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The 2023 Aquarius Full Moon – The Reclamation of Self-Expression

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The 2023 Aquarius Full Moon reaches its maximum phase at 11:31a PDT on Tuesday 1st August 2023 at 9°15’.  This is a fabulous Full Moon in that not only is it on the first day of a new calendar month, it also comes at a very interesting time in our world and on our planet.

Aquarius is fixed air energy, which could be interpreted as “stagnant air”, but also as an airless, sterile, and secure environment in which the winds of change cannot affect its integrity. This is somewhat amusing because Aquarius is known as an innovator, an eclectic, an outlier, a rebel – non-conformist in almost every conceivable way! Yet that is the benefit of a secure environment that cannot be affected by the winds of change. It doesn’t move with what’s popular or trendy in society. Aquarius either ignores the trends… or it sets them…

…which is why this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon is so powerful! It encourages us to honor our individual integrity in how we move through and express ourselves this world. This Full Moon phase empowers the trendsetters, the rule-breakers, the rebels. This one is for the ones who’ve “never belonged.”

The fact is… it wasn’t that they didn’t belong. It was that they were told they didn’t belong, were treated as if they didn’t belong, and too many of them chose to believe that they were wrong and/or didn’t belong. However, they always belonged. Community needed them. Society needed them. Humanity needed them. The world needed and still needs them and each and all of us to know that we belong and that are needed, exactly as we are – as our unique, individual, creative, fully and authentically-expressed selves.

Yes, that means you, too. You belong and you are needed. Now.

Reflecting the light of the Leo Sun, this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon serves as a reminder that each and all of us are a piece in the big jigsaw puzzle that is this world at this time. We are here now for a reason. You are here now for a reason. Even if that reason doesn’t you bring fame or fortune in the societal sense, it doesn’t mean it isn’t important or can’t make a positive contribution to what is happening now, to what we are (or can be) creating in our lives and in the world now – the evolution of humanity and the evolution of the Earth.

One important note is that we have an abundance of retrograde energy in effect during this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon. Seven bodies and points in retrograde motion: Black Moon Lilith (in Leo), Venus (also in Leo), Chiron (in Aries), Saturn (in Pisces), Neptune (in Pisces), Pluto (in Capricorn), and Eris (in Aries). All of us are going to be feeling the pressure to not only step into our unique self-expression, but to share that expression with others.

These retrogrades encourage us to honor a desire for acknowledgment that we’ve held within ourselves for a long time. It may also have an impact on our one-on-one relationships of all kinds as we discover who in our lives really does support and encourage us in being the most brilliant expressions of ourselves, and who in our lives is threatened by our fully-expressed Light. Stepping into our fullest self-expression will be healing for many of us on an individual level, helping us reclaim pieces of our individual self-identities that we’ve lost along the way.

This Full Moon will also help us discern where and how we can best be of service in our lives, and empower us to let go of what gets in the way of that service through focus and discipline. We may discover that our visions and dreams may not be entirely realistic, but this Full Moon will help us learn what can be realized through them.

And, as outdated societal structures and institutions begin to falter (in most cases, by their own words and deeds), we may find ourselves actually liberated to pursue our unique self-expression in the world on our own terms, not by the standards of others. Some of us may be experiencing these opportunities as second chances, so if you didn’t claim these opportunities the first time they came around, you may want to claim them now.

Numerologically speaking, this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon reaches its maximum phase on a 7 Universal Day in the western regions of the world, while the rest of the world will have already entered an 8 Universal Day. The entire world is under the influence of the now 6 Universal Month and the ongoing 7 Universal Year energies.

What I’m now fully understanding about this 7 Universal Year energy is that it’s bringing evolutionary change to our collective consciousness – the awakening of our mindfulness to the whole of humanity. 2023 has been and still is a rich opportunity for each and all of us to recognize how our thoughts and beliefs can create our realities in our personal lives and in our communities, our nations, and upon our planet. This is the beginning of a collective mindset shift, and it’s interesting to see how it continues to play out.

That said, the 6 Universal Month energy is one of almost maternal nurturing, caring, and protection. Yet it is also an energy of pragmatism, and it will be calling us to put our individual self-expression into purposeful actions. It’s no longer enough to have unique talents, abilities, and/or skills – it’s time for them to be shared with others. It’s time for them to be shared with the world. Talking about them isn’t action. Your action is needed now if you’re serious about fully reclaiming your unique self-expression. No one else can do this for you – you have to do your own work now.

The Universal Day energies are fascinating in this regard. For the western 7 day regions, this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon will be a day for thinking things through, and for many people in these regions, it will be a day to come to terms with a dawning reality. The way they’ve expressed themselves in the past may now require an update that is rooted in the reality of today’s world. This shift must occur in the mind first. However, for those in the eastern 8 day regions, most people in these regions will find this Full Moon day to be an opportunity to step into their personal and/or collective power – to recognize that in many ways, they are shaping the reality of not only their personal and individual worlds, but possibly the experience of the entire world at this time.

For a deeper dive into the energetic details of this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon, here are the astrological transits within 3° orb at the time of the Moon’s maximum phase:

Aquarius Moon trine Libra Ceres (9-12°) – You may feel like you’re ready to make a bigger contribution to the community or world than you have been. If so, start with sharing your unique self-expression with another individual. That individual may be your connection to many other individuals, communities, groups…

SEQUENCE: Leo Sun semi-sextile (Virgo Pallas Athena conjunct Mars) semi-sextile Libra Ceres (9-12°) – Desire for self-expression leads to revelation of patterns that could be hindering your unique individual self-expression. This also means that you can take pragmatic and purposeful action to break or change these patterns, if you want to. Keep in mind that breaking these patterns could lead to balance and/or peace in your one-on-one relationships of all kinds. This may find you asking yourself what you really value most – peaceful interactions with others, or peace within yourself. Practical actions lead to peace and calm when they are aligned with what you value most about your relationships and partnerships. You may find that you’re far more effective and efficient in your life when your relationships are peaceful and balanced – when you don’t have to put so much energy into resolving relational inequities or imbalances.

BLESSING TRIANGLE: Aries White Moon Selena sextile Gemini Vesta sextile Leo Black Moon Lilith (15-17°) – Honoring the Highest expression of your individuality and self-identity supports the recognition of your thought and communication patterns, which support your ability to communicate your ego needs.

NODAL T-SQUARE: Capricorn Pluto Retrograde square Aries North Node/Libra South Node (28°) – Societal and global institutions and structures continue to undergo transformative shifts, empowering individuals to find their own ways to move through the world. However, this is also empowering individuals to find their own expression in their one-on-one relationships of all kinds – to balance the energies in these relationships, or to leave them in order to make themselves available to connections that are truly equal, equitable, and healthy match for who they truly are.

YOD: Capricorn Pluto Retrograde quincunx Leo Venus Retrograde quincunx Pisces Saturn Retrograde (26-28°) – Your one-on-one relationships are going to challenge you to either step up your play in the game of life or to suppress your unique self-expression in order to sustain the connection. This will be a time for you to really consider which relationships are worth holding onto, and which ones it may be time to release.

Virgo Mercury opposite Pisces Saturn Retrograde (15°) – Pragmatic thinking supports efforts to keep your idealism in check. It’s not saying give up your dreams – it is saying approach them realistically and with the focus and discipline necessary to bring them into the reality of your life. Your mind and voice are best used for communications – for asking for clarity and/or directing the work you’re doing to manifest your vision.

Taurus Jupiter trine Virgo Mars (13°) – Pragmatic and purposeful action leads to resource growth and abundance which in turn leads to a greater capability to take bigger purposeful actions, which increase your resources, which… you get the idea.

Gemini Vesta trine Libra Ceres (12-15°) – A (renewed) dedication to learning and understanding the value of balance, equality, equity, and peace in one’s life, especially in one’s relationships. Who are your everyday teachers? Who are your everyday sources for peace and calm? Who helps you become more of who you truly are?

The energy of this 2023 Aquarius Full Moon will be felt from Saturday 29th July through Friday 4th August 2023. Set your intention to reclaim and honor your individual self-expression through collaboration and contribution throughout these seven days. By being in purposeful action, you may discover that the more unique & individual you allow yourself to be, the more you’re contributing not just to a few others, but to all of humanity.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

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