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The 2023 8:8 The Lion’s Gate Portal – Crossing the Threshold

The 2023 8:8 Portal is wide open! In fact, this is a “crossing the threshold” moment for humanity as we are being encouraged on a number of levels to step into and embrace a changing world.

Here we are on 8th August 2023. The number 8 is all about power, influence, and control, so when we experience this day, the double 8 energy is a clarion call to claim your (personal) power to have some degree of influence in your relationships, your communities, and in the world to make a difference in the world. Making the calculation with the totality of today’s date makes this a 5 Universal Day, numerologically speaking – an especially powerful day full with the energy of change, adaptability, and unexpected events. It can also be a day for game play and bringing fun to the matters-at-hand… but the games being played right now in our lives and in the world aren’t being played for fun. The “play” is more like strategic posturing, and the consequences are no joke. The objective of the game is very serious, more serious than many people care to admit.

Not only is this a 5 Universal Day – it’s occurring in a 6 Universal Month in a 7 Universal Year. This gives us a progression of the energies – 7, 6, 5 – a countdown of sorts, indicating that we’re getting closer to the root of the issue we face individually and collectively. We’re getting to the heart of the matters that must be resolved if we are going to evolve as humanity and as individuals in our own lives facing this world.

And it’s the facing the world part that is proving difficult for many today and in the future from here. Walking over the threshold is like seeing the world one way, then going through the door into an entirely new and different world. The ways we’ve measured success and accomplishment in the world are changing. Who and/or what we see as the authority figures in our societies and their institutions is changing. The rules we get to live by are being phased out, and that phase-out process isn’t only in motion – it’s growing and expanding on a number of levels. This growth brings challenges that serve as wake-up calls to some hard realities for many if not all of us. The question is… how many of us will heed the alerts and alarms? How many of us will heed and act upon the calls to action? How many will allow ourselves to shift to align with the realities we share rather than the ideals we want?

That said, some of us are going to double-down on our self-identity and/or our situational and/or world view. We’ll be stubborn in our perspectives and beliefs. We’ll be determined to be right about how we see the world, despite any and all evidence of the contrary that may be presented to us or even that we may experience!

However, others of us are going to accept that we must change because the world is, indeed, changing… and fast! We won’t be stubborn in many if any way, except for our need to detach from the past that no longer serves us well (if it ever did), and to step into our determination to honor our unique and fully self-expressed selves with the intention of creating and manifesting our individual and collective futures.

For those of us who are doubling-down, get ready for a wild ride. On one hand, it’s important to honor your inner truth by bringing it to light for all to see! However, it’s also important when everyone around you has a problem with how you express your truth. This is not a message to chang what you believe – it IS a call to be mindful that other people have opinions and judgments about how these energies should be implemented.

That leads us into the next bit of guidance from this Lion’s Gate portal: the awareness of our relationships. As we individually begin to courageously step into our fullest and brightest expression of self, the light doesn’t only illuminate us – it also illuminates the reality of our 1-on-1 relationships with others. Venus is currently retrograde in Leo, and this energy is not coming to play during this 8:8 Portal (nor during the upcoming Leo New Moon, but more on that in about a week). This energy is revealing the realities of our relationships with others – which relationships support (or hinder) our fullest and brightest self-expression; which connections lift you up and acknowledge your uniqueness… and which connections and/or communities ones try to cut you down or belittle you? You’ll get the messages loud and clear during this 2023 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal. You won’t be able to deny them. In fact, you’ll be expected to honor them through action.

This leads us into the third part of this portal’s call –sharing your unique abilities, skills, talents, and gifts with others. Yes, you are an individual. Yet in expressing yourself to others, you may want to find out (or figure out) where and with whom you get to express yourself fully to and/or with. Here’s the thing – it’s about finding the people who will welcome you with open arms, exactly as you are right now, and who will encourage you to step into your personal power by taking practical and/or tangible steps that are in alignment with and that progress you forward in life to bring your dream or goal into reality.

There’s also a fascinating Cardinal Grand Square/Grand Cross configuration on this day involving the Moon’s Nodal Axis – Aries Eris Retrograde conjunct North Node opposite Libra South Node (at 27°55’) , and Cancer Juno (26°16’) opposite Capricorn Pluto Rx (28°42’) (at 12 noon PDT). Similar to the strong cardinal mode energy of the 2023 Cancer New Moon in this regard, this is a call to initiative action. The thing is… it can’t be small action. You’re either going to take a big action step to share your fullest, brightest, and most unique self-expression with the world… or someone/something else is going to bring that action step to you, almost forcing you to make the change(s) you may (not) want to make. With an abundance of mutable mode energy in the mix as well, this indicates that changes are coming, some are already in progress, but others we get to initiate today by stepping through the Lion’s Gate into an uncertain and uncharted future – one that we get to create for ourselves.

2023 Lions Gate Portal noon PDT pdf

Resisting the changes may be the default response to these changes for some of us. However, this time around, standing your ground inside that box of your own making could prove devastating for you- the changes may make you out-of-touch or irrelevant in the matters of the world around you and possibly even in your own life. For some individuals, for some communities, for some institutions, and really, for most if not all of humanity, we’re living in a world that barely works “the way it used to” any longer on a planet that no longer is predictable. The institutions we’re subconsciously relied upon – the institutions which have given meaning to and direction in our lives as to what is right and good and “successful” are being dismantled as our individual self-expression comes forth, and our individual personal values come to light.

Yet along with this “light of truth’ comes the realization that no one is telling us what to do or who to be or how to express ourselves. That’s the magic available to us on this 8:8 Lion’s Gate Portal day – no one else is telling us what to do or who to be. We get to choose that… for ourselves! We get to decide where and how we are going to express our unique and individual selves in the world now and forward… if we can find the courage to do so. We also get to decide where and how we are going to uniquely contribute to something bigger/greater than ourselves- a larger common purpose and a greater goal for the greater good; and to be clear in identifying what that greater good goal is not only for ourselves but for our communities and possibly the whole of human kind.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that there is courage needed now, and there is action needed now. Whether we’re ready or not, it’s time for us to step into our power by taking action first, foremost, and NOW! This year, the Universe is pushing us over the threshold of the Lion’s Gate, out of the old world and into a new one. It’s up to each and all of us to whether or not we choose to ride the wave or get overtaken by it, and it’s up to us to decide who’s sharing our experience of our journey with us, and who we’re going to be in the world from here.

Hold on tight. Change is on the other side of the gate. Over the threshold we go!

Thank you for reading this special edition of Signs and Numbers. Until next time…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

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