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Numerology for June 2021: A Time of Rebirth

Numerology for JuneNumerology for June 2021 tells a far different story than June 2020  Last year, the world was totally shut down. It was a painful struggle to meet up with family and friends. We had to be creative, like using zoom as the new form of celebrating birthdays, teaching classes and running business meetings.

Now we can finally exhale as our masks are coming off.  The world is beginning to heal from isolation and fear, celebrating being together with each other in outdoor restaurants and yoga classes in the park.

June is the 6th month. The six is all about family and connecting with loved ones. According to numerology, the six represents compassion, love, and gathering together in community.  It is also about birth and rebirth. And here we are.  Birthing a new normal is the goal. And perhaps in this birthing, something new and creative open up in your life. What will that be?

The Conscious Collective

Are you feeling scattered or have a lack of energy and luster? Does life feel chaotic?

What may be happening to many of you is a result of the conscious collective existing in an unstable world. As a collective, we all may be experiencing stress, confusion, loss of concentration and even despair. Over-using alcohol, food or other addictions may be tempting. Now we can help each other regain a stable presence in this world as we welcome a personal, non-judgmental, and honest connection (not just through texting).

The six helps us to trust and understand love as a give and take. Taking in ‘support’ at a deep level involves sharing your authentic essence with others.  Being willing to change, we will get through this time and be able to see the gifts that we have learned.  We can transform the shadow of the six (which is stubbornness, retreating, and insecurity) with the light of awareness, and the support of family and friends.

If we have learned anything from the pandemic phenomenon it is this: “Stop waiting for the right moment and live now.”

Express your authentic self joyfully.

Let this be your mantra: ‘Life is Precious‘.

Symbols of Six

The six encompasses two sets of 3s. Three is all about creative self-expression and sharing your unique voice. Two sets of three together form a group gathering in a circle sharing ideas and joy. We now have the opportunity to reach out in community, harmony, and service.

Circle of 6

The Flower of Life is one of the basic Sacred Geometry symbols. This is a simple explanation for a rather extensive topic. The Flower of Life is the symbol of unity and creation. We are all a part of the same source.

In Sacred Geometry, the Flower of Life encompasses 6 concentric circles that meet together. A flower is formed in the center with the seventh circle surrounding it. The circles are connected yet do not influence each round shape. Here we see the miracle of nature, forming the beauty of a flower without the need to compromise our own truth. Read more about the Flower of Life.

Numerology for JuneYou have a choice. You can hide, or you can embrace your life and the people in you life. What will you do?

Trust your inner self and the bigger picture. Just like with a painting, there are the lights and darks, and in between. —Rebecca Schweiger, teacher and founder of the ArtStudioNY.

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