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5 universal month the numerology of august

5 Universal Month | The Numerology of AUGUST

It’s heating up around here and it’s not just the weather! It may be the Dog Days of Summer, yet August cooks up some plot-twists and roller coaster rides! August…

time to restructure the numerology of july

Time To Restructure? The Numerology of JULY

Is it time to restructure and set some new foundations? The numerology for July says:  “Absolutely!”  July is a 4 Universal Month. The energy of the 4 always ushers in…

may 2022 11 universal month

May 2022: 11 Universal Month

May is a beautifully intense and transformative 11 Universal Month. The 11 is a powerful and high-vibe energy. So what does that mean on a practical level when it shows…