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The 2022 Pisces New Moon & the Ukraine-Russia Conflict – Part One: Ukraine and Zelenskyy

While I was working on the 2022 Pisces New Moon article and pondering its theme of interconnection, and got an intuitive hit that I should look at the current Ukraine-Russia situation from both astrological and numerological perspectives as well in the context of its possible alignments with the 2022 Pisces New Moon.

A colleague of mine also recently asked me about Ukraine and what I see in its natal chart. After looking it over and sharing my findings with her, this combination of Ukraine and the Pisces New Moon has sufficiently distracted me from finishing my latest book manuscript, and you get to reap the… reward?

Anyway, this article is a ‘more thorough than I intended’ examination of the Ukraine-Russia conflict and how the energy of Pisces New Moon may have contributed to the dynamics. I don’t usually go on record with things like this – I usually wait until a situation has played out and analyze afterwards as I strongly believe in free will and choice as a determining factor in how situations progress. Each of the players in this conflict will make their choices, and their choices will determine the ultimate course of events.

(Yes, that’s my disclaimer.)

I’m not 100% certain how this situation is going to conclude. I sincerely hope there is a peaceful outcome with the least amount of bloodshed and loss of human life possible. I’m personally not taking a side in this because 1) I look at charts objectively, 2) I usually watch international news outlets instead of mainstream domestic ones, and 3) as I talk with a few friends with personal ties to eastern Europe. I’m realizing there are many different ways of looking at this situation, which also helps me look at the charts objectively. Those of you who know me and work with me know that I don’t play favorites and I don’t sugar-coat anything, so keep that in mind as you read through this.

That all said, here’s what I’ve deducted from natal charts and current transit analysis of the major players in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and the 2022 Pisces New Moon. The combinations and nicknames listed for each of the subjects are referenced from my first book, The Life By Soul System: Book One – The Basics and The Combinations, which will be reissued as an updated and revised edition in late 2022.

I’ll be sharing this in four parts:

  • Ukraine and Zelenskyy
  • Russia and Putin
  • NATO (and the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Poland)
  • Summary and update since the Pisces New Moon

This is Part One.

(NOTE: Images of all charts are at the bottom of the page.)


Ukraine (natal):              

Sun – Virgo 7 – The Brains of the Outfit

Ascendant – Capricorn 5 – The Goalpost Mover

Midheaven – Scorpio 6 – The (S)Mother

  • Very intelligent, wants to be of practical service to others in order to meet its own needs
  • Sees itself as ambitious, yet goals/objectives may change often – may lack focus, discipline
  • Seen by others as supportive, caring, and protective – maybe too much so; others may feel smothered

Zelenskyy (natal):          

Sun – Aquarius 33 – The Non-Linear Learner

Ascendant – Gemini 8 – The Power Player

Midheaven – Aquarius 7 – The Mad Scientist

  • Learns as he works around the status quo – adapts and evolves, shares what he learns
  • Sees himself as very good at navigating power structures – cunning, shrewd, resourceful
  • Seen by others as very eclectic, unconventional, yet intelligent – maybe too smart and too rogue/rebellious?

This 2022 Pisces New Moon presented some interesting dynamics for Ukraine and its leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The first thing to note in its own natal chart is that it’s clear Ukraine thinks a lot about its place in the world order, understands the weight of its geographical location, and yet it depends very much on its global partners to support its identity (a very heavily-loaded third quadrant). That said, Ukraine can and often will adjust its identity quickly, depending on who it needs to influence for its purposes. Ukraine and its people/groups within it want to be taken seriously by the rest of the world, but the challenge for Ukraine is that though it can talk a good game and present itself with intensity and ambition, its partners, allies, and/or the factions within it may always have more control over Ukraine than Ukraine wants to believe or accept. Ukraine likes to think of itself as being a strong and supportive world partner; yet in reality, it may find that its partners are more apt to take advantage of Ukraine, using it as a proxy for their own agendas rather than honor the partnership in a fair and balanced way – as a servant rather than an equal. Therefore, for Ukraine, its geopolitical partnerships rarely go according to plan.

However, Ukraine has a natal stellium of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury in Leo which makes a T-Square configuration with the transiting Taurus North Node and Scorpio South Node, particularly an exact square with Jupiter at 25°. This transit reveals the significance of Ukraine’s role in determining the course of the world moving forward, even though the decision isn’t really up to Ukraine itself at this point. Sadly, it’s more than likely its partnerships with other nations will ultimately decide Ukraine’s fate, as will the dialogue being built up around Ukraine by other peoples across the globe.

There’s also a Grand Trine/Kite configuration with Ukraine’s Mars completing the configuration with the transiting Nodal Axis and the transiting stellium of Vesta, Venus, Mars, and Pluto in Capricorn (which also happens to coincide with the United States’ Pluto Return). There’s a strong chance what happens in Ukraine between 27th February and 7th March 2022 will contribute significantly to a shift in the balance of world power.

I like the phase “world stage” in this case because all of this has a very theatrical feel to it, despite the harsh reality of this conflict bordering on all-out war. On one hand, it’s very exciting for Ukraine to be the center of the world’s attention, though we can all agree it’s not under good circumstances. Yet on the other hand, it puts Ukraine not only in the spotlight but also under a microscope. Ukraine may be trying to present itself the way it thinks will garner the most attention and acknowledgment of its plight, hoping the darker elements of its character won’t make the stage; but one of the most notable transits to Ukraine’s natal chart is Ukraine’s Scorpio Pluto square the transiting Saturn-Mercury conjunction in Aquarius at the time of the Moon’s maximum New phase on Wednesday 02 March. This square reveals serious obstacles in either getting information out into the world or in keeping information from getting out into the world. This could also reveal communications that do make it out to the world are taken very seriously by some and possibly not seriously enough by others; and/or other’s authoritative communications may warrant a painful reality check – there may be an inevitable change ahead. Ukraine may be making an effort to hide the truth about its power and/or vulnerabilities from the world while the world demands to know.

Meanwhile, though very morally supportive of Ukraine, other nations may be hesitant to invest in Ukraine because they’re looking past the hype to the effects of their further participation on their own countries. They want to ensure 1) that they will not be attacked or invaded by Russia for assisting Ukraine, and 2) they will receive compensation or a return on their investment in Ukraine. They may also be hesitant because they may perceive Ukraine’s power and destiny to be out of Ukraine’s own hands, and they may not want to partner so closely – or any further – with the one(s) pulling its puppet strings.

What’s interesting about Zelenskyy’s natal chart compared with Ukraine’s is that it’s pretty clear that Zelenskyy isn’t very trusting of Ukraine’s partnerships and agreements, most if not all of which were made prior to the start of his presidency in 2019. With his Saturn Retrograde in Leo in exact conjunction with Ukraine’s Venus in Leo and in wider conjunctions with Ukraine’s Sun in Virgo, and Ukraine’s Mercury, and Jupiter in Leo, Zelenskyy wasn’t expecting nor intending to inherit the blatant internal corruption he had promised to stop, nor did he expect the formidable strength of the puppet strings of any of these arrangements with NATO/US/UK and/or with Russia/Putin. He seems to have grossly underestimated just how entangled and complicated the circumstances actually were and still are. With Ukraine’s Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius opposite his natal Mars in Leo, Zelenskyy is finding his hands tied quite tightly. Zelenskyy’s Uranus in Scorpio is also conjunct Ukraine’s Pluto, showing that he really does want to rebel against these influences to transform Ukraine in some way, and he is likely to bring great transformation to Ukraine. The question is whether or not that transformation will be empowering and evolutionary or profoundly destructive for Ukraine.

Despite the extremely difficult and complex situation he finds himself in, Zelenskyy himself is becoming quite a celebrity around the world, not only in his country. There seems to be quite a fan following forming around his intense yet caring demeanor and serious tone – a combination which gives him an archetypical paternal/ authoritative presence yet also a charismatic charm on the world stage. People want to like him, want to root for him, and for better or worse, they’re eager for him to be the “good guy” who wins or the “hero” that saves Ukraine and eastern Europe from Putin and the Russians.

Yet the very real challenges for Zelenskyy are 1) balancing his country’s internal demons and external dilemmas with his own personal insecurities about being able to get what his people need to get through this conflict; and 2) loosening the burdens of choices made before him in order to do what he said he would do. The challenges he and his country face are compounded by his natural celebrity and the cult of personality that is forming around him as the attention to him brings attention to the country, and shines light upon Ukraine’s demons long hidden in the shadows. The danger here is that Zelenskyy may feel pressure to perform and present a certain image rather than to lead earnestly and honestly. If he gives in to the pressure, that choice could prove strategically devastating for both Ukraine and his presidency.

The interesting thing about Ukraine’s demons is that the more they come to light, the more those “demons” are revealed worldwide. Many countries are not only revealing their alliances with these shadow elements – they’re also embracing a surprising degree of authoritarianism in order to stop Russia’s influence on their people and to ensure support for Ukraine. Yet despite the outpouring of emotional and moral support, Ukraine and Zelenskyy are finding that the support they’re really needing and asking for isn’t coming. It’ll be interesting to see what emerges under and after the influence of the 2022 Pisces New Moon.

Looking at both Ukraine’s and Zelenskyy’s progressed charts and the transits coming for the period right after the New Moon phase (5th-12th March), there may be a moment of truth coming for Ukraine and Zelenskyy around that time regarding the reality of their circumstances. Transiting Sun and Jupiter crossing Ukraine’s Anti-Vertex point tells me the big picture (global perspective) becomes very clear around that time. The same two conjunct Zelenskyy’s progressed Sun and square his Neptune and Pallas Athena. Venus and Mars both move into the early degrees of Aquarius on the 6th, making partnerships and actions taken more publicly known. There’s the possibility of both a reality check and some timely assistance for Ukraine and Zelenskyy within this time window, but some major decisions will need to be made.

What’s fascinating to me about both Ukraine and its president is the conflict they find themselves is revealing certain patterns and strategies in how various nations and alliances around the planet operate in the real world – they each are helping reveal how interconnected everyone and everything is in the world at this time. Nothing in this situation stands alone.

While Ukraine unintentionally exposes both its partners’ and enemies’ agendas and strategies, Zelenskyy unintentionally exposes the influence of pop culture and entertainment in the world. Outside the eastern European region, so much of the world – especially western Europe and North America – seems to 1) be looking for geopolitics to be entertaining without any genuine sense of the real-life cost attached to this conflict; and 2) be looking for a “feel good” story to make them feel like they are aligned with a “good guy” or the “good side” of a conflict which makes them “good people” and excuses or justifies anything they might have done to offend or harm anyone else. As more geopolitical and social values hypocrisies come to light and more questions arise, it’ll be interesting to see how not only Zelenskyy and Ukraine handle these next crucial steps through transformation, but also how the world continues to react or respond to what is happening in Ukraine and with its charismatic leader.

Part Two focusing on Russia and Putin coming soon…
Thank you for reading.

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

Ukraine Natal Chart w transits for 2022.03.02
Ukraine Progressed Chart for 2022.03.02
Zelenskyy Natal Chart w transits for 2022.03.02
Zelenskyy Progressed Chart for 2022.03.02

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