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What if……you know how to decipher the Number Code?
In Control, Charter your Life, Career, Business, Studies, Wealth and understand why things happened for a reason. Numerology – The Science Of Numbers, Power Of Numbers, will explain the meaning of the numbers and how they influence and affect your daily life.

Just as astrology and astronomy were once closely linked in ancient times, so too were mathematics and numerology. Similarly, horoscope, tarot, or zodiac signs uses symbols, signs to represent certain characteristics and profile, Numerology, simply uses numbers to decipher and explain the character, traits (personalities and behaviours) to profile.

The meaning of the numbers have been rediscovered based on scientific and statistical analysis of people’s lives and forms the foundational basis of the Science and Rhythm Of Numbers. This is what Numerology Life Profile is all about.

Numerology Life Profile uses Numerology by Date of Birth to calculate your character and traits. Calculating of the numbers of the Pythagoras Triangle reveals the various combination of numbers to your life profile.

numerology is not just a study of numbers, but an understanding of each and every individual; that is YOU. numerology relationship, numerology profile, vibrational pattern and energy. The Science of numbers, energy, time and talent leads to True wealth power. numerology by date of birth reveals more than what you know.
numerology by date of birth tells you your inner strength and weaknesses than Horoscope or Astrology may not be able to reveal.

numerology is the science of numbers, the power of numbers, the element of numbers, where CHARACTER is Destiny, CHARACTER IS INBORN, We Are What We Are and We Are Who We Are. We are the Captain and Creator of Our Personal Success, Life Path, Life Journey, and Destiny. The Universal Characteristic of a person can be read from the Date of Birth. Numerologist reads and deciphers for you all this information.

unlike horoscope, numerology life profile is able to breakdown your life into different ways and reveals your root character, traits and more.

Numerology is the universal language of numbers, and each of us was born with a set of numbers unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others, lessons we’ve yet to learn, opportunities we’ll be given and challenges we’ll face at specific periods of our lives โ€” or throughout life as a whole. numerology life profile reads and tells differently from tarot or horoscopes or astrology since it is about your date of birth.

Numerology can point to the possibility of painful experiences at certain times in your life, such as accidents, money problems, divorce, and the like. In the same way, numerology foretells many positive events.

However, numerology teaches us that at such times the person always has the opportunity to turn the course of events in his favor, or to let a beautiful opportunity slide by. Numerology can indicate, for example, that a certain period of your life will be highly rewarding, a kind of payment for years of effort. Numerology can be very accurate in such predictions. However, the rewards are comparable to the effort you have made. Little effort brings small rewards; great effort brings great rewards. In the same way, numerology reveals the sowing and the harvesting cycles of life. If you have sown seeds of selfishness and greed, you will experience a time of loss โ€” financial loss, or the loss of support from others.

Your chart reveals your potential, your strengths, your weaknesses, your challenges, and your lessons to be learned. Every number suggests potential strengths and weaknesses; all things have their light and dark sides.

You may ask “What career is suitable for me?”
“How should I excel in my learning process?”
“Do I have wealth in my life time like real estates and money when I am older?”

Numerology can provide you with the key to self-discovery and personal truth. The numbers in your birth date reveals a complete and unique profile of you.

Although there are many ways in getting to know yourself, namely Bazi, Zhi Wei Dou Shu (purple star astrology), Face & Palm Readings and etc., and numerology is one of the most precise, efficient and inspiring ways.

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