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The 1981 prediction that came true, what 2020 tells us + Saturn Returns

I’ve previously shared 2020 brings a massive shift in consciousness and transformation on a global scale. It’s only recently become apparent on how entering this new decade of a master vibration of 22/4 is going to change the course of our world as we know it.

Master vibrations in numerology teach us about energy on a grand scale. The 2 represents peace, intuition, co-creation and helping one another, or on the lower vibration, fear and co-dependence. The 4 brings new foundations to build from and restrictions to move through. The 2 also represents the mother and our feminine power.

Mother earth is tired and worn down, she’s been raped and abused. Through the tearing down of old foundations we will renew and through the coming together of the ‘2’ we will find peace.

Time Magazine reports China’s carbon emissions have dropped by 50%. We are all being forced to go back to basics and help one another to survive.

March News China Emissions

Source Time Magazine

A post from a friend on Facebook shares: “People are asking us to pray that the current crisis ends – but what if it is a strategy by The Earth/ Nature/ Collective Consciousness to avert an even bigger looming crisis? Do we really want to go back to business as usual without changes being made? What important lessons would you like to see emerge from this?”

With a reply: “Almost 40 years ago I met a man, he developed amazing healing and clairvoyance and taught me a great deal. Indeed he ‘switched my track’. One thing he constantly talked about was 2020. He didn’t know or couldn’t explain exactly what would happen, but it was understood that it would be transformational. I do not think this is the end rather the beginning of a new society. We may well go back to normal after this crisis but it will have changed the consciousness of a generation for good. Rather as the world wars changed a generation. Like giving birth it’s painful, we have to tolerate the pain to produce a new healthier world We are living through a pivotal time. Just as happened with the bush fires, the collective consciousness can make a difference. All will be well.”

Numerology and astrology are ancient sciences over 3,500 years old – astrology being the oldest known to mankind. We can look at the vibrations of what’s going on around us to help bring clarity to our lives. Everything around us is energy.

I have my own suspicions on how this COVID-19 virus came into play which includes the 5G rollout. When truth is stranger than fiction – an excerpt from Dean Koontz “The Eyes of Darkness” from a 1981 novel that has come true.


Looking at the actual name vibration of COVID-19 from a numerology perspective, it breaks down to a 9 vibration which represents reaching the world, letting go, rebirth and transformation.

Meanwhile on the astrology front…

Mars (drive), Jupiter (luck), Pluto (power/the underworld) and Saturn (career/moving through restrictions) are all combined forming a stellium (group of planets) through the cardinal sign of Capricorn. The tip of the iceberg however started in 2019.

March News Capricorn Uranus

We’re experiencing unprecedented control over how we live our lives due to all this Capricorn energy. Everyone is affected. Where we live, work, play, travel to, even what we can eat and where we eat…

Capricorn is the control freak of the zodiac, needing definitive guidelines, with a penchant for rules and regulations.

The Goldman Sachs tower is a Capricorn symbol. Why? Because Capricorn the mountain goat rules the top of any high place. Planets in Capricorn operate through ambition, hierarchy and class systems. Capricorn is about keeping something permanent and stable. And this my friends, this is exactly what is being shaken up right now.

Challenges have to be accepted, however with slow steady steps, progress will be made.

Uranus (the planet that shakes things up in our world) is also in Taurus from 2018 (ruling property and finances) – this is a slow moving planet which takes around 7 years to move to the next sign.

As Uranus in Taurus is currently transiting the 8th house of Scorpio (from the first half of 2020) – Suddenly, our greatest fears, our frustrated desires, our repressed hungers begin to press upward. The wild part inside us will come into play.

Truths will be exposed. What we thought was secure can and will come tumbling down. I urge you all with savings to check in with your financial institutions and ensure your money is in a safe place. Nothing should be taken for granted now. The stockmarket is sliding, the Australian dollar has sunk to it’s lowest in 17 years.  The way we deal in currency is changing.

When Saturn returns to Aquarius from 21 March to 1 July 2020 this is going to bring a further shift globally and for some of us on a deeper personal level, sharing a message ‘we are one and in this together.’  Saturn returning to Aquarius also falls the day after the Equinox. I see big changes over the next few days.

If you’re between the ages 27 to 30 and 56 to 59 you’ll be having your Saturn return, which lasts for around 2.5 years. This is one of the most transforming experiences of your life a ‘cosmic right of passage!’ Life will shake you up. Your destiny is in the making.

The following dates are when Saturn returns to Capricorn and then Aquarius.  As a collective we will be affected when Saturn is in a particular sign, if you’re also having your Saturn return your experience will be magnified.

– Saturn returns to Capricorn 19 December 2017 to 21 March 2020
– Saturn returns to Aquarius 21 March to 1 July 2020 (3.1 months)
– Saturn returns back to Capricorn 1 July to 16 December 2020 (4.1 months)
– Saturn returns to Aquarius 16 December 2020 to 7 March 2023

Saturn helps us move through limitations. See that Nike swish? It’s part of Saturn’s ring whispering “Just Do it.” Saturn rules Capricorn the goat, an earth cardinal (leading) energy – finding the most efficient way to climb that mountain.

Saturn in Capricorn: Your working life is open for transition now. Restructures take an unexpected turn within your career and social circles. This is the perfect time to organise your office, life, home and finances with fresh insight coming through. Something you took for granted in your working life may take a dramatic turn.

Saturn in Aquarius: Your greater connections and working with a collective – we are one and unified will be the theme. There could be significant growth in how you are connecting with the world as a whole. How do you ‘stand out’ in the crowd? Saturn in Aquarius will bring forward a different approach to life in general. Letting go of the Capricorn structure to make way for the new Aquarian world order.

Physicist Albert Einstein said: “Astrology is a science in itself and contains an illuminating body of knowledge. It taught me many things and I am greatly indebted to it.”

If you’re wondering about your Saturn return or would like clarity regarding your life direction you can book in a life changing consultation with me from anywhere in the world.

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