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The 2022 Pisces New Moon and the Ukraine-Russia Conflict – Part Three: NATO

While I was working on the 2022 Pisces New Moon article, and got an intuitive hit that I should look at the current Ukraine-Russia situation from both astrological and numerological perspectives as well in the context of its possible alignments with the 2022 Pisces New Moon through its theme of interconnection.

A colleague of mine also recently asked me about Ukraine and what I see in its natal chart. After looking it over and sharing my findings with her, this combination of Ukraine and the Pisces New Moon has sufficiently distracted me from finishing my latest book manuscript, and you get to reap the… reward?

Anyway, this article is a ‘more thorough than I intended’ examination of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and how the energy of Pisces New Moon may have contributed to the dynamics. I don’t usually go on record with things like this – I usually wait until a situation has played out and analyze afterwards as I strongly believe in free will and choice as a determining factor in how situations progress. Each of the players in this conflict will make their choices, and their choices will determine the ultimate course of events.

(Yes, that’s my disclaimer.)

I’m not 100% certain how this situation is going to conclude. I sincerely hope there is a peaceful outcome with the least amount of bloodshed and loss of human life possible. I’m personally not taking a side in this because 1) I look at charts objectively, 2) I usually watch international news outlets instead of mainstream domestic ones, and 3) as I talk with a few friends with personal ties to eastern Europe. I’m realizing there are many different ways of looking at this situation, which also helps me look at the charts objectively. Those of you who know me and work with me know that I don’t play favorites and I don’t sugar-coat anything, so keep that in mind as you read through this.

That all said, here’s what I’ve deducted from natal charts and current transit analysis of the major players in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the 2022 Pisces New Moon. The combinations and nicknames listed for each of the subjects are referenced from my first book, The Life By Soul System: Book One – The Basics and The Combinations, which will be reissued as an updated and revised edition in late 2022.

I’ll be sharing this in four parts:

This is Part Three.



Sun – Aries 4 – The Stake Claimer

Ascendant – Virgo 8 – The Control Freak

Midheaven – Gemini 4 – The Nosy Neighbor

  • Assertive if not aggressive in claiming and securing what it believes is its territory
  • Sees itself as doing what needs to be done in the only way it should be done
  • Seen by others as dependable yet maybe too curious, reliably curious which often leads to getting into others’ business

United States:

Sun – Cancer 5 – The Drama Mama

Ascendant – Sagittarius 11 – The Expedition Leader

Midheaven – Libra 4 – The Trusty Sidekick

  • Constantly changes how it wants to be supported or protected – rarely if ever emotionally satisfied
  • Sees itself as always up for an adventure – eager to experience new peoples and places
  • Seen by others as a reliable presence, yet maybe too eager to “circle the wagons” in times of conflict

United Kingdom:

Sun – Capricorn 3- The One Who Grows Younger

Ascendant – Libra 2 – The Elegant Companion

Midheaven – Cancer 1 – The Mother of No Boundaries

  • Wise, yet maintains curiosity – will always ask questions in order to secure itself and its interests
  • Sees itself as an ideal partner – shares the spotlight or concedes it in order to maintain calm appearance
  • Seen by others as being assertive in efforts to nurture, support, and protect – maybe even aggressive?

France (natal):

Sun – Libra 3 – Miss Congeniality

Ascendant – Aries 7 – The Afterthinker

Midheaven – Capricorn 6 – The Mommy Daddy

  • Very diplomatic, strives to learn about its partners in order to keep things pleasant and peaceful
  • Sees itself as assertive, yet may take action before it fully thinks through
  • Seen by others as nurturing others toward measurable goals or desired results (its own or possibly those of others)

Poland (natal):

Sun –  Scorpio 4 – The Secret Keeper

Ascendant – Cancer 3 – The Mom-Child

Midheaven – Pisces 1 – The Great Crusader

  • Not quick to trust, doesn’t let its guard down easily or without serious reassurances
  • Sees itself as eager to provide emotional support, but needs to learn how best to do that
  • Seen by others as eager to be selflessly serve others, possibly even seen as assertive or initiative in its efforts to do so

Germany (natal):

Sun – Gemini 7 – The Thinker of a Thousand Thoughts

Ascendant – Capricorn 11 – The Inspiring Achiever

Midheaven – Scorpio 6 – The (S)Mother

  • Very intellectual and inquisitive –always asking questions and seeking information, insatiable curiosity
  • Sees itself as ambitious and goal-oriented, wants to assist others in pursuing their ambitions as well
  • Seen by others as secretive yet very protective of what is does care about – maybe too protective


NATO was formed in 1949, less than four years after the end of World War II. Its natal chart indicates its stability, yet also its inclination to assertively if not aggressively obtain and maintain strategic power in the world. Many people suggest its creation was intended to fend off the spread of communism after Russia defeated the Nazis to end WWII in Europe, though its stated purpose is to have a defensive allyship in place between member countries in case of future international conflict(s).

NATO has powerful natal astrology – FIVE very potent conjunctions! First is an Aries conjunction in its 7th house – Mars and Venus… and if I widen the orb a half-degree, the Sun. This slightly-wide Aries stellium reveals that NATO’s goal is to have the partners take action to defend each other rather than feel like their standing alone. Aries is cardinal fire – initiative energy – and that means the partners may not be willing to take action on their own accord, but the alliance may call them into action.

NATO also has a Mercury-Eris conjunction in Aries in the 7th house of its natal chart, which tells me It can have quite a mouth on it when it comes to discussing potential actions with its partners. It’s highly unlikely it doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer from any of its member easily if at all. “No” to NATO is likely received as an invitation for retribution of some sort as the organization seems to feel entitled to having its requests agreed to. This conjunction will be an important one to make note of, as NATO’s words will often create action rather than NATO taking action itself.

The Ceres-Pluto Retrograde conjunction in Leo in NATO’s 11th house reveals a recognition that the value and power of the alliance is in its collaborative spirit. This implies that the alliance’s leadership recognizes that each member of NATO has a specific role to play, otherwise they wouldn’t be included in the alliance.

Then there’s the MC/IC axis. NATO’s Vertex point conjuncts its Imum Coeli in Sagittarius from its 4th house, revealing its dedication to expansion of the alliance as it sees fit, by request of any non-member nation that wants to become a member. The Anti-Vertex point conjuncts its Midheaven in Gemini, bringing to light NATO’s exchange of ideas and information with its members in order to form strategies, discuss possibilities, and have everyone in the alliance feel vested in its success. Communication is key for this alliance. Without clear and collaborative communications, things could become very messy between the member nations.


Depending on who you go to, there are many questions regarding how this conflict began. Some will focus on Russia initiating the military invasion of Ukraine, while others will focus on the expansion of NATO since 1997 and NATO’s involvement in events within Ukraine since 2014. I mention these as a reminder that this isn’t focused on how this originated – it’s meant to focus on what we face now.

That said, in regard to the current status of the conflict, the 2022 Pisces New Moon lands within 1° of NATO’s Vertex point, indicating that there will be intensifying requests for NATO to get directly involved in the Ukraine-Russia conflict. They won’t get involved directly. However, NATO leadership will continue to use its member nations and its proxies – non-member Ukraine and possibly trying to add non-member Kazakhstan into the mix to split Russia’s military focus in hopes of pulling Russia off-message and trapping them in a far more complicated military situation – one which could very well expand the scope of the conflict into a full-scale world war with nuclear implications.

However, another more likely strategy here is to use economic and financial impact. Almost all NATO countries (especially the United States and United Kingdom) are heavily influenced by oligarchs and corporations in their geopolitical policies. In the years since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia has become capitalist and has developed a powerful group of oligarchs whom many believe actually dictate much of what happens regarding the economic policies of Russia. The Russian oligarchy works very closely with western institutions of varying types, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they play a role in what happens in this Ukraine-Russia conflict. All involved parties seem to be content with ongoing combat as long as it doesn’t harm the flow of money…

… which is why NATO is targeting the money as their strategy for shifting the outcome of the Ukraine-Russia conflict. The sanctions are likely to severely damage the financial relationships Russia and its oligarchs have formed with the west. As sanctions intensify, business and profits will be disrupted, ownerships will be forfeited, and both Russia and the west will be impacted.

This strategy is all fine and good initially. However, if things severely breakdown in Europe due to the standoff, this strategy may backfire on NATO as some of its European members individually, or possibly collectively, begin to drop some if not all of the sanctions for their nations’ and people’s own preservations. This plan could also backfire if Russia’s partnerships with eastern nations prove stronger than initially believed, creating an new multipolar global power structure which leaves the west in a bind.

More on this later. Meanwhile…


One fascinating aspect in the synastry between NATO and Russia is how their Parts of Fortune are exactly conjunct (both 3° Sagittarius)! This reveals that their fortunes are very closely tied together, yet the challenge for NATO is that they want to maintain the upper hand and being the authority in the “relationship”, and NATO needs Russia to be “the enemy” for NATO to work. However, Russia plays into its appointed enemy role strategically – it actually works to Russia’s advantage to be branded as “the bad guys” even though based on the chartwork, it can take an emotional toll on its citizenry to be labeled as such.

However, it’s how NATO and Russia are at odds with each other that may be the most fascinating part of this “relationship.” Russia rarely declares or instigates anything toward NATO – it almost always responds to NATO instigations and aggressions. NATO has its strategies, but seems to underestimate the power and depth of Russia’s partnerships with other nations which aren’t always obvious as Russia plays its strategic allies close to the vest. NATO also underestimates Russia’s desire for retribution and justice in regard to agreements and laws dishonored or violated, while Russia is fully aware of NATO’s determination to acquire and maintain its power around the world by any means necessary. Through the natal chart analysis, the main difference between the two is while NATO is looking to grow its network of nations in order to expand its geopolitical control and influence over sovereign nations and material resources, while Russia is looking to grow through partnership, expanding its network of nations supporting each other in practical, service-oriented ways and exchanging material resources. The values systems couldn’t be more different, and this is unlikely to fundamentally change regardless of who the Russian president may be.

Putin’s natal chart makes some interesting hits with NATO’s chart. Notably the exact conjunction between Putin’s Sun and NATO’s Neptune at 13° Libra, indicating that Putin is very aware of NATO’s ideals and vision as well as its ”partnership” strategies and aggressive nature in regard to the sovereignty of non-NATO countries (opposite NATO’s Mars and Venus in Aries). This awareness gives Putin a practical strategic advantage. But NATO has the power of mass media and its involvement in most capital markets at its disposal, so no matter how effective Putin’s actions may be tactically/militarily, NATO is able to craft a dialogue to thwart the public perception of his tactical efforts.

What challenges NATO about Putin is that Putin isn’t afraid of NATO. In fact, he’s more determined to oppose them that Russia itself. However, as previously mentioned, it doesn’t matter that Putin’s long-term assessment of NATO may be correct and that if NATO had its way, it would invade Russia, claim its natural resources and/or geographically and materially break it into parts. It’s more likely the short-term assessment of stock markets and economies crashing worldwide and the chronic short-sightedness of most capitalists and oligarchs will be what finally changes the game. NATO is well on its way to making sure the short-term panic leads to NATO’s long-term success… that is, if Russia, the country itself, allows that to happen. To stop this from happening, Putin will need to convince his country’s oligarchs and the nation’s people that they can (re)make or expand their fortunes with other non-NATO nations, and he will need to make sure he can deliver on that plan. If Putin can’t deliver, he will be ousted.


That said, it’s been 73 years now, and though the alliance has proved very advantageous for many years, some of the member nations may be seeing this Ukraine-Russia conflict as an opportunity to assert their power in ways which either give them more say and more power in how NATO conducts its business, or it may give them the courage to possibly step out of the treaty altogether. Being under the influence of the U.S. and the U.K. for so long may be taking its toll, especially now that the world has changed so much technologically and economically, and even more so as they witness how Ukraine is likely being used as a proxy to weaken Russia. Some of these nations are beginning to wonder if they, too, are also only included as proxies for the U.S. and U.K. and this may have them second-guessing their memberships in the alliance.

The impact of almost all European nations choosing to cut off their access to Russia’s service(s) and prevent Russia from accessing their services is likely to play a role in matters as the situation continues. In the world we’re currently living in, new strategic weaknesses that didn’t need to be considered in the 1950-1990 version of the Cold War are now surfacing through these recent sanctions. Technologies have advanced a great deal, and establishing the institutional framework for a new Cold War is now far more complicated for all parties involved – complicated in ways that may not have been fully thought through as the recent sanction and divestment choices were being made. I expect there may be a lot of backtracking and work-arounds happening in these next few days and weeks as sanctions and divestments affect far more than initially expected or intended.

As I mentioned in the main 2022 Pisces New Moon article (part one), this New Moon awakens us to how each and all of us are interconnected with each other and everything around us. We are all existing in a common Oneness, each of us with a unique contribution to make to our groups/teams, communities, societies, and the world. These measures to financially and economically punish Russia could end up being a case of “what hurts you hurts me more.”

Add the 2022 Pisces New Moon transits to this mix, and this trifecta may expose one major weakness in NATO which has been grossly underestimated until now – the pride of the individual nations involved.

Each of the NATO nations is very much aware of how their nations will be perceived on the world stage, and as a collective organization, there is a hesitancy to act without being 100% certain they are acting upon factual/truthful information. None of these countries want to be led onto an irreversible, mass-destructive course. Technology has changed – information moves too quickly now, and many governments know what’s coming to light and are asking questions about it before any of their allies can tell them. Most NATO countries are also more interested in creating lasting peace and preserving their economies than engaging in perpetual war, and they understand their choices now will have an expansive, global effect.

What’s been fascinating so far is that there are quite a few members of NATO and the EU which have maintained their neutrality in the past, yet are now choosing sides as the Ukraine-Russia conflict unfolds and taking part in the sanctions against Russia. One on hand, it’s wonderful to see such alliance and allegiance to a single cause. However, it would be wise to keep in mind that each of these nations has their own individual reason(s) for choosing to take part in the sanctions.

As this conflict continues, the ultimate question for each NATO member nation throughout this Ukraine-Russia conflict will be where their commitment and loyalties truly lie – with NATO, with their own people and countries, and/or with the whole of humanity. The big picture will be considered by each of these nations, and as result, some of these countries – even if they were early to participate in the sanction efforts – may not do everything they’re being asked (or told) to do in the long run.

To that point, I won’t be able to break down every NATO member’s piece in the picture, but I think it’s important to make note of a few member nations in this regard.


The United States is seen as the defacto leader of NATO, along with the United Kingdom. While the U.K. tends to take the role of being the voice of the European members, the United States tends to be the one in the global spotlight and is often seen as the voice and/or policymaker for the entire alliance.

For more details about how this may play out for the United States beyond Ukraine-Russia, you may want to read the U.S. Pluto Return article. But for this article, a short summary factoring in NATO’s natal chart.

The overlay of the United States’ natal chart with NATO’s natal chart shows energies may coming to a head, especially with the U.S. Pluto Return now fully in effect. The two natal charts form an intense Yod-Boomerang configuration involving both NATO’s Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus positions and the U.S. Pluto & Pluto Return positions, which is an indicator that something’s likely going to give very soon. The big detail is NATO’s Jupiter conjunct the U.S. Pluto placement, indicating that NATO other members may be assessing whether or not they’ve outgrown their need for alliance with the United States.

The handling of this Ukraine-Russia conflict could be the event that finally challenges and possibly breaks NATO, largely because of the United States’ intensity and heavy-handedness with the matters-at-hand. NATO members are most concerned about the best interests of their people, and some of them also have the interests of the world in view. The question which creates the most fear for NATO members is how the U.S. might react to such steps to withdraw from the alliance as they fear retaliation from the nation which largely originated the treaty and is largely considered the leader of it. There’s simply too much destructive power – both economic and physical – available for use, and the United States is known to become quite dramatic when it wants its way. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with this long-standing alliance.


The NATO comparison with the United Kingdom is even more fascinating in that NATO’s natal Sun conjuncts the U.K.’s North Node exactly and Vertex Point within 2°. This is a big deal because it indicates that the U.K.’s future and how it will be seen by the rest of the world is very strongly influenced – and possibly upheld – by NATO’s existence. NATO’s natal Lilith is also conjunct the U.K.’s Part of Fortune, which brings questions from NATO members about how this arrangement actually benefits them as individual nations in the 21st Century.

The U.K. may find itself doing some major mediations and negotiations in order to keep the alliance together. The question is, will it be enough? And will it drive the U.K. to reconsider its relationship with the U.S. as transiting Pluto will soon be conjunct its Eris and opposite its Pallas, amplifying resentment of its diminishing role in European power and its inability to create a communications strategy without the United States’ involvement? The U.K.’s progressed chart reveals a powerful Nodal Golden Rectangle which may raise a great deal of upset about this (new) role in the alliance as the U.K. has believed itself to be more of a strategic partner than a proxy. Resentment may be building for the U.K. as its changing role as the go-between for the U.S. and the other NATO members becomes more clear.

Its role only becomes more frustrating as the more questions NATO members ask, the more the U.K. may be challenged in responding with earnestness as it becomes clearer by the day that the U.K. acts as a go-between for Europe and the U.S. within NATO. As result, the U.K. may find itself becoming further ostracized from the rest of Europe, just adding fuel to the fire after its exit from the EU. If nations do begin to break away from NATO, this will be an accelerated realization for the United Kingdom understand that it may not have the influence and power over the world it had in the past, and it likely won’t be able to recover it.

This realization began to set in during this 2022 Pisces New Moon – that the old ways of wielding power may no longer work for the new world that’s emerging, and in that new world, the U.K. may no longer be held in the same regard it once was. The vision other NATO members see possible for the alliance isn’t aligned with the way the U.K. has always seen itself and the world, and the majority of NATO member states may begin to choose act accordingly with their present and forward-focused visions for their individual nations and for the alliance as a whole.


NATO sees France as an essential partner, and France sees its partnership with NATO as essential though challenging. France is wired to be much more of a negotiator and peacemaker than a combat nation, and it doesn’t like to be as assertive as NATO is by its nature. When France does take action, it’s likely to be in impulsive defense of its own property and resources. Otherwise, they’ll tend to use communication and logic rather than munitions.

I’m including France in this assessment because at the time of the 2022 Pisces New Moon’s maximum phase, France was making a valiant effort as negotiator between NATO and Russia. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as well as hoped. Though France has made a couple of public relations moves to illustrate their difficulties in negotiating with Russia and Putin, France has been rather quiet since.

France is usually more on the quiet side, speaking only when their input or voice has a pragmatic purpose in the situation-at-hand. Yet they’ve been more quiet than usual since the beginning of the month, probably because France is gearing up for its next presidential election in mid-April 2022, so though it’s keeping an eye on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, France is a bit more focused on trying to determine its own course at this time.


Poland has a stoic pride which strengthens their desire to be part of a global strategy which allows them to take active part in serving the greater good. There may be some question of whether or not they serve the greater good of all or the greatest good for themselves, but nevertheless, they want to be part of something that does good and is greater than themselves.

Its power is strongest when they are in position to serve into that ideal, yet NATO doesn’t seem to want Poland’s help as much as Poland is willing to offer it. NATO wants Poland to do what they’re told, and Poland’s role in the alliance will grow when NATO leadership wants it to grow. Yet what’s great about this is that Poland won’t give up on its dream. Its commitment to the alliance is strong, and it lets whatever NATO tells it to roll right off its back.

The funny thing in the dynamic between Poland and NATO is that NATO doesn’t want Poland to steal its thunder, and with Poland being a border nation to Ukraine, NATO leadership intends to use Poland to its fullest advantage in this Ukraine-Russia conflict. However, Poland may have a strategy that is very different, and the one area where Poland clashes the most with NATO isn’t as much in who calls the shots as it is in who gets credit for the work. Poland isn’t going to let NATO use its geography or its resources without giving it proper compensation and its participatory credit due.

Especially in this Ukraine-Russia conflict, you may notice Poland asserting itself with a bit more strength. It intends to follow through on its word, though it will make a play for center stage with the sole purpose of making sure everyone knows they did their part. The thing is, its efforts are intended to protect itself and others. It may not be obvious right away, but Poland’s behavior during this conflict is likely to be its way of stepping into NATO’s plans preventatively. As a border nation to Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, and with its people’s history always in mind, Poland understands what’s at stake for the region in this Ukraine-Russia conflict.


The Federal Republic of Germany was established only seven weeks after NATO was created in 1949, which gives these two entities very similar charts in many ways. These similarities mean that they understand each other well. They also set these two up for soe challenging clashes, especially in this current Ukraine-Russia conflict.

Germany and NATO share almost all outer planet sign placements and positions. The exception is Jupiter – NATO’s is in Capricorn while Germany’s is in Aquarius. These varied signs make a difference. Though NATO’s is on the cusp of changing sign, growth and expansion are at the roots of its ambitions and goals and brings positive results for the alliance when it expresses itself to other governments and international institutions; while Germany’s Aquarius Jupiter brings positive energy through collaborations and community efforts focused on humanity-at-large. This is very reflective of their roles, especially with this in Germany’s first house of self-identity as its reformation in 1949 was centered around rebuilding its identity with the world after its country’s nefarious role in World War II. With a new constitution and a new government in place, Germany was ready to present a new face to the world. NATO created a space and global community for Germany to do exactly that.

However, though Germany is seen as a partner in NATO, and it has the wisdom of being considered the gateway between eastern and western Europe, it doesn’t feel it gets to call enough of the shots. This can be very emotionally challenging for Germany as it may not feel it can freely speak out or have its insights or information taken seriously in NATO matters. NATO and Germany both have Uranus in Gemini, and NATO’s Uranus is conjunct its Moon and Pallas, which has it very emotionally invested in its strategies, and it will share its plans publicly with others as it is deemed fit. Germany is willing to serve the treaty in almost every way imaginable with its Uranus conjunct Juno, but it wants to be communicated with, wants to have some say in what the public messaging will be, and it wants to have some say in how things are presented to the public. Yet Germany has these inter-chart conjunctions in its 6th house of everyday life and work/service, while NATO has them in its 10th house, which all but affirms that NATO will insist on being the public face between the two. However, there’s no denying Germany is essential to NATO functioning smoothly. Without Germany, this alliance falls apart.

Which is why if – and that’s a big if – the NATO alliance were to break at all, I wouldn’t be surprised if Germany were the nation to make the first step out, and interestingly enough, to support and/or protect other European nations in their departures from the alliance. The 2022 Pisces New Moon transits with the afore-mentioned inter-aspects between Germany and NATO’s charts are rather convincing in this regard as there are two major configurations –- a Yod and a Golden Rectangle – which form when all three are combined. There are also transits with Germany’s progressed chart (notably the transiting Juno in Aquarius opposed Germany’s Sun and soon, Pluto). Germany is the one that could make a move to either assert itself to take over the leadership role within NATO, or it could be the first one to leave the alliance.

Though getting Germany on board with the rest of NATO was a huge win for NATO leadership (with Germany sanctioning Russia and most notably, suspending if not ending the plan to open the Nord Stream II pipeline), if any NATO member other than the U.S. and U.K. has the solvency and institutional fortitude to sustain itself outside of NATO, it would be Germany, even after a recent leadership change within the country itself. The transits with the 2022 Pisces New Moon show that there is quite a bit Germany is (re)considering about how things are playing out in this Ukraine-Russia conflict, especially in regard to how it was drawn into action/participation in the sanctions and divestments, and what the fallout of its choices may be. There are also Pluto and Neptune transits which indicate this Ukraine-Russia situation, or more specifically, the fallout from the sanctions and divestments may be a wake-up call for Germany that this alliance no longer aligns with its nation’s interests or purposes.

Part Four summarizing all of this is coming soon. Thank you for reading.

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

NATAL CHARTS (with transits for 02.March.2022)

PROGRESSED CHARTS (with transits for 02.March.2022)

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