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Numerology – What is Your Personal Month Theme in July?

How does your personal month theme in July affect you?

How will you embrace your unique self this month? In numerology, you can find your personal theme of the month based on your birthday.

Once you find the numerical theme, you can design a new path to take that is unique and honors you.

The Formula

Here is how you find your theme of the month. To illustrate, I will use the birthdays of April 11 and 12.

Personal Year: First, discover your personal year by adding the sum of your birth month and your birth day to the current year. In order to allow the possibility of a master number (when two numbers are the same), you must follow the formula of adding each number separately. See the two examples below.

July and the number 7However, if your birthday is April 11, your personal year is a master 11.

July and number 7

(To find out more about what your personal year is for 2021, see this article.)

Personal Month Theme for July

To find your numerological theme for the month of July, add your personal year to the month of 7.

July and number 7

Now, once you find your theme, check out the definitions in this post. Remember, you have the choice to use this unique spiritual energy to discover something new about yourself and your approach to life.

How will you embrace your unique and spiritual being this month?

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Based on your personal month theme, ask yourself how will you approach this month in a more enlightened and unique way than usual?

1 If your personal month for July is a ‘one’, the theme is that of leadership in your ideas and your actions.  What are the ways you can lead that are unique and perhaps different than your usual actions?

2 The personal month of ‘2’ in July will be an opportunity to form or enrich your relationships, be it personal, romantic or the relationship to yourself. You may be surprised at the diversity of people that are present during this time.

3 The monthly theme of 3 is creative self-expression. July can bring in a new and refreshing approach to any project. It is a time to create and explore (be it decorating your house, painting a landscape or writing a book). How will you connect to spirit and let go of judgement?

4 Four represents the builder and organizer. It may be a time to finish a project, or start a new one.  Consider approaching your projects in a different way than usual, kind of like driving in a different direction to your home.

5 The theme of five is the fire. This vibrant energy encourages a charismatic and joyful interaction with people and life. Is this a stretch for you? It may be a time of change. Remember to breathe. Take baby steps if you need to.

6 In a six personal month, it is a period for birth, rebirth and compassion with loved ones as well as community. It can also be a month of healing. How will you reach out to others and do some form of service? Letting go of self-judgement is key.

7 Ah, you are in a 7 personal month in July, the 7 month. Here is a moment of spiritual enlightenment and connection to yourself. It may be a good time to read, write or meditate. Long walks in nature will be very healing.

8 The theme for the personal month of 8 is power and abundance. You may find a new sense of confidence and leadership with opportunities to shine. Are you finding yourself shy? As I mentioned in the monthly theme of ‘5’, remember to breathe and take small steps.

9 The nine is the spiritual warrior, seeing the bigger picture. Now is the time to reflect and use your intuition to move forward and transform. In the divine energy of the 7 month, you may have many opportunities to assist others with your unique prospective.

Master Numbers and the Personal Month Theme of July

11 The personal month theme of the master 11 is one of enlightened ideas and leadership. With the energy of wabi-sabi, breathe and let go. Use your inciteful self to inspire others and encourage growth. You can make a difference!

22 If your monthly theme is the ’22’, the energy of the master builder and connector will come alive in your being. With a powerful and sensitive approach, you have the opportunity to motivate others as you create something new, be it a project or a relationship.

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