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Numerology: how to know if we have a Master Number

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The Master Numbers have a particular vibration, a meaning of their own. Those who carry them in their names are special people. This article will guide us to discover its power and meaning.

In Numerology, the Master Numbers  are 11, 22 and 33 – stand out from the basic numbers as they present a special vibration. This means that the spirit or personality of the person who possesses it has evolved and has already found the meaning of his life and his mission in this world.

These numbers would be like “luminous entities” that allow us to decode a reality that we believe is unique since it contributes to the awakening of consciousness. They help us receive information that contributes to the understanding of our life.

The 11th, 22nd and 33rd (in no case are they reduced to a single digit) can only be lived in a conscious way. To experience them and exploit their maximum energy, we must first know that we have them. Once we have this information, we are “obliged” to understand them in the true meaning and authentic spiritual dimension that they possess.

In this sense, the work of recognition and development when unveiling what number we have is in each one of us.

Knowing the scope of our inner Being will allow us to awaken to their life purposes, which will lead us to be successful, even in worldly activities. However, the primary satisfaction will be to feel more integrated from the soul and spirit into the other.

It is important to understand the evolutionary meaning of each Master Number so that those who have them in their name can grasp their symbolic energy.

How to know if we have a Master Number?

To know if we have Master Numbers in our Numeroscope, we must add the value of each letter according to the Pythagorean Table.

Let’s see an example with this last name:

MONTALBAN 4 6 5 2 1 3 2 1 5 = 29 = 9 + 2 = 11

The Pythagorean Table.
The Pythagorean Table.

The Magic of Master Number : 11

If they have a Master Number 11. Their mission is to transmit inner wealth and spiritual openness, manifesting as a connecting channel of cosmic and universal energies to stimulate and guide others. They will be a tool for growth in the lives of those around them. They are endowed with creativity and spirituality. Generally, they are very dreamy people, with their minds in the clouds, idealistic and super inspired, Intuitive, and with an apparent spirituality until they discover what a Master Number being is all about.

Message: If you do not balance and consciously, you can reach emotional vulnerability, manifest excesses of impatience and “superiority” complexes. This Master Number must do a great job on your “Ego”.

The Magic of Master Number : 22

Suppose they have a Master Number 22. They are the ones who carry out great works that serve humanity, ambitious and wide-ranging projects. They can work at a specific level, with strategy and stamina, to “build” lofty purposes. They are general builders and experts in any area. They cooperate and are often generous to impress the other. They tend to give the impression of luxury even if they don’t have a positive economy.

Message: This double-digit needs to balance emotional aspects to avoid experiencing psychological problems, leading to effective bonding conflicts and psychiatric problems. In this case, there is also a great need to balance your physical energy, which it must well use. This Master Number needs to channel its powerful energies to avoid getting stressed or depressed since its weak point is emotional. This is where you have to go to a complimentary treatment center in the case of not having control over your complex mind.

The Magic of Master Number : 33

Suppose they have a Master Number 33. A Trans-personal Number should help all humanity by transmitting very high fundamental knowledge. They have a mission of universal love that is difficult to develop in these times because it requires material detachment to live at the level of this energy, which calls for a life of service without expecting anything in return, without luxuries, without comforts of any kind. They are perfect love, the one that guides, the special leader, an uncommon being that should serve as a “super-channel” of energetic opening, transmitting the fundamental and highest knowledge.

Message: It is the highest vibration of tolerance, purity, service, serenity and love, but to achieve it, you need to balance effective aspects that do not make you fall into indecision, instability, jealousy and overprotection. They must be responsible as they go above and beyond. 

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