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Numerology 2022: The Primal Energy of the Number 2

Only from the heart can you touch the sky.” ~ Rumi

What is the deeper meaning of the number 2 in numerology?

numerology number February 2022
33 is a painting by Greer Jonas

February is here. The 2 month in 2022. Four twos!

February is typically the month of romance. Valentine’s day has become the “public celebration” of love in many cultures.

In numerology – 2 describes the vibration of relationships, love, fairness, and connections of many kinds (be it with your partner or with the barista at your favorite coffee shop).

In this unsettled world, I feel the importance to go deeper.  The significance of the energy of ‘2’ is not just one-on-one relationships, and not just love for your family or partner.  It is bigger than that.  It is you —stepping out, in sometimes unchartered territories and regenerating like a plant connects to the sun.

This involves self-acceptance, getting out of the way of your brain’s judgments of self and how people see you.  February can be a pivotal time in 2022 when you can connect to source and have a relationship with spirit, the plant world, and your creative child inside. How will you connect to source?  Meditation, gardening, dancing, hiking, and painting are just a few examples.  Basically, do what makes your heart sing. And enjoy sharing your true self with others!

And yes, we need to adjust and not isolate at this poignant time.  Many of us feel like our nervous systems are shot. We may be living in the shadow or lesson of the 2.  Yet, this lesson may push us past our comfort zone, shifting to a new paradigm – of sharing and putting ourselves out there in a different way.

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Greer is an Artist. She has painted most of the paintings in the website.

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