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Taurus Monthly Horoscope September 2021

Taurus Horoscope September 2021

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Love

Mercury will make a nervous appearance. Be on the lookout for anxiety and dispersion. Prioritize urgent business. Unexpected invitations may come up. These contacts are your best friends. Instead of focusing on missed opportunities, look at the potential.

These emotions can make you feel depressed and cause you to indulge in compulsions, such as food. Emotional extremes can cloud your vision and make it difficult to see the future.

Talk to family members, friends, and trusted people. Listen to their perspectives, and try to accept them into reality. Before making a decision, wait for internal conflicts to calm down.

Thanks to Pluto and Mars in harmony with the sky, vital energy is at a positive and renewed frequency.

You could live a life that is full of creativity and intuition. You can use this opportunity to further your talents. You can expect positive results if you are confident and optimistic.

The second week encourages rest and family time. To get the most out of the energy, choose the beginning of the week. Social activities such as fast travel and socializing will be favored with the Moon in sextile.

The intensity of life together and the energy that is favorable to self-love will make it intense. Activities that promote creativity and fun will increase in popularity.

Peace will be found in activities such as going to the movies, eating dinner, and listening to music.

You can expect a more stressful atmosphere over the next week. Avoid being too rigid in your relationships. Avoid arguments (Mars and Sun intense aspect).

This week marks the entry of spring in the southern hemisphere. It is important to keep prioritizing the most important phase of your life. Anxiety can be caused by too much information.

Manage and monitor feelings of jealousy–introspection on toxic emotions. Your well-being is your priority.

The perfect aspect of Saturn and Mars in the sky favors real estate investments or transactions.

Ask for help if someone asks.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Business

You might be able to get the recognition that you’ve always wanted. The rewards of hard work are well worth it. With Uranus trine the Sun, this new cycle will allow for timely changes.

It is possible to reach your goals by being more responsible with prudence, perseverance and persistence. You will be excited for days and not waste time waiting for the opportunities to grow personally. Success will come to those who are diplomatic and pragmatic.

Recognizing the limitations of others is linked to you and the collaboration you can create around you. This makes it easier for you to work and study. You can focus on the positive things and not what makes you unhappy. It is a Taurus trait that makes it an endurance test.

You will discover that teamwork is more fun and more productive as you progress into the second week. This is your moment of glory. You could be rewarded with more wealth and open new doors.

It won’t be easy to be successful, but it won’t stop you from moving forward. This phase is full of achievements! You will feel inspired intellectually and have great ideas.

The Moon and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, trine to Mercury in Libra. Saturn will also bring positive influences. This will help you to improve your professional performance.

You will feel full of energy if you celebrate your victories!

Avoid doing business, buying, or selling during the week. There will be aspects that are unfavorable due to tension between Mercury and the Moon.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope: Healthy

Your focus and determination will make all the difference in today’s world and help you be ready for tomorrow. It will be time to go on a trip. Not just short, but all over the world. Plan and consider a great itinerary.

The good vibes will last for a week. You will need to take a deep breath and pay more attention to your immune system the second week. It is important to eat healthy and limit alcohol consumption.

Mars in Libra encourages community and wellness interests. Uranus creates a favorable environment, which encourages philanthropic and spiritual endeavors. As the Sun and Pluto make aspects, internal changes will occur.

You might feel irritable or impatient due to the weather in the last week.

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