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Practical Numerology – for Discerning Original Thinkers

Only the best Numerologists know how to Accurately Model your Life Path…

Applied Practical Numerology is the highly specialised domain of a few top numerologists who really know how to work with, and make sense of, your numbers. They understand how to model your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint and this in turn allows you take intelligent futuristic views of your life. Through practical numerology you enter the brand-new applied research field of human futurology. This is an applied life sciences discipline that in the foreseeable future, will provide the strategic core around which every person’s personal and professional decisioning framework will resonate.

Practical Numerology 101…

Two leading human futurists Chris and Suzanne Styles, published in June 2020, that: “Practical numerology 101 is all about using your core numerology numbers to develop intelligent strategies which will take you places, fast. The greatest disservice within numerology is that most numerologists are floating out there at around 30,000 feet or higher, heads in the clouds, with absolutely no idea how to bring what your numbers say, back to earth! Given our many years of hands-on corporate and entrepreneurial business experience, we thankfully do know how to land things. What we do and how we do it will rapidly shift you from transactional existing to transformational living. This is what makes us the UK’s No 1 numerologist team. Remember this: When you work with us, we will get you thinking, planning, and executing strategically.”

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How does Practical Numerology make a difference in your Daily Life?

One morning you wake up and decide that you would actually like to understand much more about yourself (more precisely, your Authentic Self) and something invisible nudges you in the direction of numerology. You do not really have a clue how or where to start, but your friendship circle has spoken in cursory terms of numerology and numerologists they know, and so you pop them a WhatsApp message because you are ready to get started. You are given the name and number of someone who “does this weird stuff” and your numerology adventure begins. Chances are you will have been directed to a numerologist who understand the basics and he/she will walk you through the real basics of numerology. This involves understanding what your date of birth means (as in personal vibration [Birth DD]; intimate or family vibration [Birth MM]; world or career vibration [Birth YYYY]) and all importantly what your life path number is. Thing is, the way most numerologists calculate the life path is questionable because they do so in a reductionist way which if you will, over-simplifies things and therein sits loss of numerical granularity. 365 Pin Code Numerology (which specialises in applied numerology R&D) has a unique way in which your life path number sequence is calculated [BTW, if you do not know yours just ENTER your date of birth into their Life Path Numerology Calculator]. The reason it is done this way, is because the life path number sequence helps drive the massively advanced, unique life path mathematical modelling exercise which they specialise in.

Some numerologists Know how to go further than Practical Numerology 101

If your numerologist has a greater than average understanding of numbers, then he/she will probably help you understand what your 4 x Pinnacle and Challenge Experiences are and what your 3 x Life Cycles are. He/she might also unpack your name and give you some interesting insights around your:

  • Physical Vibration
  • Emotional Vibration
  • Spiritual Vibration
  • Balance Number
  • Primary Expression Number
  • Secondary Expression Number
  • Karmic Lessons
  • Subconscious Self Number
  • Keystone and Capstone Numbers

And that is usually where it all ends…

You have been provided with a basic set of numbers that define who you are, however, they have been explained to you in silos, or in isolation from each other. This sadly does not help you one bit because this knowledge has zero practical numerology value. Why is this so? Because true practical numerology relies on the numerologist being able to strategically integrate all your numbers in a way that you are given an ecological framework around which you can now make better informed personal and professional decisions. Anything less than this is not practical numerology, and this explains why most people think of numerology as being impractical and having only entertainment value.

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Welcome to the World of Applied Strategic Numerology

If you really want to understand what your numbers say and have all your numbers (as in over 100 unique numbers that belong only to you!) ecologically integrated into a personal and professional roadmap that has strategic thinking and planning significance, then you must have your 365 Pin Code deciphered. 365 Pin Code R&D took many years to research, develop, test, and refine a laser accurate mathematical model that models your life path (from birth, to death, whenever that might be…) in 4D, personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical, professional emotional. Chris Styles, who led this ground-breaking predictive human futurology work is a research scientist and has now published over 200 detailed research articles (access Research Case Studies A; access Research Case Studies B; access Research Case Studies C; access Research Case Studies D; access Research Case Studies E) which will literally blow your mind when you access and study them.

Everything changes when You Connect with your Bespoke IMB…

What you will discover is that your life is happening according to a grand organised design, that you have an Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint (IMB) which reveals exactly why your past happened as it did, why your present is unfolding they way it is and why your future can be viewed, understood, and intelligently planned for! This is the ultimate in practical numerology. Pythagoras (who was not a mentally defunct guy!) is believed to be The Father of Numerology and so he too must have seen strategically significant patterns in numbers, patterns that could help us understand so much more about life and living. Tragedy is, probably only a handful of numerologists around the world today know how to do this tremendously advanced analytical work. Most (as in 99,9%…) numerologists only understand how to present the superficial stuff and provide results that critical thinkers consider to be a load of guff. Sadly, this is what causes detail and proof driven thought leaders to see the world of numerology as being nothing other than woo-woo metaphysical spiritual nonsense.

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