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Painting Your Chakras Workshop with Greer Jonas

Heart Chakra Painting by Greer Jonas
Heart Chakra Painting by Greer Jonas

Painting your chakras? Can you really do that? Yes! Let go of all preconceived ideas of what it all means. This full day workshop will be an exploration into your creative spirit. No painting experience necessary. Contact me here if you are interested in this class on a future date.

Date: TBD
Online Class
Date and Time:  TBD
$160 ($40 per week)

Return to the time when being creative was about discovering the awe and curiosity of everything in your sight. Tap into your playful self through a painting and chakra journey.

Using meditation, art and music dedicated to each chakra (the major energy centers of your body) you will create your own authentic and colorful canvas. This process can bring insight and healing to your soul.

This was one of the best workshops I have ever taken!” – Karen S.

melanie chakras daughter web
Melanie showing her chakra paintings

“Thank you for a beautiful, expansive Painting with the Chakras workshop. —You are such a great guide and you set up a wonderful environment for us to create. It seemed like the workshop came at the right time for all of us. 🙂 — Melanie

The New York class had so many beautiful and inspired participants and paintings.  See more examples here and more about chakras.

No art experience necessary! This is a brand new approach taught on Zoom. It will allow students from all over the world to interact and share your creations and insights.

Join Greer Jonas for four weeks of creative exploration of Painting Your Chakras.

Interested? Class forming at sometime in October Date TBD. Please send me and email at [email protected] or contact me here.

Greer Jonas is a painter, teacher and numerologist living in New York City. To schedule a numerology reading, get a class schedule, or purchase prints/paintings, please email [email protected] or see art website at

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