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Starseed Oracle Forecast: Supercharge Your Self Expression with Sirius (Part 2)

Now here is your started: oracle forecast for june the 16th to june 30th, 2021 [ Music ].

So i revealed last time that we are now in a universal month. Cycle 2. Two in the color mirror system is the moon, which is pale blue over blue, and it relates to our throat chakra, so how we express ourselves creatively to the outside world, but also it governs our tight seasons and cycles and our emotions now remember: we’ve got to think of the two as being feminine and the one as being masculine, so it’s, a very feminine sensitive and intuitive energy.

That is around our syrian families, because the syrian family aspect that we have relates very much to the throat chakra the syrians are about verbal self-expression, but they’re also here to be able to teach us that we are evolving more towards our divine Feminine within our own culture, on this planet, so when we align with our syrian families, they often remind us about our softer our more sensitive and our subconscious, aspects that maybe need to be looked at and resolved.

So, as usual, i’m, going to show you three separate cards, one that reveals a message from your ego, the other one that reveals a message from your soul and the third one, which is your a guided action step that they want to get You to take during the final two weeks of june, i’ll, also be revealing a culminating fluence, alongside of that card, to give you some extra information and guidance so that you can easily navigate this now, if you are a syrian starseed, you are Going to be somebody who is very intelligent, but also very spiritual, you’re, also going to be somebody who’s very calm and resourceful and tends not to get angry very often, but you’re.

Also somebody who is an acquire, a quiet, achiever, okay, so you’re, not all big, bold and brash. You, you kind of achieve in a very soft feminine way, and you find it quite difficult to trust. Now. Many syrian starseeds and monsters tend to go into either the arts or into healing and they enjoy wizardry or shamanism, and they have mystical healing abilities and they’re, often construed as being their geeks or the goths of this planet.

So uh, if you are a syrian starseed or you’ve identified as being a syrian starseed, then the message this month for the for the second two weeks is going to be even more poignant. Okay, so before we do that, i’d, like us to close our eyes, and i want you to put your hand on your heart.

I want you to set the intention to be able to align and get clear and concise spiritual discernment through from your syrian star family. So just imagine yourself, surrounded by pale, blue, flickering light and set that intention that you’re, going to be able to understand, integrate and anchor any information that comes through from them today.

Got it great okay. So the first card, which is a message from your ego, is baby steps. Now often in life, don’t, we we we tend to um, try and run before we can walk now. The syrians recognize that it’s very important to trust your intuition and take the necessary steps daily.

You know, but don’t. Try and don’t, try and do it all at once, because you’ll, either burn out or you’re going to overwhelm now often because you’re a starseed. You know you’re used to instant manifestation on the planet or planetary system that you come from, and all of a sudden to find that there’s, a gap in between your initial thought or desiring it coming into your reality, can Be quite disappointing, but i want you to make sure that you take the guided action from your intuitive insights.

Okay, so your your your message. Your ego is to slow down a little bit but take the guided action when it comes up those flashes of inspiration and try and do that before it makes any sense whatsoever.

Okay, because remember rome, wasn’t built in a day. We have to make sure that things happen kind of organically, and you know we don’t need to know the end destination. We just have to know the next step, so it actually brings in the powerful energy of the violet flame.

Now this is a beautiful lilac, with silvery sparkles of a lilac bottle and lilac all violet, you know and indigo. Actually they always relate to the third eye or the crown and our connection to the heavenly realms and often this is where the information comes from.

So we will get those unusual flashes of inspiration that might just come to us when we’re in the shower, or you know we’re having a meal or out walking through the woods, so write those things down. If you’ve got a poor memory and make sure that you just go through the process of doing instead of just thinking all right.

So the second card that comes in for you is the weight of the world. Now this is a message from your soul: the weight of the world. Okay, can you see that okay, the weight of the world – and you can see there there’s, a lady lying in um, some water and she looks like she’s, kind of letting go of all of the stresses and strains of 20Th century living – and this is really about you – know – making sure that you ‘

Ve, put your boundaries up now as a starseed. Often we don’t have boundaries in place and we give too much, and then people take advantage of us. Now it’s about you, know, sort of recognizing where you’re carrying all this extra weight and letting it go all right so setting your boundaries and letting it go it’s, not yours, to carry okay.

So your your soul, wants you to say, look, stop doing this, stop being the servant instead of being of service, and let it go now. An interesting bottle that i’ve chosen to accompany this is is actually uranus, which is yellow over very, very deep turquoise and it’s, bottle four in the color mirror system and it’s about four is a physical Number it’s about actually physically letting go of this stuff, because if you carry it in your physical body, it will cause disease.

You know within the within the cells, so letting go of old people, places, structures, events, um everything that no longer serves. You so you can make room for the new emerging golden age now the message that comes through as an action step from your syrian star family this month remember they are very powerfully guiding you during the month of june, is empathic starseed.

Okay, so that’s, empathic starseed, you see that okay, now you are an empathic starseed. Excuse me absolutely no doubt about that at all. You ‘ Ve got energetic sovereignty. You know you, you are somebody who has a very high vibration, because you’ve, come from planetary systems that are anything up from fifth dimension, all the way up to 12 dimensional frequencies.

So again, you know the action step is to stop absorbing what’s, not yours, you tend to take it all on, and you know whether that’s. You know you’re, pushing too much pressure on yourself trying to get yourself out there in the world to do your work, and you just maybe feel like you know you you, you’re, not ready to do it well, don’t beat yourself up just allow things to flow naturally and trust how it all unfolds as well.

So you know you, you’re empathetic for a reason you ‘ Ve got to understand this okay and it’s. It’s because you can attune to other people’s, feelings that you’re able to do the great work that you do, but not to the point where it starts influencing and affecting you.

So just really really hone down on this information, because i think it will really help you to navigate the energies of the remaining two weeks of june. Well, hopefully, that’s made sense for you before i go, i’m going to show you the bottle that aligns with that, and this is my starseed bottle.

Actually, it’s, pale pink and pale turquoise. Now, whenever you see those two colors together, it’s. It’s, a clear indication that you are aligning with all starseed energies, because pink is the color of unconditional love and balance and harmony within relationships and turquoise is about trust and going with the flow and upper heart.

Chakra related energy and communication, as well so loving communication. That comes in with that, and i think that that’s. What you’ve got to remember that whenever you set about to converse with anyone, always make it your dominant intention to do it from a place of love and not judgment, because then that’s, all you’ll.

Ever get back well, hopefully, you’ve enjoyed that today remember to subscribe to this channel and click the bell for future notifications. Otherwise, you might miss one of our videos and you won’t want that and also you can head down into the links section and uh click the link to get your free video numerology report, which will unlock the secrets of your unique personality code.

I’ll, see you soon bye for now.

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