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Numerology, Relationship and Compatibility

Can numerology help you understand more about your relationship and compatibility with your partner?

Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

numerology relationship and compatibility
‘Sacred Embrace’ is a painting by Greer Jonas

There are many correlations to numerology and relationships.  Your numbers can give you insight into how you can inspire each other.  The inspiration number, sometimes called the ‘catalyst’ or ‘achievement’ number, is what motivates you in your life.

To begin, pick someone—your partner, sibling, daughter, or perhaps a new attraction. All you need is their birthday numbers.

Numerology – Relationships and Your Inspiration Number

To find your inspiration number, simply add the month and day of your birthday and then reduce the sum.*

As an example, If you were born on September 27, the formula would be like this:

19+2+7 =18 which reduces to a 9. Nine is your inspiration number.

The 9 catalyst connects to spirituality and transformation. How would you motivate this person’s vision? Does your partner encourage your passions?  A way of inspiring someone with a ‘9’ would be to a yoga class together. This activity can be a heartwarming connection for someone with a 9 inspiration number.

* The only time you do not reduce a number is if it adds to a master ’11’. The reason for this is that the 11 (double ones) represent a powerful influence on leadership. (See master number 11 below)

Using numerology can be a key to enrich your relationships. For this reason, I have included actions that you can take to support a deeper connection with anyone in your life.  Of course, it is important to share what inspires you on your path. Note: Your relationship can become challenging if you do not appreciate or are impatient with what may inspire your partner.

Discover a Deeper Understanding of Your Partner

1) Someone with a 1 inspiration number is inspired by action and taking the lead in some way. – To create a spark, encourage ideas and get involved in their projects

2) Inspiration ‘2” is connecting and loving. – Action: Opening up to their gestures and not pulling away.

3) Creative expression in every form – art, music, writing. Welcome creativity and participate in the fun, would be very motivating

4) The builder and organizer – The spark: appreciate, and perhaps join in, as they build a cabinet, design your living room, or work in the garden.

5) The ‘5’ enjoys change and being out there with people and having fun. This energy does not enjoy stagnation. Action – take pleasure in their vibrant personality. Encourage to take challenges.

6) Six is the number of compassion, family and service. – Action: do not freeze up, share the love and open up to each other as well as others that are in your life.

7) Sevens are inspired by the unknown, the spiritual, and the unique. – Action: explore nature together. Hiking up a mountain, or watching the sunrise, for example.

8) Eight is inspired by charisma, being out there as a leader and achieving success. The spark– Participate and encourage a project or idea that may be unfolding.

9) Dedicated to a higher spiritual path and understanding of the nature of the mind and the heart. Action: Join them in meditation, or a program based on transformation and change.

Master Inspiration Number

11) When two numbers add to a master 11, you do not reduce (such as August 3 would be 8 +3 = 11) The master 11 is inspired by new and often life changing ideas and actions. Action: Encourage your partner to manifest their ideas.

A Compatibility Relationship
Numerology Reading

can be a very insightful and loving process as you discover a new level of supporting each other.
The inspiration number is just the tip of the iceberg.

As we examine your names and birthday charts, you can learn much about your partner.
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