there’s, no other option. But then, if you have only few numbers missing today, you can definitely find some solution right now.

So, as i said that each number stands for a set of qualities, and each number has a each name has a set of letters and uh. The letters resonate to a particular number, for example, b: k anti resonate to the number two.

Similarly, d m and v resonate to the number four, and your name is a combination of all these letters. So we can say that you, your name, is basically a combination of all the numeric values. Variety of numeric values put together as a matter of fact m is not exactly a 4.

It is a 13 4., so we can just go on disintegrating. Your one single blueprint can have many numbers in it right, so we can go on disintegrating your blueprint to finer and finer aspects of it. So the numeric values that are present in your name are indicative of the qualities of mind that you have, while the numeric values that are not present are indicative of the qualities of mind that are totally absent.

They are the information that you have not carried forward from the previous lifetime, so obviously it is always good to have a lot of numeric values, because a lot of numeric values a little bit of all the numbers is going to give you maximum number of qualities.

So i think the best uh, a variety of numeric values would be having a variety of eight numeric values. Usually i think that you know that is a very strong name. It also depends on the length of the name.

How long the name is so it’s best if you have a name which is not very long yet has a lot of variety of numeric values. So you have to see that, and you also have to understand one thing – that there are certain letters which we commonly find in many names.

While there are other letters which are less common ones, for example, the number one can be seen to be present in most of the names right, because a j and s are the letters that resonate with the number one, and it is the most common number that We find in most of the names.

However, there are certain letters like q, z x, we don ‘ T usually find these. You know when we find a name having a letter, q or x. We you know realize that it’s. A very uncommon name, and it’s very uncommon – to find such a letter so uh.

You know in these cases uh this uh. By being present, these uh unique letters they uh by being present even once. They gain a lot of strength. However, even if you have two repeats of a your uh, the the strength of one is not considered to be that strong right.

So uh, you know, and one numeric value, which i feel should obviously present in a name, is the number five five is one of my favorite numbers and i think in your blueprint somewhere. If this five is present, because if you also follow the lotio grid technique, the number five falls in the middle and by falling in the middle, it is able to complete maximum number of patterns.

So the number five is a very interesting number and if you have the number five, a lot of things can be attained, so that is a very important numeric value. So once again, i’m, going to get back to the chat box and see what are the queries that are there.

What does it mean to have? Okay, i read this: you’re, such uh. Okay, thank you once again, belinda baker. It is the time of the universe between 4, 12 or 4 30 until a little later five. I love that time of the day, if i’m, not sleeping deeply, i always wake during this time.

Yes, in india, we call it the brahma muhurt. You know, after having my child, i started waking up because my child used to cry around this time. So you know after some years i picked up this habit earlier.

I used to sleep till 8 am in the morning: okay in the chart uh, for example, from seven to three or two to eight. I don’t know how to explain it in english. Okay will ya now what you can do is uh. Maybe you can do a voiced, recording and send me on my facebook, and i can um you know, interpret from there, because this needs some more attention and i’m.

Definitely going to answer your question: uh jay benga, you’re, a great guidance. What’s? A live group blueprint? Okay! What is a blueprint? Uh, you know. If you are familiar with astrology, you will know that there is a horoscope where the planets are placed in the houses, so that is your horoscope in astrology.

That is the blueprint. Basically, the horoscope is the astrology blueprint. Similarly, we have a similar kind of a projection of numbers, which is your numerology blueprint right. It’s similar to the astrology horoscope nestor navarro aditi, just a favor.

What can you say about your name and i’m 44 in my birth, okay uh. You have to tell me your birth number only then i i would know whether you really are a 44 nestor, and is this your uh good name, n-e-s-t-o-r-n-a-z, a double r, o n e s, t o r n a v, a double r, o? Okay, your uh name – if it is nestor navarro, as you spelled it in your youtube id.

If that is the name, then the total comes to 63 and the base value is 9. So you are, i don’t know whether it’s, the destiny or the power name, so 9 29th of september 1959. Is that the birthday? Okay? So yes, you are a personality 44.

Also i don’t know whether 44 is there in your birth uh number. Let me see: okay, uh. So remember your name number, i might forget. Your name number is 63 63 by 9, his name personality is 44 and what was your soul? Number 19 and your soul number is 90 nestor.

That is your name, and you’re born on the 1959, is the year number, which reduces to 24 so 29 of september. You are a life path. 62. According to the method that i follow in a store, you are a life path, 62, 8, and definitely you have a 44, which is the personality 44.

. Okay, on 26th of november 1970, please interpret this okay. You are 26th of november 19.. I’m. Getting into the single digit codes, because that’s easier to interpret otherwise there’s too many details to look into and uh.

You know right now. I’m multitasking, so bear with that. If you would like to you know you can message uh, i uh comment in the comment box below that’ll. Give me some more time to interpret okay, so you are born on the 26th of november uh.

You are an attitude one and you are in your personal year four right now. Yes, it’s, going to be four four or no. Five. 20 20 is 4. 5. Yes, so g benga, your! You know the time that you’re running is good, very good right now, and you’re born in the month of november may is especially going to be a good month, and the overall time is uh going to be very good.

It’s, going to have a lot of nervous energy and a lot of excitement and people would be wanting to be with you wanting to be around you and would be attracted to you right now. So it’s. It’s, going to be a good time with a very fast momentum.

Things would be happening very fast and lot of optimism and growth. Overall, you would see, however uh yes, you’re, going to have this till the month of november 26th 2021. You’re, going to have this only and it’s going to be a good one.

However, there could be a little hiccups. You know. Five also brings a lot of surprises and a lot of uh, the sudden uh things which might happen, but in spite of that, when you would look at the overall uh year, it’s, going to be a good one for you, belinda baker.

The question is: do we stop considering the numbers of our past names when we take on new additional names or our names are changed due to adoption and marriage keep birth name? Then? Yes, as i said that the birth name, even if it is changed many times, it would still show its effect, even if it is changed repeatedly.

However, your new names are going to do some styling, for example. Right now my hair is curly, so if i straighten it, it’s, going to look straightened and it’s, going to have some new qualities, but the base quality of my curly hair is not going to go away.

It’s, going to come out when the effect of straightening gets dissolved right. That is how a you know see a new name and the destiny number like that. Your birth name is your destiny. Okay, so let me get back to the topic of missing numbers in your name, so what i’m thinking right now is i’m uh, giving you a brief of i’m, going to give you a brief of What it would mean to have certain numbers missing in your name and if you have, if you all, have pen and paper right now, you can try writing your name and you know and see, find out the pythagorean alphabet chart if you don’t Have the chart it’s, easy to understand the numeric values, because a stand for a stands for 1 b for 2 c for 3 and so on.

So it’s only going c really and finally, you have to in pythagorean numeralogy. We reduce every uh code to a single digit code so that these are the numeric values. It’s, a serial order from 1 to 26. So if you have pen and paper, you can write down your name and put the numeric values against each letter in your name and find out which particular numeric value is missing.

In your name and i’m going to talk about all the missing numeric values right now and i’m, also going to give you some solution, you know which can help you by not even changing the name. So let us see what that is.

So all of you, this uh is a very rare situation when the number one is seen to be missing, because a is the most common vowel that we find in most of the names. So if you have the number one missing in the numeric values of your name, what it would mean is you may shy away from uh taking a stand.

You might not easily take initiatives or may give very little value to what your ideas are. You might not stand by your own ideas or might not be enthusiastic enough to you know: uh solve your own problem.

So if you see this letter, ajs missing in your name, this can be a problem for you and you remember. Don’t jump into a conclusion. Just by saying that the numeric value of one is missing in the name. You also have to check your birth numbers check.

Your birthday number check. Your life pass number check the digits in your birthday. If you see that number one is completely missing, only then come to this conclusion that you have the missing number one, because even if the number one is missing in your name and you have uh a core number, which is one, it definitely subdues.

The complete effect of the missing number one. So if you see this problem, what you can do is you can start having a little bit of the color red in some accessory that you’re wearing or something that you’re carrying along during the maximum time in your day, And this color may definitely compensate for the number one right now.

Let us come to the missing number two and it is more common to have the number two missing in the letters of your name. However, two is one of the common numbers in the birth numbers. So check both check.

Your name check your uh numbers of the birth. So if you feel, if you find that the number 2 is missing in the letters of your name, the letters b, k and t stand for the numeric value 2. And it is not so uncommon to not have these letters.

But there are names which have these letters also so uh. If this number is missing, then you would see that the qualities of diplomacy and tact are missing from your personality. You do not. You have lack of diplomacy and tact and there definitely is a need to become more considerate towards people towards people’s feeling you have to be more a little more empathetic towards the people.

So if you don’t feel so much empathetic towards people. I would say that you cultivate a little bit of empathy and, if not, you can also go for the color orange. The color orange in some of the accessory that you’re using is going to compensate for the number two quite a bit.

So let me once again get back to the chat box. Jubinga. Your explanation is great. We we can host you in lagos to deliver a lectures. Thank you. I would be honored. Thank you so much uh, sharna, okay, hi sharna, welcome to my channel.

Thank you for being here. Okay, i get called sharma a lot, but it’s. Sharna. Yes, it’s a bit annoying when you get called by a different name. So you should be correcting people correct people every time uh they call you that you know don’t take it personally.

Maybe they really get confused. I think you’re, a you. You are a seven. What is seven, your birthday or your name, which part is seven unless i know your full name. I cannot conclude uh jb stylin. Do we calculate all our names uh? First james ii, christopher barker? I never use my middle name.

Yes to find the destiny number. You have to calculate your complete name, first middle and last, but you don’t, take the suffix and prefix. For example, you don’t calculate the doctor or a junior or two.

These are the things that you eliminate, but you consider the first middle and last all of it okay and join lunch. I enjoy your channel. Thank you so much. I’m. So happy that you do. I’m very happy. If i’m able to help you all so now, let us come to the missing number three.

So if you have the number three missing, that is the letter c l or u missing in your name. What may happen is you may find it difficult to trust people easily? You may shy away from taking chances, and you may doubt everything and once again before jumping into any conclusion, you have to check your birth numbers, also see whether, if three is missing in your birth numbers, also and check.

All your core numbers check. The digits of your birthday and only then conclude that yes, three, is really missing so uh. If you have the missing number three, what may happen is you might find it a bit difficult to trust people or to you might be doubting everything and um.

You also have to work upon your communication and your expression. You might be a bit shy and might find it very difficult to express your feelings to people and communication might become a bit of a problem, so you have to cultivate upon your ability with words.

You know you might be at a lot of words most of the time, so you have to cultivate upon it and a solution and uh the color that would subdue the effect of the missing number three is going to be yellow, so you can definitely you know, Yellow is the color of friendship, it increases communication, so you definitely can use a little bit of yellow wherever you want to appear a bit friendly.

So it’s, going to uh enhance your communication skills a bit. If you have the number four missing in the letters of your name, uh sticking to discipline and routines can be very difficult for you. The letters, d m and v resonate to the numeric value four and uh missing.

Number four can also mean that you could be having a lack of attention to details. You might miss out on a lot of details and might find it a bit difficult to keep a track of details, so you have to cultivate upon being more systematic and disciplined.

You have to show a little more patience and get into the depth of the matter. There might be a problem that you might try to be a bit superficial without getting into the depth of the subject, so you have to dig deeper and get to the depth and learn.

You know. Learn: learn more learn more so that you, you are uh going to become more skilled, so you can use a little bit of the color green, because the color green compensates for the missing number four, so use a little bit of green somewhere in some accessory that You’re carrying along uh, most often so.

Let me get back to the chat box. Once again. Where was i okay, uh [, Music, ], sharna, sharna mates, moss? Okay, i was thinking that sharna is a common indian name. It sounds like an indian name, so okay sharna meets moss.

Hmm, you have you really like to travel sharna. You have two fives. You have a five as a soul, five as a name. So you love to travel. You love adventure. You love variety and you love to be with people and you’re.

You’re, a very curious person. You like to experiment with a lot of things you and you’re exposed to a lot of information. Also, you’re, the life of a party wherever you go, you bring life to the party life to the gathering.

That is what you are, and your birthday is 6th of august 1982, 6th of august 1982. However, you also have attention to details, not that you are a totally superficial kind of a person you like to be you, you’re, a very individualistic person, sharna very individualistic, and you have your own opinion, um and uh.

You like to be free. You do not like to be like having constraints of any kind. That is what you are. I think um jb styling, okay, i thought so you are using the basic gematria one to nine right uh. I’m presently because uh you know, i’m multitasking.

I’m, having to remember what i’m going to talk about, and i’m also looking into your questions, so i’m not getting into you know too much too much of details into the uh Birth chart technique or the other techniques.

I’m following the basic categorian numerology. Yes, that is what i’m following what can we tag? What can we tag your 2021? What can you tag the universal? Your number is five and it’s, going to be a good year for all of you.

It’s, going to bring you a lot of excitement. So 2021 has a lot of excitement in store so watch out for that and belinda baker. Thank you. It is logical to always keep the birth name and add adoption name and adding two more.

I’ll bet. All of them added together and reduced, is going to be revealing. Yes, okay, okay sharna, you only wrote mates, maybe, okay, what you do is you comment after the session is ended. I’ll again calculate for you right.

I’ll again calculate isn’t uh. It’s similar to color mirrors color therapy. Yes, i’m talking about color therapy. You know every color resonates with a particular number. So if you have a particular number missing – and you add the color that resonates to that particular number – you are compensating for that number.

So i’m mixing color therapy with numerology right now alia or ford 16th of august 2003. Okay, what do you want to know about? What is the question you are free? You are a live path to aaliyah. You definitely are very intuitive because you are a birthday seven.

Also, you uh definitely have a lot of clearer voice. Okay, um. What about my name? Wait i’m, not wearing my specs. I cannot. I have to go closer to the antoine morris. Meu rac lines: okay, yes, your uh name is reducing to an eight you uh and when is your birthday and oin.

When is your birthday? You have a good sense of dealing with finances, you have attention to details and you also have a good sense. You have foresight, and you know you’re good with calculations and good sense of dealing with finances.

That is what i see in your name. Sharna. You can comment below and i’ll calculate your name once again, maybe uh. You know there was a typo error. So yes, centoing you’re, definitely definitely very uh.

You know clairvoyant youtube. As a matter of fact, all of you being here, you know, i’ve, usually seen that people who are frequenting my channels have these numbers 11 or 7 in common. So no wonder you have that too.

I’m, still, not sure what you have to check the letters. Uh sharna. You have to check the letters of your name and put the numeric values of your name. Um. You know, write your name and put the numeric values under the letters and see which numeric value is completely missing.

So, for example, your name is s-h-a-r-n-a, s is one, it is eight, a is one r is nine n is five, a is five one, so that is how you write and see which number is missing completely and where was i? Let me get back to the topic.

Where was i which missing number did i talk about last? Did i talk about four or five? Can anyone tell me? Did i talk about four? I think i talked about four right: um raymond hi raymond mencha once again hi.

How are you and welcome uh? So let me i think i talked about four last okay, so let me come back to the missing number five and if you find the number five to be missing in the numeric values of your name, what are the letters for five? No, you know remember the word new n e.

W are the letters for five so uh. If either of these letters, either n or e or w is missing in your name sharna, you have a lot of files. So you don’t have five missing. So if uh, you have the number five missing in the letters of your name, you may find it difficult to accept change.

You may have the quality of flexibility and adaptability missing, and it will be difficult for you to keep an open mind and accept varying belief systems, varying views and uh. You might find it a bit difficult to adapt to changing situations.

So if you have the number five completely missing in your name and also in your birth numbers, what you can do is you can go for the color turquoise or perhaps you can also go for blue, because these both these colors are known to be increasing adaptability.

Flexibility also communication and verbal abilities. So if you ask me what’s, turquoise turquoise is a mix of blue and green, so you can definitely these two colors are going to subdue the effect of the missing number five.

Now, once again, let me get back to the chat box: um, okay, uh, james and jb stylin. So my first name is james 22. Is it 22 james is 12. james? It’s, not ready to. Are you following kaldian system? Do i use that or continue to four i’ve heard 22.

Is a strong master number not to take much time much time? Is my math correct james, your uh, i follow pythagorean numeracy and your name is reducing to the first name is 12? Not 22. j is 1, a is 1 m, is 4 e is 5, and s is 1, so 1 plus 1 plus 4 plus 5 plus 1 is 12, and that reduces to ah alia or ford.

I want to know my strengths and weaknesses. Yes, all your strengths and all your weaknesses are hidden your birthday and your birth name. So once you decode these two uh basic details that you have you have your complete story right in front of you so uh and join 11th of july 1907.

Is there a zero missing you on point? Okay, thank you! So much raymond hi! Okay, am i reading the same messages again, wait a minute four jb, stalin, four! What is four um? You talked about four. Yes, i talked about the missing number.

Four. If you have the number four missing right now, i talked about five just before this. I talked about four. I’m, so grateful to watch this knowledgeable, video anand mishra once again, hello, anand once again welcome back and i’m.

So happy that you’re liking it. That is what all what i you know ask for: belinda baker for okay, uh. My name is a dublin. A and d is this uh corrected by using numerology uh anand and your surname is mishra right um.

By doing by adding an extra n, we get 53 8, as the name number soul is 3 and 41 5. You definitely. You are very expressive and you talk a lot. Have you corrected your name or something by adding an extra n um? Just a minute.

Sharna have two three four six missing in one name really, that is too many numbers missing. You have to check correctly, and you know you have to see all the names together, uh the first middle and last, if two three four six are missing in the complete name.

Only then uh get to that conclusion and also check your birth numbers. If two, three, four and six is missing your birth numbers also only then they are considered to be completely missing uh. Can we do our just a minute? Can we do our middle name as well? Yes, you have to take your first name middle name and last name all of it.

I have a lot of five and four. Yes, you know having a number if a number repeats it increases in strength, so 5 and 4 is definitely going to increase in strength for you, um hi, just a question. Wouldn’t.

The color of my missing number activate the karma i have with it even more karma you have with it uh you see. The missing numbers are called karmic numbers. They are not the karmic debt numbers. Karmic debt numbers are a different category of numbers.

That is 13, 14, 16 and 19. If we have these three num four numbers anywhere in our in our birth numbers, we consider them to the karmic debt numbers so uh. If a number is missing in your blueprint, the information is not there.

So when a particular information is not there, the you will not know how to deal with the situations that uh come along with that missing information. You know, for example, five teaches you. Every number teaches you to do deal with a particular situation.

For example, five teaches you to communicate. It gives you verbal abilities. It gives you uh adaptability to deal with change. So if you have five missing, you’re, going to missing these qualities, and it is always good to have more and more qualities, because by having more qualities, you will know how to deal with each and every situation in your life because, as you Know that our personal years are going from one to nine, so from one to nine, we will be dealing with the situations activated by each of the core numbers.

One will activate the situations. Uh resonating with one two will activate the situations resonating with two. Similarly, you will have situations that uh will be activated by six, seven, all the numbers.

So if a particular number is missing in your blueprint, what will happen is you will be unable to deal with that particular personal year? That is why, if you have maximum variety of numbers, it will give you more strength, not uh.

You know i don ‘ T think that having all the numeric values is a good option, because in that case, what happens is the person becomes so over? Confident that the person might completely miss out on seeing the upcoming danger, you know, overconfidence is also not good, and it also can give rise to some kind of an aloofness, so that’s.

The answer to your question: are they compatible what i have um? I forgot. What i was talking about, hello name is seven and birth date is four. You have attention to details. Buttercup seven and four combination makes you a good learner, gives you attention to details and uh the moment.

You enter a room. You can see all the details everywhere which others might miss out on. So that is what you are. You are correct. Bad error, 12. Is the correct? Yes, james was 12. sneha singh do do having birth number, seven and name number.

Seven is pat cause if too much seven having a birth number, seven and a name number seven um. If it is a destiny 7, it is actually uh, not too bad, although it can make you a bit aloof, but it is not too bad because it’s, also going to give you a maturity, number five and as a maturity, number five is The best maturity number because it uh makes your life very happening after the point of maturity.

After you, mature that is uh after midlife, your life becomes very exciting and sevens can make you very clairvoyant and give you strong, psychic abilities and uh. Seven can make you very aloof, uh. You might like to be alone with yourself delving deeper into your own mind, so it’s, not bad.

Everything has a reason and a purpose to be there. I have a lot of seven two sharna okay. Yes, you had a seven, i saw it somewhere. You had a lot of fives and seven anand mishra. I don’t use mishra as corrected okay.

I would need some time to get into that right. Wait! Okay, you only use anand. Why have you corrected your name? Anand? Okay. Anand is 21. 3. 21 is one of the intuitive varieties of three right. We have different threes like 84 48.

They are very um. What do you call it? They are more uh, they are better with finances and 21 3 anand is one of the intuitive varieties of three and your soul. By using the neymar and these two again, there too, i find intuition and your personality is one.

You appear to be very enthusiastic and efficient to people. That is what you are and sure. Now i’m slowly, getting it okay to uh. I think it’s. Two and three okay, actually not missing any number. I think good uh having maximum variety more variety is good.

It is interesting that my two married names and add to the same number: okay, both add up to 19, okay and all the names nine, as does my birthday. That is very interesting. Actually 19, although is a karmic debt number, but you know it gives you luck in love, so it’s, not that much of a bad number.

You know technically, we call a lot of numbers a lot of things, but all numbers are good. Actually, thank you very well explained. Thank you, murray, missing, only seven and eight okay. I have to go back to the missing numbers right, so i was talking about the number five was i uh.

So this brings me to the number six and let me have some water now. If you have the number six missing, you may find it difficult to develop in-depth relationships with people right uh. You may find it very difficult because the missing number six uh is going to um.

You might not be very sincere with uh developing uh deep relationships with people because uh you might be playing it very superficially, not emotionally getting too much involved with them. Uh not um, you know.

Usually i see that people with the missing number six um can um shrug off their domestic responsibilities and might not invite people to their homes and might not appear uh too sincere with their friends and might struggle with developing uh deep relationships with people.

And so the person who has the number six has to work upon strengthening the bonds and developing more sincere relationships with people strengthening the bonds with people. That is what you have to work upon.

If you have the number six missing, so you should invite people to your home. More often, you have to spend little more time with your relatives and um. You have to uh take care of your domestic responsibilities a little more so this is going to uh help.

You, if you have the number six completely missing and uh to subdue this effect of the missing number six. You have to use a little bit of indigo to balance it right. Indigo resonates with the number six and balances the missing number six, and this brings me to the number seven and uh having the number seven missing in the numeric values of your name.

Uh would uh mean that you have to you know you, you might uh feel a bit lonely. You know you might find it a bit difficult to be alone with yourself and you have to walk upon uh learning to be alone without feeling lonely.

You know that is the lesson of the missing number seven and you have to walk upon, discovering the joy of being with yourself delving into the depths of your mind. For example, right now i just saw a case where there were too many seven.

So when seven is present, a person looks into the depths of a situation. So when seven is missing, the person usually gets carried away in into superficiality, so seven means delving deeper searching for the truth.

So you, if you have the number seven missing you have to delve into the depths of your mind, think deep. You know you have to read more write, more, do more detailed research and improve your grip on any particular subject.

Subject that you’re working on, because when seven is there, it gives you more grip. It gives more grip to your skill, so you have to work upon improving your grip and the color that corresponds or compensates for the missing number.

Seven would be violet, so you can use that in little proportion in any accessories that you use more often so, whether where this color in some accessory and or maybe you just keep it around, and that will compensate for the missing number seven okay.

So that brings me to the number eight. If you have uh the number eight missing you may you will find it a bit difficult to deal with finances, and you might also find it a bit difficult to deal with authority figures.

You know there might be a know it all attitude that you have which might prevent you from knowing your limitations. So you have to take care of that you. This know it. All attitude is definitely, as i said, when a person has all the nine numeric values present in the name.

Even then, the person gets this know it all attitude and it prevents a person from knowing their own limitations. So the same happens when you have the numeric value, eight missing. As a matter of fact, i uh had this numeric value, eight missing and i used to be a very generous person uh, and i also had problems with the authority figures and always i landed up in troubles.

So you know for that reason, uh later on, i compensated by adding uh the letter h in my name, so that you know i get the qualities of the a of eight and i become a little better in dealing with money and become a little less generous.

So the missing number eight usually makes you a bit uh too generous with money. You don’t understand how exactly to deal with money either you are uh a complete spendthrift, which i was i used to spend till the last penny.

I used to have in my pocket, so i presently i’m controlling that and uh, so it makes you unable to you know completely gauge the meaning of money. Money is a medium so either you know you become too miserly, sometimes or you end up spending all that you have so to compensate for the missing number eight, the color that you have to wear.

You can wear this color because it’s. The color gold, so you can wear a gold accessory and that’s, definitely going to compensate for the missing number eight. So finally uh here i come to the missing number: nine.

If you have the number nine missing in that case, you find it difficult to deal with people from all walks of life. You probably uh are not that broad-minded, uh and probably do not uh know uh how to mix with everybody, and you have to basically broaden your perspectives.

You have to broaden your mind a little more. You have to show more acceptance towards people who have belief systems that are different from yours, so you have to also work upon making yourself more aware.

You have to stay updated with the latest news. You have to learn about what’s happening around in the world, so you know you have to grow yourself in a awareness and grow yourself in compassion and understanding of people, understanding of people from different walks of life and the color, for you is Going to be white white is the mix of all colors, so basically, 9 2 is a mix of all numbers and white is the number that is going to compensate for the missing number eight, and if you dislike white, you can definitely go for some pastel shades.

Also, like very light pink or very light blue, something like that. So now let me get back to the comments. Um. I mean chat box once again and see what’s there um. You talked about four. Yes, thank you! Okay, you know i’m missing out on what was there.

I’m, just looking for where i was last. Okay, your driver number is eight, your conductor number is three. My corrected name is only anand. Are they compatible um, eight and three uh, as per pythagorean numerology uh? Are not the uh very compatible numbers, the natural match category for uh three is three: six and nine.

You know there are three categories. We have the category of one five, seven one. Five, seven are the mind numbers two four, eight two, four eight uh is the second practicality category. We call it the business numbers, because two four 8 are always very practically oriented numbers and 369 are the creativity driven numbers.

So these are the three categories and 8 exactly is not compatible, but you know we cannot comment on this without looking into the complete blueprint buttercup. Thank you uh sharna. Oh thank you so much.

I think i’m average, not very beautiful um. I, if i have a life path, number seven, but i feel i’m sacrificing. Not how can i change it? Okay, you know you should not feel that there’s. A lot of sacrifice.

You’re doing that’s, not a good feeling. Um [, Music ] life part. Seven, i don’t. Think uh is a number uh that is related to sacrifice. Basically life part. Seven would be a very spiritually driven number.

It is the number who would like some occasional uh times of solitude and um. You know the sacrificing element would be there in the numbers six to nine. These are the numbers which show more sacrifice and if you are sacrificing a lot um, you have to become a bit selfish.

The numbers that promote selfishness are one and eight to some extent, also four. So if you want to cultivate selfishness now you can go for that. Uh friends speculated that whether the birth time added could correspond what whether the birth time added could correspond to some other of our numbers, that is name number or reduced birth date.

I belinda. I am not getting. This could correspond to some uh i, if it’s best. If you rephrase this question and post in the comment box again, i’m, going to read it again and every okay, it is true. Thank you.

Belinda means to an end fun to make if you haven’t already. Please give her a thumbs up for sharing this knowledge. Oh thank you. So much buttercup! Thank you. So if you don’t have any more questions.

Let us call it a day, and i hope this vlog was useful for you, okay, so, and definitely the information that i have talked about today was is a very valuable information in numerology. Through this, you can balance out the missing elements in your name and uh.

In case you have, you are coming up with more questions later after i have ended this live, you can definitely keep on commenting below, and i will get back to you to all of you to all of your comments, and in case you all are new to Numerology and are feeling a bit more interested in learning about it, and you don’t know where to begin from.

I have also written a book for all of you, which is called all is one and it is available in amazon and it’s. A perfect beginner’s guide. Remember it’s, the beginner’s guide. So if you already know about numerology don’t go for all is one if you already know the basics, the numerology basics.

You can go for the cycle of nine, because the cycle of nine is the level two that i have written recently and i guess the paperback is also available right now, paperback and kindle versions. All of it is available.


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