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why is the life path of 8 so hard in numerology

Why is the Life Path of 8 So Hard in Numerology?

Ask Greer! Why is the Life Path of 8 so Hard?  Turn the 8 around and it is the infinity sign. Understanding the life path of 8 can have many…

is it common to have a master number

Is it Common to Have a Master Number?

Wondering if you have a Master Number? Ask Greer “In numerology, how often does a master number come up in someone’s chart? “~ Harry Note: A Master number is when…

numerologist of the year greer jonas

Numerologist of the Year – Greer Jonas

I am honored to be named OmTimes‘ Numerologist of the Year (2022-2023), thanks to the popular votes of the community. It is so very exciting for me! This annual gala…

workshop time travel numerology journey from 2023 2024

Workshop: Time Travel Numerology Journey from 2023 – 2024

Workshop: Time Travel Numerology Journey from 2023 – 2024 – Numerology4YourSoul Close

the spirit of july the 7 numerology style

The Spirit of July – the ‘7’ – Numerology Style

Welcome to the Spirit of July everyone!  The number 7, according to numerology, represents the unique, psychic, mysterious, and spiritual energy that can be available to each of us. During…

number 6 is the spirit of the heart

Number 6 is the Spirit of the Heart

June is here! Six is the energy of the heart, according to numerology. Six shows us compassion, love, and service. In fact, as I was writing this post, it is…

cher prince madonna rose to stardom using their firstname only

Cher, Prince, & Madonna Rose to Stardom Using Their Firstname Only!

When the 3 celebrities changed their full name to only their first name, a spark was ignited inside. And the world could not take their eyes off of them! This…

can i have a karmic debt number of zero

Can I Have a Karmic Debt Number of Zero?

“This is driving me nuts. I was told that my karmic debt number is zero. Could this be? Does this mean I have nothing to learn?” “I’m always wondering or…

may 2023 the energy of five can shift the feeling of stuck

May 2023 – the Energy of Five Can Shift the Feeling of ‘Stuck’

The month of May is the exciting number of the 5. Five connects to the ‘fire’ in us and invites us to take action. It is the energy of change…

what is your personal year number in 2023

What is Your Personal Year Number in 2023?

What is your personal year? What is Your Personal Year Number? Each year you have a new personal year number based on your birthday. Having this information will help you…