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My Soulmate and I Have Different Destiny Numbers. What Does That Mean?

Can numerology tell me about my relationship?

Ask Greer!

truly compatible libra Baskervile italicJoan: The man I feel is my soulmate and I have the same life path number but a different destiny number than I do. How does this affect our relationship?

Greer: To reduce  confusion, in numerology, some numerologists (including myself) add the sum of the birth numbers and call them the Destiny, as well as the Life Path.

The sum of the letters in your full name is called the expression number. This does not change the information at all. For the sake of clarity, lets call the sum of the birth numbers ~ “Life Path” and the sum of the birth name, ~ the ‘expression number

Today, we will look at the birth numbers (life path)

birthday numbers and compativilityLife Path: How does the life path of a 9 assist and challenge the life path of a 5, and the reverse? .
His: June 17 1966= The sum of the birth numbers add to 36 which  reduces to a 9.
Yours: June 21 1967 = The sum of the birth numbers is a 32 which reduces to a 5

First, lets look at the life path of 9 and 5.

9: The nine looks at the bigger picture of the world and why people do what they do. They are most active in their minds. and very wise in an esoteric, psychological, and often spiritual way. In relationships and actions, they do not enjoy mundane or meaningless activity and conversations. They would rather examine the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’. You will most likely see a nine doing yoga than  watching tv. Nines can be calm and understanding, unless you believe in something they do not believe in.

5:The five on the other hand is charismatic and loves being out there and active with others. Fives are filled with energy and challenged by change. They enjoy new adventures and being in the spotlight. The five would rather go dancing, then wait for a stop-light as they visit the sister who is playing ‘Candy Crush’.

How do you relate?

Ok, do you see a connection? The five and the nine can live a motivating life as nine is always challenging the five to reach further than they think they can go . The 5 encourages the 9 to energize, get out of the house, and his ever active mind. In other words, the 9 is the mind while the 5 is the body.

Challenge: There is always a challenge in any relationship, be it soulmate, family member, or friend. How you work with this challenge is the key to having a flourishing relationship. While the five energizes, and wants to party, the nine may desire to sit still and contemplate the earth on his bare feet. The nine can be too slow for the 5, and cause impatience. The nine can be exhausted by the five’s fast pace.

What to do? Understanding the the differences between physical energy and the thoughtful mind can be a very intimate experience as you let the other communicate..

  1. You do not have to do everything together. Enjoy listening to the experience.
  2. Take some time to blow off steam
  3. Arguments can be amenable as you listen to each others point of view.

Keep in mind this is just a quick answer, as the numbers affect you in many ways. When I work with compatibility readings, we examine the life path as well as expression, soul number, personality, inspiration numbers, as well as your karmic numbers..

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