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The 2022 Pisces New Moon and the Ukraine-Russia Conflict – Part Two: Russia and Putin

While I was working on the 2022 Pisces New Moon article and pondering its theme of interconnection, and got an intuitive hit that I should look at the current Ukraine-Russia situation from both astrological and numerological perspectives as well in the context of its possible alignments with the 2022 Pisces New Moon.

A colleague of mine also recently asked me about Ukraine and what I see in its natal chart. After looking it over and sharing my findings with her, this combination of Ukraine and the Pisces New Moon has sufficiently distracted me from finishing my latest book manuscript, and you get to reap the… reward?

Anyway, this article is a ‘more thorough than I intended’ examination of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and how the energy of the Pisces New Moon may have contributed to the dynamics. I don’t usually go on record with things like this – I usually wait until a situation has played out and analyze afterwards as I strongly believe in free will and choice as a determining factor in how situations progress. Each of the players in this conflict will make their choices, and their choices will determine the ultimate course of events.

(Yes, that’s my disclaimer.)

I’m not 100% certain how this situation is going to conclude. I sincerely hope there is a peaceful outcome with the least amount of bloodshed and loss of human life possible. I’m personally not taking a side in this because 1) I look at charts objectively, 2) I usually watch international news outlets instead of mainstream domestic ones, and 3) as I talk with a few friends with personal ties to eastern Europe. I’m realizing there are many different ways of looking at this situation, which also helps me look at the charts objectively. Those of you who know me and work with me know that I don’t play favorites and I don’t sugar-coat anything, so keep that in mind as you read through this.

That all said, here’s what I’ve deducted from natal charts and current transit analysis of the major players in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the 2022 Pisces New Moon. The combinations and nicknames listed for each of the subjects are referenced from my first book, The Life By Soul System: Book One – The Basics and The Combinations, which will be reissued as an updated and revised edition in late 2022.

I’ll be sharing this in four parts:

  • Ukraine and Zelenskyy
  • Russia and Putin
  • NATO (and the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Poland)
  • Summary and update since the Pisces New Moon

This is Part Two.

(NOTE: Images of all charts are at the bottom of the page.)



Sun – Capricorn 3 – The One Who Grows Younger

Ascendant – Leo 1 – The One-Man Show

Midheaven – Aries 7 – The Afterthinker

  • Wise, yet maintains childlike curiosity – will always ask questions in order to improve its efforts
  • Sees itself as proud and assertive – willing to take action to show others what it can create or do
  • Seen by others as impulsive, aggressive, and thoughtless – doesn’t seem to think its actions through


Sun – Libra 7 – The Silent Partner

Ascendant – Scorpio 8 – The Secret Weapon

Midheaven – Leo 7 – The Understudy

  • Not silent because he has nothing to say – usually silent because he’s listening and watching
  • Sees himself as a hidden power or as having hidden strength – doesn’t show all his cards
  • Seen by others as someone who is too proud and too smart, but not smart enough to be so proud

As alluring as the drama in Ukraine is for the most of the western world, every “hero” needs an enemy, and Putin and Russia are being presented as those necessary enemies, not only in this conflict, but throughout much of the western and western-allied world for over 25 years now.

The challenge for Russia is that it is seen by much of the world as acting in its own best interests. With its Aries 7 Midheaven, the perception of Russia as a self-centered, imperialist, and “still-communist” nation (FYI – Russia has been capitalist/oligarchic since the mid-1990s) tends to override other characteristics in Russia’s natal chart, which reveals an innate pragmatism and genuine desire to be of practical support to others. Russia seeks to serve not only their own functionality and productivity, but the world’s functionality and productivity by providing other nations with essential resource support. Russia’s natal chart shows that it takes great pride in its provision and service to others, which might surprise quite a few members of the global community. Yet something major will need to happen for the popular narrative about Russia’s role in the world to be cleared away and for their true intentions to be seen by other nations. Until then, Russia will continue to be demonized by many.

The 2022 Pisces New Moon transits show that Russia and Putin’s global reputations (which are both largely dictated by others, notably western-influenced and European nations) precede them in this conflict. It doesn’t really matter how genuine or well-intentioned Russia’s and/or Putin’s motives may be because especially through this New Moon phase, his communications are going to be hindered by others’ perceptions and opinions of him. The degree to which Russia is intertwined with the day-to-day operations of the world won’t be fully acknowledged, and the impact of the many sanctions applied won’t be felt right away because the countries that exile Russia economically and financially aren’t going to be looking at how their punitive actions will affect themselves… at first, anyway. Yet as time progresses, more nations may become increasingly concerned about how distancing themselves from Russia affects their nations and the everyday lives of their citizens. (We’ll discuss the impact of the sanctions more later.)

One thing I notice in comparing Putin’s natal chart with the current 2022 Pisces New Moon transits is that majority of the parties involved may seem to believe Putin is playing games, when actually, he is deeply serious about his positions around this matter. He sees this as a crusade for fairness, justice, and peace (?!?!?) in Eastern European affairs and global affairs. The world leaders who talk or meet with him one-on-one understand his seriousness – they know he’s not playing. All parties involved directly or indirectly with this conflict would be wise to take his words and warnings as seriously as he does, as many of the ordinary people who are not world leaders are actually taking him very seriously, some to the point of unbridled fear. This is especially the case in eastern Europe and for most former Soviet bloc nations.

For Russia as a national entity – this may sound strange, but as long as they don’t stray away from Putin’s narrative – as long as their actions stay aligned with his intentions and on a deeper level, their own intentions to pragmatically serve the world – this entire thing may actually work out fairly well for them… but only if they stick with the intentions Putin initially laid out. This movement into Ukraine must stay to its intention to “demilitarize and de-Nazify” Ukraine in the context of protecting the recognized Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. If Putin changes or expands Russia’s focus and/or if Putin becomes too ego-invested and/or pride-driven, this could fall apart for them very quickly. The Russian public statements cannot sway, cannot shift focus – they must stay on Ukraine and only on Ukraine.

That said, one thing this conflict is revealing is that Putin, more than Russia, is the target of NATO. We’ll discuss the synastry between Putin and NATO more specifically in the summary, but I do see the media campaign around the Ukraine-Russia conflict as a calculated and coordinated move by western leaders to place the blame for this entire conflict onto Putin in ways which they hope will cause Putin to lose favor with the Russian people and/or Russian oligarchs, leading to his being voted out or otherwise forced out of the presidency. My guess is that western leaders would like to have a new Russian president who would be a bit warmer toward western interests and far less savvy regarding matters of Russia’s sovereignty. If the Russian oligarchs and Russian people agree, it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

In Russia’s progressed chart, it’s interesting how transiting Mercury and Saturn are approaching (and within 3°orb) of Russia’s Descendant, revealing restrictions or obstacles to partnerships. This clearly reveals the sanctions against Russia being implemented, and the lifestyle they adopted becoming intertwined with the western world will be compromised if not destroyed. This also reveals is that any nation that does currently partner with Russia risks being cut off and/or shut down as well.

However, there’s also a possibility that Russia’s ability to communicate and form partnerships with other, new partners may solidify. A Grand Square configuration between Russia’s progressed Sun, Midheaven, Chiron, and Imum Coeli in fixed signs indicates the more wounded Russia’s public image becomes, the more resilient they may become… because they can be self-sufficient in more ways than expected and they have resources other nations need. For this reason, the public relations nightmare Russia is experiencing may create fervor against it around the world, but it know what it has to offer. This could also strengthen its commitments with other nations which are willing to maintain their partnerships with Russia… which could prove difficult for NATO and the EU in the not-so-distant future.

One thing is for certain – this entire episode is revealing that though Putin may be best the best person to lead Russia through this situation (with his intensity and focus), the bigger question is whether or not Putin will come out of this situation in as good a position as he went in. Looking at the synastry between Putin and Russia, I’m actually a bit surprised he’s lasted as long as he has as the President of Russia as hiis Chiron sits within 3° conjunction orb of Russia’s North Node in Capricorn, indicating the future the country needs to move in may be hindered by his personal need to manifest a particular outcome for Russia.

Putin is likely figuring out how to have Russia participate in the world community by sharing its material resources with the world while also protecting Russia’s sovereignty and ownership of said resources. This intention aligns with Russia, but whether or not he’s the one to make it happen is uncertain. It will depend largely on if his goal is truly about Russia (meaning he’s worked through this within himself) or about him being the one to make it happen (he hasn’t worked through this within himself). With Capricorn intercepted in his progressed 1st house, one thing is certain – he knows the significance of this moment, and he knows that how he brings Russia out of it will define him and his legacy.

If Putin can bring Russia out of this conflict with new alliances as well as stronger bonds with established ones, and with economic resilience in relatively short order, he may come out of this with the support of the Russian people. However, it is very clear that at this time, a sizeable faction of the Russian people is not happy about Putin’s decision to move into Ukraine, and are concerned about what this will mean for their loved ones in that nation, their own livelihoods, and their collective future.

Russia’s commitment to and chosen role in/for the world will become very clear within the next few days or I’d say within the next two weeks as Russia experiences a Juno Return later in March 2022. The eventual fate of Putin’s role as the Russian president will likely be determined around the same time.

At the end of this Ukraine-Russia conflict – whenever that may be – there will definitely be a question of whether or not Putin is the best person to lead Russia moving forward if Russia is to live fully into its global purpose (which is potentially a very powerful one).

Part Three focusing on NATO (and some of its more notable members in this conflict) is coming soon.
Thank you for reading.

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

Russia Natal Chart w transits for 2022.03.02
Russia Progressed Chart for 2022.03.02
Putin Natal Chart w transits for 2022.03.02
Putin Progressed Chart for 2022.03.02

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