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The 2023 Capricorn Full Moon – Everything Old is Actually Old: A Moment at the Table of Completion and Creation

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There’s a saying – “Everything old is new again.” This 2023 Capricorn Full Moon is a strong message that this saying may finally have run its course. Though it may still be true when it comes to movies, television shows, and music trends, in the other areas of our worldly reality, everything old is actually old and outdated, and it’s time to make way for what is new, true, and aligned with the directions humanity and technology are taking us.

The 2023 Capricorn Full Moon reaches its maximum phase at 4:38a PDT on Monday 3rd July 2023 at 11°18’. This is a powerful Full Moon phase on a few different levels, not least of all, in regard to our societal structures and institutions.

To start, Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Ruled by Saturn (the authoritarian father-figure of the Zodiac), Capricorn is often associated with the discipline and focus required to accomplish successes and achieve goals while the afore-mentioned societal institutions determine the standards for what is lawful, orderly, successful, and/or accomplished within the collective. Traditions may also play a prominent role.

However, we’re now at a point where both the institutional status quo and our traditions are being challenged by human evolution and new technologies that support that evolution. The way the world has worked up to now is being severely challenged as it tries to keep up with the rapid shifts in social consciousness and technological progress. As result, the Capricornian/Saturnian structures we’ve lived within no longer seem as solid as they once were. They’re no longer equipped to contain nor support what is happening in our world today.

As a cardinal sign, Capricorn is also associated with initiations and beginnings. Though Capricorn is tenth of the twelve Zodiac sign, it’s arguably the Alpha and Omega of the earth signs in that Capricorn energy helps us recognize where we’re starting in the grand scheme of society so we can figure out how to get to where we want to be when we end.

So, in a world in which the societal structures are being challenged and/or are changing, what are we individually and collectively striving for? What are our goals and ambitions in this changing world?

Those are the questions that seem to have many of us perplexed at the moment – an uncertainty that’s intensifying as we begin to experience the energies of this particular Full Moon phase.

  • The first notable energy dynamic within this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon is found in the Full Moon opposition itself. The Moon is the ruling body of Cancer, and it’s the light of the Cancer Sun that the Capricorn Full Moon will be reflecting at the time of its maximum phase. With Cancer’s ruling body in Capricorn sitting opposite the Cancer Sun, Capricorn’s often sharp edges and hard lines are softened (or dulled) by Cancer’s energy which has us focused on how we personally or individually feel about what is happening around us. This also reveals that our ambitions are now being determined more by our current emotional truths rather than our past societal standards, especially with more of us questioning what’s actually true in our societal structures now.
  • The second notable energy dynamic comes from Mercury’s conjunction with the Cancer Sun at the time of the Full Moon’s maximum phase. This indicates that Mercury’s intellectual and communicative attributes are being brought to light directly by the Cancer Sun and are being reflected by the Capricorn Moon. That means that this Sun + Mercury opposite Moon combination is giving voice to the emotions that are surfacing now.
  • The third notable energy dynamic during this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase comes from the fact that Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, is currently retrograde in another water sign – Pisces. Pisces’ mutable water energy is idealistic and service-oriented, and wants to serve on a fully-inclusive level attending to the Highest good of All-That-Is. Saturn being in retrograde motion means external influences – people and/or institutions – will do their best to give form to something that is often intangible – compassion and unconditional acceptance or love. This may also mean that Saturn Retrograde brings a harsh reality check to those who would otherwise keep themselves in denial or avoidance of the changes that are manifesting in the world around them. But this avoidance may not be out of malintent or disregard for others. There are so many people and things that need nurturing and healing care and compassion now, the call to service is quite overwhelming for everyone.

All three of these energy dynamics carry the potential to make this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase a memorable event on the collective or personal level, and possibly both. With so much more emotional and intuitive energy flowing than Capricorn’s usually comfortable with, Cap’s efforts to keep its eyes (and everyone else’s eyes) on the prize are going to make for an interesting time.

One more notable energy of this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon is the off-sign Nodal T-Square, which involves two earth element signs – Capricorn and Taurus. Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn squares the Scorpio South Node, and with Pluto associated with Scorpio, this is yet another strong water sign presence, encouraging us to allow the past to die so that new things can be born in our lives. On the other hand, the Taurus North Node is encouraging us to stake a claim for the future – to make clear what we personally value and intend to stand firm in, but also to recognize how our personal values may or may not align with emerging and evolving societal and social values. This is an exceptionally powerful configuration, and there will likely be strong emotional responses to the structural shifts occurring in various societies and regions of the world now. In true Scorpio fashion, the old ways are being destroyed in order to allow new ways aligned with new values to emerge.

The designation of “new” is very important, because it’s an indicator that what’s happening now is not a renaissance of the old or the past, no matter how much some may want it to be. If anything, this is the “old way’s” last stand – its last gasp before its death. Anything trying to recreate systems or structures of the past that may seem to be gaining strength or power now is, in fact, making its last big push for relevance in a world that recognizes its growing irrelevance. This is its last desperate spiral before sliding down the drain of social and societal obsoletion.

What will prove most interesting may be that people can feel the changes happening and they can feel there are more and possibly bigger changes to come. So, they aren’t simply going along with what the institutional authorities are telling them. They aren’t content with maintaining the status quo. More and more people are shifting away from what they’d usually do because they can feel something isn’t quite what it’s being presented to be. They can feel that something’s off…

…and that off-ness means the ambitions and intentions we’re setting in motion during this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase are more likely to reflect both our emotional truths and our desires to establish conditions of stability and security. But rather than going with the old ways, the majority of us are now ready to forge new paths and move in new or different directions – more of us than ever have before.

As long-standing societal institutions and structures are beginning to show their decline in undeniable and unavoidable ways, some of us may be experiencing genuine grief during this Full Moon phase. There will be moments in which we’ll recognize things that once provided us with safety and security may truly no longer be safe nor secure. Elements and conditions of our lives many of us may have taken for granted are now being compromised, changed, and/or are disappearing altogether, and these elements may be taking the form of new or different careers, jobs, or other societal roles; new or different homes or living arrangements (possibly relocations); and/or new or different dynamics within your relationships of all kinds if not new relationships altogether (which could also involve immediate family members). There are big changes ahead, and if they don’t take place for you during this Full Moon phase, know that things may be set in motion now for those changes to manifest sooner than later.

Numerologically, the 2023 Capricorn Full Moon reaches its maximum phase on an 8 Universal Day of power, influence, control, and/or manipulation – an emotion-driven energy very similar to that of Scorpionic/Plutonic transformation. Power plays will reveal themselves fully, but understand that they’re seeking to be resolved or healed by doing so. This is happening under the influence of a 5 Universal Month of change, variety, unexpected or unpredictable events, and the adaptability necessary to navigate them; and this is all within a 7 Universal Year focused on analysis, intellect, and logic… but this 8 day-5 month-7 year combination lends itself to the development and/or execution of strategies. This indicates that the events occurring during this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase are likely the results and/or manifestations of long-term strategies that have been in place until now; or, for many of those on the receiving end of those strategies, it may also bring realizations that those strategies have run their courses – completed if not failed; and it’s time for new strategies to be developed and implemented. This 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase could very well mark a major turning point in the implementation of what’s awakening in social and societal consciousness – one in which people put the mindset(s) and the emotions behind those mindsets into practical action.

The question is… what strategies will be developed and which implementations will be deployed?

The answer is… we’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, in true Capricorn fashion, let’s get started to get this done.

Here’s the full list of the astrological transits within 3° orb at the time of the Full Moon’s maximum phase for deeper and more detailed insights into the energies of this incredible 2023 Capricorn Full Moon. (It’s a really long list this time…)

  • (Cancer 5 Sun conjunct Mercury) opposite Capricorn Moon (11-14°) – The voices of change are making their presence known. Loudly. And with Cancer and Capricorn’s involvements, this isn’t a game. This time, it’s for real, and whatever is being communicated should be taken very, very seriously.
  • Leo Mars conjunct Pallas Athena (25-26°) – Actions reveal patterns, and the actions being taken are likely to reveal whether or not individuals are exercising healthy or unhealthy forms of self-expression, and where and how those forms of expression are making an impact upon their lives and the lives of other individuals.
  • Pisces Neptune Retrograde sextile Capricorn Pluto Retrograde (27-29°) – More people are recognizing that they’re living someone else’s dream and living by the rules of someone else’s game of life. The question is… what are they going to do about it now that their rose-colored glasses are off and they can now see this reality for what it is?
  • Aries Chiron semi-sextile Taurus Uranus (19-21°) – The more you do the work to heal your self-identity, the more the societal values shifts that are occurring right now make sense to you, and the more you’re able to not only understand and accept them, but embrace them.
  • Aries Eris trine Leo Venus (19-22°) – Be on the lookout for people who will embrace you and celebrate you for being exactly and unapologetically who you truly are. Your uniqueness is your strength and power now. Step into it!
  • Taurus Uranus square Leo Venus (21-22°) – Shifting social values challenge one-on-one relationships of all kinds because they create questions about the relationship roles and the balance between the parties involved.
  • Cancer Juno trine Pisces Saturn Retrograde (6-7°) – This combination strongly encourages us to feel the emotions coming up for us as the masks come off and we’re no longer allowed to be deceived any longer. Instead, we’re being asked to focus on what we intuitively recognize is happening on a collective level, and how we feel about these awakenings and recognitions on a personal level.
  • Capricorn Moon trine Taurus Jupiter (9-11°) – There’s an emotion-driven call to achieve one’s goals, amplifying one’s need to acquire the necessary resources to accomplish the steps leading to those goals… which also empowers one to hold to the values they’ve chosen to align with in order to accomplish those steps… unless those values are proving faulty in real-world application. This could be really good or really bad as Jupiter expands everything it’s in contact with, for better or worse.
  • NODAL T-SQUARE: Capricorn Pluto Retrograde square Taurus North Node/Scorpio South Node (29-1°) – The two earth element signs in this configuration indicate that Plutonic transformation is showing up on the physical and structural levels. Old structures are losing their power, rapidly weakening and dissolving. New structures are waiting for openings to be created so they can emerge from the shadows and come into the light. Many truths are being revealed now, causing many people to feel unstable and uncertain as the structures they assumed would always be there are collapsing or imploding.
  • Taurus Jupiter sextile Pisces Saturn Retrograde (7-9°) – The more confident you are about standing firm in your personal values, the stronger you may feel as façades come off and truths are revealed. Gone are the days where people would fall for whatever face you put on. Now, it’s important to walk your talk without pretense or intent to deceive. Keeping it real will get you far right now.
  • Cancer 5 Sun sextile Taurus Jupiter (9-11°) – There’s a small bit of nostalgia for the past, but there’s more energy behind the idea of moving on and moving up. If you can align your emotions, values, and actions, you can make life changes which will help you level up your life in one or more positive ways. But you could also expand challenges in your life if you resist the changes being called for. What do you need to do to find the courage to let go of the pain and take a chance to move toward joy?
  • Cancer 5 Sun square Aries White Moon Selene (11°) – The changes being called for are in your emotional best interests and for your Highest good, even if they may not feel like it. Yet understand that your emotional resistance may be due to your fear of the unknown future. And if you’re trying to stay attached to a past that you know is doing nothing for you, you may need to ask yourself why that’s the case.
  • BLESSING TRIANGLE: Gemini Vesta sextile Leo Black Moon Lilith sextile Libra Ceres (3-5°) – Dedication to learning and gathering information and insights supports efforts to do one’s ego-related shadow work. Getting to the root of what you really want to be acknowledged for supports your efforts to bring peace and ease to your life in ways which have tangible or experiential value to your life. This is an opportunity to uproot and remove long-present roots of self-sabotage in order to implement healthy and positive forms of creative self-expression.
  • Aries Eris trine Leo Mars (25°) – You may want others to see and acknowledge your unique self-expression, and during this Full Moon phase, you may actually get it! However, you will be seen now, and you may need to come to terms with how life might change for you now that you’re not as invisible as you used to be. In fact, anything that was once seen as odd or “other” may now be embraced if not celebrated.
  • SEQUENCE: Gemini Vesta semi-sextile Cancer Juno semi-sextile Leo Black Moon Lilith (5-6°) – A dedication to learning and expanding intellectually leads to an emotional commitment to doing one’s ego-based shadow work. With many personal emotional protections dissolving for everyone now, there’s really no way to avoid doing this inner work any longer.
  • Leo Pallas Athena quincunx Pisces Neptune Retrograde (5-6°) –Are you pretending to be someone you’re not in order to realize a dream that isn’t your own? And have you been in your alter ego for so long that you’ve lost yourself trying to be someone else’s fantasy instead of living in your reality?
  • Pisces Saturn Retrograde semi-square Aries Chiron semi-square Gemini Vesta – I usually don’t comment on semi-square transits, but this set stuck out to me. Those dedicated to certain ideologies and theories may find themselves challenged by what seems to be a Higher calling to serve both humanity and the planet instead. However, if you intend to answer the call instead of fighting it, the first step to healing the world is healing yourself. Therefore, if you’re willing to accept the challenge of focusing on yourself and how to heal your self-identity, you’ll be in a better and healthier position to serve the greater good of All. Being the change you want to see in the world means getting out of your head, and acting upon the intuitions and inspiration you feel.

The energy of this 2023 Capricorn Full Moon phase will be felt from Wednesday 28th June through Thursday 6th July 2023. Use this time to set intentions for what you’re ready to bring to a close in your life, but also for what you want to begin in its place. Also allow yourself time and space to come to terms with what is ending, but also, what you’re ready to begin.

After all, Capricorn is where our ambitions and goals are both completed and created. There’s room for both experiences at this table, and as we come together to share this moment in the reflected light of the Cancer Sun, it’s going to be an interesting time.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

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