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Numerology Speaks- What is Your Karmic Destiny?

Why are you here on this planet —could it be your karmic destiny?
Is there a reason you were born on a particular day, and year?
Numerology can help you understand your true Life’s Purpose.

There are a few ways to understand the reason your soul has arrived on our planet at this time. It is believed that you and your guides have chosen to travel on this path so that you may meet one or many of the lessons that you have worked on for lifetimes.*  It is also believed that the significant people in your life (be it supportive or challenging) are part of your journey.

Why Earth?

Karmic Destiny through numerologyPerhaps you wanted to kindle your creative soul. Or possibly there is a trauma, confusing relationship, or a time you were in power, and you hurt others. You are here now to learn, heal, and cultivate your soul’s mission. You may not have a manual on how to get there, but the key is to stay open and awake as you enjoy the ride.

*Robert Schwartz – spiritual teacher, hypnotist, therapist, and author says this: “You have embodied on Earth at this time to heal by awakening consciously to the memory of yourself as soul. Your healing comes and is completed when you see the light of your soul and know that light to be who you truly are.
Rob Schwartz, Your Soul’s Gift eChapters – Chapter 1: Healing: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born.
Note: Rob now specializes in Between Lives Soul Regressions only. He no longer offers stand-alone past life regressions as there’s an abbreviated past life component to the BLSR.

Numerology: A Map of Your Past Life Lessons

Numerology can be a way to discover your soul’s plan in this lifetime. The purpose of this plan is not necessarily to suffer but to learn and accept the guidance of your higher power. If you keep your eyes and heart open, you can receive many gifts and move through to much joy and expansiveness.

Let’s look at the numerological view of karma or your life’s purpose as it appears in your birthday numbers. In this view, you chose when to be born.

The Numerology Formula to Finding your Karmic Destiny

To find your karmic destiny number, add all your birthday numbers separately and reduce.

For example, if you were born on April 1, 1987, the formula would be:

4+1+1+9+8+7=30/3 Your destiny is a 3

Remember, do not reduce the sum if the two numbers are the same (such as 11,22,33, or 44.) These double-digit numerals are called master numbers and are very powerful.

Destiny of 3The karmic destiny of the 3 is about creativity and self-expression. The karmic lesson is to share your voice with others. This journey can appear in many forms of creative expression such as art, music, public speaking, dancing, and writing.  You know that you are achieving your destiny when your heart sings.

Or perhaps you are experiencing the lesson, or shadow of the 3. This could appear as a loss of words, stuttering, or being reluctant or judgmental about your art form with a starving artist mentality.

Be it positive or negative experiences, Earth is your school to learn, heal, and expand to the brilliance of your life’s purpose.

How can you improve the vibrance of your life purpose and shift the challenges? During this reflection, you may have a memory of one of your past lives. Once you discover your karmic destiny number, Click here for more insight

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Do you have questions about your life purpose as well as how your name influences your life? Contact numerologist, Greer Jonas at [email protected]

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