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Spiritual Meaning of Dreams : types, and which are the most frequent

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams

Dreams are stories that the mind creates while we sleep. Their interpretation helps us to know ourselves and live better. Here we explain the possible meanings of dreams the most common.

Every night he prepares to rest. He rests his head on the pillow, closes his eyes, and begins a journey in himself, lying there in his bed.

You may see strange figures, familiar people, or unexpected situations that you wish would happen or that you had never imagined.

Hopefully, the next day you will remember it so we can tell it. It is the world of dreams, an area that has been studied by psychology, neuroscience, and other branches of medicine to understand what we see while we sleep.

“The dream is those experiences that can be very real and that we have according to the different phases of the dream. Even from psychology, it is stated and we have 8 to 10 dreams every day, but we do not remember all of them because they occur in different phases. Normally we remember those who are in the candle phase”, explains a clinical psychologist.

Sleep stages can range between 1,2, 3, 4, and rapid eye movement sleep (REM). In the latter location, breathing becomes more immediate, more irregular, and shallow.

Eyes move swiftly across a wide range of directions, and the muscles of the extremities are temporarily paralyzed.

The heart speed and blood pressure are elevated. When people awake in REM sleep, they typically tell bizarre and unproven stories. These are known as dreams. The dream phase takes up 20% to 25 percent of the total sleep.

The subject of dreams began to be investigated by Sigmund Freud, who said that it was essential to study them because they were repressed desires or how the unconscious tried to communicate and say something.

“The theme of dreams has universal and cultural interpretations. Each one understands them differently and gives them the importance they want. Many even make decisions about what they dream of. That is why it is said that it is very personal and unique”.

How do you know the spiritual meaning of dream?

Because each person thinks and feels differently, dreams have a different meaning for everyone, even if it is a common theme such as dreaming that he is flying or getting married.

According to Manuel Barrientos, a psychoanalyst, a detailed description of the content must be made to interpret a dream.

The environment, place, people, or things that have been seen, how you felt about what was happening, reactions, etc. Any memory will be of help to interpret what he dreamed of.

“To interpret them, the first thing to do is remember them, since one of the great problems of dreams is that their details are forgotten when waking up. To do this, before going to sleep, let’s mentally repeat that we will remember the dreams. When we wake up, we will stay in bed concentrating on the details of the dream, and then write them down immediately, whatever memory we have”, declares the professional.

14 common spiritual meanings of dream elements you see

Several books offer a guide to know what some elements present in dreams mean. These are some that are included in the Book of Dreams by David Fontana.

  1. Water in dreams: Imagination, unconscious, purity, and source of life. Coming out of the water represents the return to consciousness. Immersing yourself in it suggests inner exploration.
  2. Animals in dreams: They have different symbolic meanings. A bird can represent freedom; a cat, independence, and a snake, sexuality.
  3. Tree in dreams: Stability, home security. With many leaves, it could mean optimism and abundance.
  4. Wedding in dreams: The union of all aspects of the self. A wedding banquet could be reconciliation.
  5. Letter in dreams: If it is not open, it could represent a hidden and honest truth revealed—also a new challenge.
  6. Knife in dreams: As a general rule, male sexuality could symbolize destruction.
  7. Money in dreams: Freud considered that it meant obsession. Saving or hoarding money could be greed or insecurity.
  8. Food in dreams: Eating in a dream can symbolize fondness for life, physical and spiritual growth. Each food could have a different meaning.
  9. Pregnancy in dreams: Indicates something new and essential for the person who dreams.
  10. Workplace in dreams: This is where anxiety dreams usually occur. If you dream of an authoritarian boss, it could mean that you have the feeling that you are not allowed to develop.
  11. Sea in dreams: The calm sea represents the union of the dreamer with the deep waters of the conscious. Turbulent seas are strong emotions and passions.
  12. Death in dreams: The death of a character could be the end of something in his life or the fear of losing something.
  13. Shoes in dreams: Female sexual symbol represents the predominance of the feminine aspect in the psyche of the dreamer.
  14. Sun in dreams: Universal symbol of life and power. An archetype of masculinity and especially fatherhood. The sun also symbolizes the conscious and rationality.

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