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Signs That a Deceased Loved One is With You

Today, you’ll learn how to recognize the signs that a deceased loved one is with you.

We all want to feel comforted knowing that the spirits of our loved ones are still with us once they’ve passed away.

These five common signs from heaven give us that comfort and peace of mind.

All you need to do to receive the signs is open your heart and pay attention.

signs that a deceased loved one is with you

Why Do Spirits Visit Us?

Before tackling the signs from heaven, let’s talk for a minute about why spirits visit from the other side.

Spirits are now pure energy, and no longer tied down to a body, so they communicate with you to:

  • Let you know they are at peace
  • Let you know they are around, though in a different form
  • Celebrate your life events
  • Comfort you when you have a setback
  • Say hello

Your deceased loved ones may also have messages for you. This is especially common when someone has died suddenly and was unable to say goodbye, or has died of a suicide.

So how do you know your loved one in heaven is around? Here’s what to look for:

Signs That a Deceased Loved One is With You

1. Spirit dreams

Have you ever dreamed of a loved one that’s passed away? A dream that was so vivid that it felt real?

Well, the reason it felt real was because it was real. Those in spirit often use dreams as a way to visit us.

Here are signs that your dream was a visit from the other side:

  • The dream is very vivid
  • Your loved one is happy, smiling, and free of illness and worry
  • Communication may have been telepathic – there were no spoken words
  • The experience was emotional

Another surefire way to tell your dream is a spirit visit is to notice if your loved one seemed to glow. Because those in spirit are now energy, when they visit us in our dreams, they usually have a glowing, translucent quality.

When a loved one visits you in a dream you may also:

  • Smell their scent
  • Hear their voice or laugh
  • Talk to them (telepathically)
  • Feel their touch
  • Receive a special message
  • Feel peaceful

And don’t worry, these visits are not scary at all!

In fact, they are super comforting, so don’t let your logical mind talk you out of believing it was a visit.

Tip: Ask your loved one to visit you in a dream. Then, set the intention that you will remember the dream.

2. Moving objects

Your loved ones in heaven will also move objects to get your attention…

Maybe you’ve noticed that bottle of perfume isn’t exactly where you thought you left it, or that ‘someone’ keeps moving the TV remote.

When my client Rose’s husband passed away, she wanted to have Psalm 23 printed on the back of his funeral cards, but she was unable to contact the printer in time.

The day after the funeral, Rose was in her bedroom when she noticed her prayer book laying on the floor opened to –  you guessed it – Psalm 23! She had no idea how it got there… but she knows it was her husband’s way of letting her know that he was around!

3. Plants and animals

Those in spirit also like to send us things like their favorite bird or flower. 

For example:

  • Maybe you’ve never seen a hummingbird in your yard. Then, one starts coming to visit each day.
  • You see blue jays whenever you think of your grandfather.
  • A butterfly keeps flitting outside your window while you are trying to work, almost like it’s trying to get your attention.

Pay special attention to plants or animals that:

  • Come to you out of season (like seeing a robin in the winter when they should have migrated to warm weather).
  • Have associations with your loved one. For instance, your grandmother loved irises, and an iris starts growing in your flower bed — when you know you didn’t plant an iris bulb.

It’s comforting and fun to look for these signs.

During one reading, a young man in spirit told me that he gave his aunt a blue flower. When I passed along the message to my client, she said, “Oh, that makes sense!”

Turns out, a beautiful blue flower had appeared in her garden. It was the only one of its kind, and she had never planted it! She felt comforted knowing that it was sent from her nephew from the other side!

4. Your pet sees a spirit

You may notice your pets acting strange after someone you love passes away. This is because animals are super intuitive, and can sense (and even see) the spirits that come to visit.

Signs that your pet sees a spirit:

  • Staring at something intently that you can’t see
  • “Talking” more than usual
  • Acting very excited for no reason

If you see your pet staring at something, and it seems like empty air to you, there could be more to it…

Take notice of the animal friends around you; they may be trying to pass along a message from your departed loved one!

grief quote - No one really dies as long as they took the time to leave us with fond memories.

5. Technical glitches

Electronic glitches are one of the most common signs that a deceased loved one is with you.

Since your loved one’s soul lives on as energy, it’s easy for them to play with electrical energy to communicate, and let you know they’re around.

Makes sense, right?

For example:

You’re sitting in your living room, ready to queue up Netflix. There is no thunderstorm or anything else to cause an energy interruption. And then, you experience one of these signs:

  • Your lights flicker
  • The TV turns off by itself
  • You get a call from your own cell phone number (with no one on the other end)
  • The volume on the TV or radio adjusts by itself
  • You get a weird text with no logical explanation

Tip: Even if your loved one wasn’t a techie, they may use your devices to get your attention, so relax, enjoy their presence, and even talk to them if you want to.

6. Sensing their presence

If you were close to the person who died, or spent a lot of time with them, you will also be able to sense their presence.

You may have the sensation of:

  • Someone sitting next to you (even though you can’t see anyone)
  • Being watched
  • Your loved one being in the room

Many people find the connection with spirits of their loved ones comforting.

Go ahead and invite them in; ask them to send you a sign when they’re around… and don’t be surprised when they do! 

7. Coins and trinkets

Ever found a penny and wondered how it got there? It may have been a gift from the other side.

Pennies from heaven are a quick and easy way that our loved ones in spirit let us know they’re thinking of us.

If you find one, take a look at the date on the penny to see if it has any significance.  After my grandfather passed, I found three pennies in my living room – they were all from the year I was born!

Besides coins, you may also notice other small gifts, like:

  • flowers
  • rocks
  • feathers

Remember, they are energy now, and it takes energy to move physical objects.

Tip: Spirits often leave little gifts where we will notice them, and are a definite sign that your loved one is thinking of you. They will even send it again if you don’t pay enough attention the first time!

8. Smells and familiar scents

Mmm… Grandma’s cookies, Grandpa’s pipe, the flowers in your uncle’s garden.

Getting a whiff of your loved one’s signature scent when there’s no source for the smell is another surefire sign from heaven!

Usually, you will smell it suddenly, in your home or car, even when the windows and doors are closed.

For example, my client Maria used to smell Dial soap whenever her husband in spirit was around. When he was living, they would argue because she wanted to buy whatever soap was on sale, but her husband insisted on Dial. Now, when she gets an unexpected whiff of the soap, she knows he’s around.

Also, it will be something associated with the person in spirit:

  • a certain perfume or flower
  • a favorite food
  • cigarette or cigar smoke
  • or any other scent that reminds you of them

9. Heavenly coincidences

Heavenly “coincidences” are things like:

  • Songs. Hearing your loved one’s favorite song playing everywhere, like in the store, in the car, or in a restaurant… all in the same day!
  • Signs. Noticing that the signature yellow hat your loved one used to wear suddenly seems to be worn by everyone!

Coincidences? No!

Be sure not to brush off these signs from a loved one in heaven as coincidences. Welcome them as a warm hug from your loved one, a kind of in-joke between the two of you. Something special for you to share.

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