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Royal Family Predictions 2023 + are Charles and Camilla soulmates?

As an astrologer, I was intrigued to look into Charles astrology transits with his upcoming coronation and untimely explosive memoir ‘Spare’ recently released by wayward son Harry. Not to mention the recent documentary and 2021 Oprah interview leading the way with Meghan (she holds the fire with her Sun and Mercury in Leo and strong first house Aries placements).

Spare is ghostwritten by J. R. Moehringer (an American novelist, journalist and ghost-writer who won the Pulitzer prize for newspaper feature writing).  In case you were curious, the title was bestowed on Harry in infancy, and like Covid has already become a household name. He was to be the second-born “Spare” to the “Heir,” his older brother William, future Prince of Wales.

The book Spare was released whilst Mercury was retrograde, Jan 10, 2023. As Mercury rules communications, networking, media, travel and connections I’m foreseeing unexpected repercussions.

It was well known Harry’s mother; Princess Diana was hounded by the media and how Harry’s been vocal of his distrust of tabloids the and press, who resulted in his mother’s death, so young at 36. There are lyrics coming to mind from Tyler, the creator “exactly what you run from you end up chasing.” So, apt really.

Four years ago, I wrote an article predicting Meghan would create her own rules within the royal family and they’d have a second child, with my reading on whether Harry and Meghan are soulmates looking into their astrology and numerology. You can read about it here with Harry and Meghan’s birthcharts explained.

On a side note, wondering how much the royals are paid? The family are said to be worth over a billion dollars, receiving a yearly income that came to $24 million in 2021.

Back to King Charles III’s long-awaited coronation, which promises to be one of the defining events of the decade. The coronation marks a moment in history with a three-day spectacle, starting with two grand processions and a religious service on Saturday May 6 2023. Charles is also the oldest King in history to be crowned. There’s more to this than the meets the eye…

Harry (and Meghan’s) book Spare came out at such an interesting time. In terms of world events, being crowned the King of England is a pretty big one. Just saying.

Looking into King Charles III astrology chart transits, there are four life changing planetary shifts occurring quite simultaneously that won’t happen again in his lifetime, and it’s all happening around now. To have one of these planets shift around the career / money area is huge however with four in Charles chart in the first half of 2023 was when he was destined to become the King of England. Astrology is a powerful roadmap to the soul.

I’m predicting a royal shakeup for 2023. Here’s where things get really interesting

Charles and Meghan are both going through a few identical once in a lifetime major astrology transits, which I uncovered today.

1. From 30 Dec 2022 to 20 Dec 2024 Saturn moved into Charles 8th house of Scorpio. When the planet Saturn moves into the 8th House of your Birth Chart joint enterprises and investments are highlighted. This is where Charles III will take on a greater financial commitment. Issues of life and death can also be a serious concern with the birth or death of a loved one. Looking at his son Harry, it’s almost like a death has occurred with ‘the book’ sharing all Charles wanted to keep private. It’s quite possible a new royal baby will be announced during this time.

I could see through Meghan’s chart, Saturn also moved into her 8th house of Scorpio from Feb 2022 and will be there for approx. 2.5 years to around mid 2024. See the above!

2. From 17 Feb to 1 June 2023 Chiron (representing family wounds / the key to healing) conjuncts Charles Midheaven, representing career and public image, which will be put to the test and bring some challenges. This is a pivotal time with Charles being presented with opportunities to rebuild rifts and expand through his work, which will open up new paths for the future.

My mind is slightly blown with, Meghan’s Chiron forming a conjunction to her Midheaven (career and public image) just a few weeks before Charles from 16 Jan 2023. This is a rare transit that won’t happen again, it’s uncanny Charles and Meghan are experiencing deep family wounding in the public eye (even if it was self-inflicted it’s part of their journey and soul contract).

3. From 7 March 2023 the North Node conjuncts Charles North Node. This is destiny in the making taking King Charles III to where he’s meant to be in life in his fullest potential. This is the opening of a new chapter which happens once every 18.5 years. If I was looking at when Charles would become King a few years ago I’d be sharing the first half of 2023.

4. From 7 March 2023 Jupiter (expansion) conjuncts Charles midheaven (career), with Jupiter forming another conjunction to his North Node around the middle of June 2023. This is kind of huge. Charles has reached the culmination of a cycle in his life and is ready to reap the rewards of seeds sown earlier. Charles career and home life are particularly influenced by this phase. Family values will be the focus, I’m expecting to see more of Camilla, William, Kate and the grandkids.

From 2 March 2023 Jupiter will conjunct Meghan’s midheaven around the same time as Charles. It’s so fascinating and rare they are both going through this planetary experience together. Meghan love her or hate her, there’s some really big energy at play.

Late July 2023 Chiron (the key to healing) will conjunct Uranus (unexpected events) in Meghan’s 11th house of Aquarius (Uranus’ ruler). I’m predicating Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex will be bringing through something surprising on a public level.

When Chiron conjunct’s Uranus in your chart, it’s almost like an electric lifeforce energy ready to explore new territories. With Meghan’s birthday 4 August 2023, moving into a 1 personal year cycle in numerology this is also highlighting big bold new beginnings.

 Charles March 2023 Transits 1

Charles is currently in his 4-numerology cycle personal year, creating stronger foundations on the home and work front which also include restrictions, moving into his 5 personal year 14 Nov 2023. I’m seeing unexpected change come through in 2024 for Charles, this could be when the public take a different view.

My royal predictions include a sequel to ‘Spare’ entitled ‘Us’. With Meghan hosting her own chat show, and maybe even having another baby. I’m certain the Queen will be ‘turning in her grave’ and Charles silently mortified with his Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, inside he holds a deep desire for control and privacy.

Interestingly having Scorpio planets in your chart can indicate benefiting from inheritances and other people’s money, particularly with strong 8th house placements which Lady Diana also held.

Looking into King Charles III Astrology chart he holds the black moon and part of fortune in the 8th house of Scorpio. The trouble with this placement of the Black Moon in the Sign of Pisces is Charles doesn’t fully accept the emotional side of his nature (I know ground-breaking news though so conformational). The dark side is shying away from deep connections with other people believing that they are too unstable, or conversely not logical enough.

With Charles part of fortune in Scorpio his need to surrender his personal ego to incorporate the values of others is what I believe to be one of his greatest lessons on earth. Charles holds another significant placement with Pluto in Leo in the first house sharing leadership, power and big money are undeniably one of his foundations in life.  Charles III Astrology chart reveals fixed energy with his Sun and Mercury in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus. Queen Elizabeth held similar fixed energy with a Taurus sun / Leo moon dynamic. When Charles makes up his mind there will be no moving him.

Are Charles and Camilla soulmates? I looked into their astrology to find out and here’s what I came up with. To my best friend Pattycakes, this is one’s for you!

Charles was born 14 Nov 1948, with Camilla first on the scene born 16 months earlier, 17 July 1947 both in London, England.

Charles was born around a full moon with his Sun in Scorpio opposite the Moon in Taurus (heightening his love for the finer things in life and fixed vision), Charles Mercury is in Scorpio (communication), with Venus in Libra (in its natural placement), Charles would not do well by himself, relationships are a main feature in his life. His Mars (drive in life is in Sagittarius) sharing a love of adventure, sport and winning. Interestingly Mars in the 5th house often encourages independence within your own children. Go Harry! Lol. Overall Charles has a competitive streak.

Camilla was born around a new moon (with an extraordinary placement of water planets). Her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are all in the deeply traditional home loving energy of Cancer placed in the 12th house of Pisces and Mars in Gemini. I feel Camilla holds quite a strong intuition and love of the water, researching family history, clans and philanthropy.

King Charles III Astrology by TameeraCamilla Parker Bowles Astrology by Tameera

Camilla’s 12th house astrology stellium shares she’s also had to sacrifice something great in life, which was no doubt her love of Charles and seeing him marry Diana. I really feel that would have been heartbreaking. It was said the Queen disapproved of Camilla as Charles early wife she was not ‘virginal’.

I see Charles and Camilla not only as soulmates but twin flames, the highest union. Their compatibility is incredibly strong, through the deep Scorpio, Cancer connection between them both, when I see their energy it’s like they’re ‘home’.

The Moon reveals how they emotional feel about each other, with Charles Taurus Moon in the 10th house of Capricorn he’s come here to be in the public eye and to build on family tradition. For Camilla family and tradition is where she comes to life with her strong Cancerian planets.

Their Mars (drive in life – sexual energy and what gets you out of bed in the morning!) Charles Mars is in its natural element of fire in Sagittarius within the 5th house of Leo. Another deeply compatible match to Camilla’s Mars in Gemini in the 11th house of Aquarius. I’m talking double air fanning the flames to the double fire.  King Charles III astrology chart also reveals a stellium of planets in the 4th house of Cancer, connecting back to Camilla’s Cancerian energy. They are literally a match made in heaven.

Charles and Camilla both hold their Vertex in Sagittarius in the 5th house of Leo. The Vertex in astrology reveals fated love! When you hold the same Vertex as your partner in the same house it’s destiny in the making. I’ve seen so many couples thrive with this placement.

“There’s a strong chemistry between the two of you. You will unconsciously be attracted to each other and be drawn into each other’s lives. This is the one that’s going to change the course of your life…”

Charles was born as an 11/2 master vibration lifepath in numerology which means wanting to bring peace to the world yet going through some hardships getting there.

1 is the seed it’s 2 is where life sprouts from. As an 11/2 lifeforce, Charles will heal through music, sound and relationships. After writing this I googled to discover Charles holds a reported deep love of classical music.

With Camilla’s lifepath 9 in numerology, reaching the world and giving back through philanthropy is vital for her purpose (that thing that really gets you out of bed in the morning). Camilla has demonstrated her love of charity work including sharing home cooking recipes (which is also very Cancerian).

The 2 and 9 are compatible in numerology and as Charles also holds the 11/2 lifeforce energy, it’s like the seed and completion coming together as one.

Princess Diana in case you were wondering was also compatible with Charles, not on the same level as Camilla though. She was a double Cancerian (Sun and Mercury) with Moon in Aquarius. Emotionally this is where Diana captured the publics hearts and genuinely wanted to give back to the world, doing her own thing with her Aquarian moon. This is what Lady Diana’s astrology chart looks like:

Lady Diana Astrology by Tameera
Princess Diana was also a 7 lifepath / lifeforce in numerology, she really was an enigma and valued her privacy. Such a dichotomy dying in a car crash via a Paris tunnel chased by the press. The 7 is also the most spiritual of all the numbers, it was well known Diana had an astrologer and psychic guidance to help her on her path.

The fated royal love triangle between Charles, Camilla and Diana…

Camilla’s mother, Rosalind Maud Cubitt, descended from a line of Yeomen with roots in Norfolk stretching back over 500 years. From modest beginnings, Camilla’s 3x great-grandfather, Thomas Cubitt, the son of a carpenter, created his wealth travelling to India and Australia.

Princess Diana and Camilla no doubt had a karmic contract. They both shared ancestries dating back to King Charles II in addition to both their Sun and Mercury in Cancer in their astrology charts. With history repeating Camilla’s great-grandmother was a mistress to King Edward VII, the great-great-grandfather of King Charles.

Lady Diana, Princess of Wales was mother to the future King of England was born. This is where things get a little bit messy on the love front.

Diana married Prince Charles on 29 July 1981 when she was just 20 years old at 11.17.30 am in St. Paul’s Cathedral, London. As she developed, Diana was unable to fit in to the role required and history will perhaps view her as a quiet maverick who altered, and perhaps began the demise of, the British royal family. The couple divorced, with both parties having admitted infidelity, on 28 June 1996. Diana died shortly after a car crash at 00:27 in Paris on 31 August 1997 age 36.

Camilla Parker-Bowles began an affair with Prince Charles (qv) in 1972, despite the fact both had been married for much of the affair. Camilla ended her marriage 21 January 1995.  To be honest, growing up I saw Camilla as the ‘homewrecker’. After looking at her astrology chart with Charles I see her in a new light. She’s what I’ll call the homecoming queen! Lady Diana will always be in my heart though.

And the dynasty continues…

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