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Numerology- What is your Personal Year Theme in 2022?

personal year 20222022 is the global year of relationships of all kinds (three 2s!)  How will your 2022 personal year affect your life and goals? Each person has a different theme based on their birthday numbers as well as outlook.

This ‘theme’ is called your personal year. To calculate, add each number of your birth month and day to the current year, and reduce the sum like this: If you were born April 28.

Add each number in the birth month to each number in the birth day to each number in the current year like this.

4+2+8+2+0+2+2 = 20 (which reduces to a 2) Your 2022 personal year theme is a 2

When the sum adds to a master number, like 11 or 22, you do not reduce because it is a very high vibration and will be a powerful year for you.

What is your 2022 personal year theme, and how will it influence all your relationships? Read more here.

Once you have discovered your personal year in 2022, read the very brief description of the energy of your year. How will you enhance your relationships with this theme in mind?

2022 Personal Year Themes

1- A year of new beginnings, leadership, taking action, and inspiring others

2- Forming relationships of all kinds, love, business, family, and cooperation.

3- A year of creative expression and uniqueness in all form —art, music, writing, dancing, and speaking

4- A year of building something new; organization, perseverance, and skill

5- Embracing freedom and change as you share yourself with people and seek new opportunities

6- A year of compassion, birth, and service with your loved ones and community.

7- In the seven year, you may find yourself bonding with the inner you. It is a spiritual and intuitive period to seek the unknown with fascination.

8- Eight is the year of charismatic leadership, abundance, and empowerment

9-The nine year is all about transformation, change, and completion.

11- The master 11 year, is a time of inspired ideas that make a difference

22- In the powerful 22 master year you have the potential to strengthen or begin a relationship, build a business, or begin a dynamic project .

How will 2022 affect you?

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