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November 2020 Numerology Forecast: Growth and Healing Where You Need it Most!

Welcome to your November 2020 Numerology Forecast.

Thank the Universe – the number 6 is here to save the day! It is time to settle in, cuddle up and nurture what you have planted this year. If you want to experience growth, if you want to watch your dreams bloom, and if you want to let healing into your life… you got to watch this video. I am going to reveal:

The gifts that the 6 wants to bring into your life
The specific habit that you must break to move to the next level in December…
And how to create magic in November with this month’s Numerology Challenge

Are you going to join? Are you ready to see your dreams sprout up and bloom? Comment below and let me know the first task you are putting in your calendar! 😀

Big hugs…

Your Numerologist and Philosopher-friend,


Tune into this month’s forecast to join Nat’s November 2020 Numerology challenge!



About Natalie

Natalie is a Superpower Coach & Consultant who trains individuals and company cultures in using their innate, real-life Superpowers through Archetypal Numerology. She has been hired by anti-terrorism units, multi-million-dollar tech starts ups, leading general contractors and financial institutions, CEOs, authors, athletes, housewives and teachers. She is the future author of ‘The 9 Superheroes of the Universe.’ Check out her Superhero Training programs at

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