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when saturn conjuncts your north node transit expect big things

When Saturn Conjuncts your North Node Transit expect big things!

The planet Saturn has proven to affect gravity on the earth’s surface. When it Conjuncts your North Node (where you’re headed to in life) something powerful is going to happen….

the 4 major astrology retrogrades affecting your life in 2021

The 4 major astrology retrogrades affecting your life in 2021.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn 28 April to 7 Oct 2021 (5.2 months) A powerful transformation is elevating your life and purpose to unleash your true calling in life. Stuck in…

the ultimate guide to your 2021 personal numerology year

The ultimate guide to your 2021 personal numerology year.

Each year you experience a fresh new personal numerology year cycle, which is calculated from your birthday. By understanding and working with the rhythm of your numerology year cycle you…

what to do when mars goes retrograde in aries sept 9 to nov 15 2020

What to do when Mars goes Retrograde in Aries Sept 9 to Nov 15 2020

Mars doesn’t retrograde very often. The ‘warrior planet’ governing all things physical back-pedals through the zodiac once every two years for approximately 10 weeks, often throwing our energy off kilter….

the effects of 2020 pluto saturn and jupiter retrogrades on you

The effects of 2020 Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter retrogrades on you.

When Pluto (ruled by Scorpio) planet of the underworld, Saturn (ruled by Capricorn) the planet that helps us move through limitations and Jupiter the planet of expansion and luck (ruled…

your ultimate astrology astrocartography guide on where to live work and travel

Your Ultimate Astrology Astrocartography Guide on where to live, work and travel!

Astrocartography, also known as locational or relocation astrology was developed and popularised by the late Jim Lewis; 1941 to 1995 from NYC an astrologer, writer, lecturer and entrepreneur (I’m quite…

the 1981 prediction that came true what 2020 tells us saturn returns

The 1981 prediction that came true, what 2020 tells us + Saturn Returns

I’ve previously shared 2020 brings a massive shift in consciousness and transformation on a global scale. It’s only recently become apparent on how entering this new decade of a master…

this is how each mercury retrograde in 2020 will affect you worldwide

This is how each Mercury Retrograde in 2020 will affect you worldwide!

Mercury Retrograde. Proceed with caution! The moon affects the tides and our emotions, with mercury governing our communication. Jupiter brings luck, Saturn helps us move through limitations. When a planet…

how venus retrograde will affect your love life 13 may to 25 june 2020

How Venus Retrograde will affect your love life 13 May to 25 June 2020

Venus, the planet ruling love, beauty, pleasure, art, indulgences and romance turns retrograde every 18 months for around six weeks. From 13 May to 25 June 2020 Venus retrogrades in…

why this powerful saturn pluto conjunction 12 jan 2020 is going to affect you

Why this powerful Saturn Pluto Conjunction 12 Jan 2020 is going to affect you.

A powerful Saturn Pluto conjunction takes place 12 January 2020 (known as earth chakra day) bringing one of the most magical and eagerly anticipated unions of outer planets. We can…