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Numerology 2021: July and Number 7 – Time for Reflection

What is the 2021 impact of July and number 7 in this life-altering time on the planet? What have we learned as a result of the pandemic?

The beauty of the journey is the walk.

According to numerology, July and number  7 have a spiritual and reflective energy. Seven invites us to reach into the unknown. How timely, as we are finally emerging out of our doors sans mask — we are in an unknown world.  At this moment, we may not know all the answers or the questions, but we can allow curiosity to be our guide.

We can ask: what characteristics make me unique? It is not what others think about you or what you think others feel about you. It is beyond that — the 7 energy does not care. Rather the beauty of the journey is the walk.

It is your choice to unearth all that life, nature, the mind, and spirit can offer you.

Here is an opportunity to put the ‘abandonment’ book back in the closet. Of course, you may have a different topic on your belief system shelf. The prerequisite of the book is that it protects you from being present and enjoying the adventure of life.

If you stop the loop, you can disconnect from what you have always done and how your belief system defines you.


July and the Number 7
An Illustration of Kintsugi created by Greer Jonas

Let’s take a look at a Japanese practice called Kintsugi. The approach is to put broken pottery pieces back together with gold. It is a spiritual metaphor to welcome your imperfections as unique parts of you.

Another expression for this is ‘Wabi Sabi‘. Everything is perfect in its imperfections. An example of this practice is the ceramic plate that I repaired using the art of Kintsugi. (See the illustration)

July and Number 7 Monthly Theme

How will you embrace your unique self this July? In numerology, you can find your personal theme of the month based on your birthday.

Once you discover your numerical theme for July, you may design a new path to take that is unique and honors you.

Find the formula and meaning behind your particular monthly theme  in this post.

Want to know more about your personal year, your destiny, and what makes you unique?


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