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The 2023 Gemini New Moon – Thinking and Speaking for Yourself

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The Gemini New Moon reaches its maximum phase at 9:37p PDT on Saturday 17th June 2023 at 26°43’. With the Sun, Moon, Juno, and ruling body Mercury all currently in the sign, the Gemini energy is especially powerful at this time, and encourages us to listen to and think about how we speak about ourselves and each other.

Gemini is a mutable air sign, encouraging us to be intellectually open and flexible right now. As we mentally process our actions (Aries) and our physical and material needs and values, (Taurus), we learn about ourselves and learn how to communicate who we believe ourselves to be to others through this energy.

Though learning through our experience of our individual selves is great, the best way for us to become aware of our inner and outer dialogues is to interact with other individuals. By exchanging ideas and information with people, we learn new and different things about the world around us, the people around us, and gain new perspectives on what is happening within ourselves.

There are many things about ourselves we may not truly see or understand until we learn how certain elements of our lives are perceived through another person’s eyes, ears, or mind. And though we’re discussing things alongside and/or through the perspectives of others, what these exchanges with others really help us develop is not only the ability to consider others’ views, but also, and more importantly, the ability within ourselves to think for ourselves.

It’s the “thinking for ourselves” part of this 2023 Gemini New Moon’s energy that may seem a somewhat contradictory request in this moment of encouraging intellectual exchange with others. After many months of being strongly encouraged to “make choices” to decisively define what we value, to become crystal clear about where we stand in certain matters of our lives, and to live in alignment with those values in all areas of our lives, we’re now being called upon to open up our minds to new and different ideas and possibilities?

Yes… and there was and still is a reason for having made our clear choices and decisions.

In order to successfully intellectually interact with others, and to have any chance of finding balance and/or common ground with others and the changing world, we must know and understand exactly where we’re starting from. We must understand that our perceptions of balance and/or equity are rooted in our personal values… and that’s where our challenge lies.

As we’ve learned over the last few months, the concept of value varies from person-to-person, which means perceptions of value or worth and the morals and ethics used (or abused) to acquire what we value and/or what we believe our efforts are worth will also vary from person-to-person.

This means that after emotionally and intellectually wrestling with clear-cut extremes, and as much as it may seem easier to define everything in clear-cut extremes – yes or no, all or nothing, in or out – we’re discovering that in the practical reality of our everyday lives, many things simply don’t operate in black or white, but rather in shades of gray. And this is actually the hardest part – learning to accept that the answers that are best for the most people will be found somewhere in the gray.

This is where this 2023 Gemini New Moon comes in to assist. It encourages us to communicate – to ask questions, to share ideas, to make a genuine effort to understand differing values, morals, ethics, and concepts in the context of finding common ground from which all parties involved can navigate through these gray areas with a shared goal of earnest, positive, and healing co-existence.

During this 2023 Gemini New Moon, for the first time in a while, the sign of Cancer is empty at the time of its maximum phase, and other than Saturn freshly retrograde in Pisces and the South Node in Scorpio, there isn’t much water sign or emotional energy driving matters right now. This 2023 Gemini New Moon is a remarkably intellectual experience in which we’re being asked to think about and understand just how much our personal emotions or feelings have and can influence the way we think and speak, and to recognize how flipping that script – how using our intellect to inform our emotions – can change the way we think and speak about ourselves and our lives, which could change the way we feel about ourselves, which in turn, could lead to changes in how we think and feel about others.

To that point, Saturn Retrograde in Pisces will limit our ability to drift off into dream land – the rose-colored glasses will be taken away, and our delusional bubbles will be burst. It’s time for us to deal with the emotional reality many of us have tried desperately to avoid or deny for a long time if not for all of our lives. This Saturn-Pisces energy during this 2023 Gemini New Moon is actually a welcome presence as it challenges us to stay focused on the reality we need to face now in order to understand where we are and what we’re truly dealing with personally and collectively. At the same time, the Scorpio South Node reveals to us how we didn’t deal in decisive extremes in the past, and now, we must make clear-cut decisions for the collective benefit of All-That-Is. Instead of dealing with each other in extremes and dividing ourselves solely in regard to our personal and societal values, we may want to (or may soon be forced to) reconsider coming together for the sake of all of us and our planetary home.

However, the strong Gemini influence during this 2023 Gemini New Moon asks us to deal with these reality checks first intellectually, then emotionally. We see this as our societal institutions, structures, and standards are going through some major shifts, as the world is transforming around us. Certain “ways the world works” are being phased out, and new ways are beginning to surface, and we need to mentally understand that things are really changing before we can emotionally process those changes. Much of the emotional discord we feel is actually fear due to a lack of clarity about what defines or determines our personal, cultural, societal, and/or collective sovereignty and status now. Trying to align with past-based standards of self-definition has many people confused, and without future standards firmly in place, many people seem to be most afraid of doing the one thing that would bring them the most peace – thinking and speaking for themselves.

This is where we come full circle – back to ourselves.

A large part of this 2023 Gemini New Moon experience is curating our inner dialogue, and that means we must also curate our external surroundings in realistic ways. We can choose where we get our information, choose the company we keep, and even to some degree, we can choose where we want to be. Everyone and everything we surround ourselves with has an influence on the inner dialogue we have with ourselves, so if you’ve noticed that you’re easily influenced by others, you must be discerning about who you allow into your close networks and circles – make sure they are aligned with your chosen self-identity and with the goals you have chosen for yourself and your life.

This 2023 Gemini New Moon brings this reality to light in the midst of so much ‘gray area’ – each of us must define who we are… for our individual selves. Each of us must define what it means to be ourselves for ourselves. Each of us must determine our ambitions and goals for ourselves, and describe ourselves on our own terms. These benchmarks aren’t determined by any external authority or institution – they’re determined by each of us, for ourselves, by ourselves…

…which enables us to interact with others to find common ground and establish our new collective standards of peaceful and creative co-existence.

Once you know what you stand for as your individual self – once you understand what will fulfill you and bring you joy and you’ve defined these benchmarks for yourself – you can earnestly engage in finding common ground with others. You can find the shade of gray where you can peacefully co-exist and co-create with others…

… and then, in the midst of that gray, you can find the light of truth – that accepting each other isn’t as much about accepting other people as it is about accepting ourselves first. There is safety in knowing and understanding ourselves. There is confidence in knowing and understanding ourselves. And when we feel safe and confident in our thoughts and beliefs, we can engage with others in open-minded dialogue, uncertain where we may find ourselves at the end of the exchange, but excited to see what we may learn and how our minds and perspectives can be expanded.

Numerologically speaking, the 2023 Gemini New Moon reaches its maximum phase on a 22 Universal Day on the North American East Coast and all points east of it, guiding most of the world into an increased awareness of how our interconnectedness as humans is one that transcends borders and oceans. The rest of the world will experience this New Moon on a 3 Universal Day of learning, growth, and expansion – an energy that encourages curiosity-driven dialogues and exchanges of ideas and information that could be beneficial and expansive for all parties involved, but could also increase tensions if one or more parties aren’t engaging in good faith.

These energies are operating under the influence of a 4 Universal Month, which means those in the 3 Universal Day regions would be wise to exchange ideas and collect information in order to stabilize and secure their situations and circumstances. However, for those in the 22 Universal Day energy, it would be wise to remain focused on the community and collaboration energies of the 22 rather than allowing its mastery energy to be driven into a toxic 4 energy focused on taking fearful and defensive postures rather than simply stabilizing themselves and preparing for coming changes.

All of this is happening under the energy of a 7 Universal Year which is encouraging us to reflect and think before speaking or taking action. This is not a time for emotional or fear-driven reactions, but rather thoughtful, well-considered actions and words. This numeric energy is especially strong in tandem with the energy of the Gemini Moon-Sun-Juno stellium, amplifying the need to choose one’s words and actions very, very intentionally. If there were ever a time to say what you mean and mean what you say, now is that time. Your word will be bond in the eyes of others now.

For more insights into this 2023 Gemini New Moon, here are the astrological transits within 3° orb at the time of the New Moon’s maximum phase:

  • (Gemini Moon conjunct Sun conjunct Juno) quincunx Capricorn Pluto Retrograde (26-29°) – Collapsing societal structures are not in the dialogue. Too many people aren’t ready to talk about this directly, to commit their minds to the necessary dialogues. Instead, they’re thinking and talking around it.
  • T-SQUARE: Pisces Neptune square (Gemini Moon conjunct Sun conjunct Juno) square Virgo Ceres (26-29°) – Practical reality balances delusional ideals challenged by commitments to ideas, ideals, and idealogues. There’s a need for genuine dialogue between opposite perspectives – a true exchange of ideas to see if any common ground can be found.
  • SEQUENCE: Pisces Neptune semi-sextile Aries Eris semi-sextile Taurus Vesta semi-sextile (Gemini Moon conjunct Sun conjunct Juno) (25-28°) – This combination indicates the betrayal of a vision or ideal due to a dedication to values that have shifted due to a (re)newed commitment to new or different ideas. If you or others have been wearing rose-colored glasses, they may be shattered during this time.
  • SEQUENCE: Pisces Saturn semi-sextile Aries White Moon Selene semi-sextile Taurus Jupiter (6-8°) – Focus on ideals, dreams, and possibly delusions lead to actions which affirm one’s identification with and desire to realize one’s Higher Self and highest good, which leads to valuing growth and expansion on the physical, material, and/or financial levels in alignment with those ideals.
  • Aries Chiron semi-sextile Taurus Uranus (19-21°) – Taking the steps to heal one’s self-identity leads to a shift in one’s personal values. This may also affect how an individual perceives society’s values. By embracing their individuality and independence, individuals may not only recognize their autonomy, they may rebel against socially-popular norms and/or interests.
  • NODAL T-SQUARE: Scorpio South Node square Capricorn Pluto Retrograde square Taurus North Node (29-2°) – Past “decisiveness” or extreme positions may now be challenged by the transformation or implosion of some of our current societal institutions and structures – institutions and structures which demand we make a decision to stand on one side or the other when we’re being asked to find common ground in the shades of gray. However, when there is unwillingness to find common ground, individuals and groups are pushed to the extremes. You may find yourself forced to figure out what’s in your best interests and take a side.
  • Taurus Uranus square (Leo Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pallas Athena) (19-21°) – Our collective values are shifting, challenging our ideals and our strategies for manifesting them in the reality of our lives. What was once joyful self-expression may now be a matter of ego-investment in old patterns which may no longer serve us well. This is a challenge to reassess the patterns within your individual self-expression. Are you really being true to yourself, or are you simply trying to maintain an image that may no longer serve you well or get you what you want? Is it time to break your pattern(s)?
  • BLESSING TRIANGLE: Aries White Moon Selene sextile Gemini Mercury sextile Leo Venus (8-11°) – The inspired pursuit of identification with one’s Highest Self supports the inquiry into new ideas and perspectives. An open mind helps one see themselves in a new way, and a new way of thinking and speaking helps affirm that new self-identity. It’s important to surround oneself with others who are not only committed to shining their light brilliantly, but who also see and encourage you to shine your light brilliantly. This is a community, not a competition, and it’s important for you to surround yourself with people who understand and live into this belief through their actions and words.
  • GRAND TRINE-KITE: Taurus Vesta trine Virgo Ceres trine Capricorn Pluto Retrograde sextile Pisces Neptune (27-29°) – This is an interesting configuration as stubborn earth energy is being pushed into transformation. The ideal may not be supported any longer, or at least one’s vision of the ideal may no longer be realistic. Delusional ideals are being brought back into reality, and a dedication to one’s basic survival may (finally) become more important than one’s supposed “values”… which begs the question – do we really value what is practically and expressively best for us, or do we value what we’re told to value? And as more people tune into what they truly value about themselves and their lives, is it time for our societal norms and standards to change accordingly?
  • Aries Chiron trine (Leo Mars conjunct Black Moon Lilith conjunct Pallas Athena) (wide – 16-20°) – The inspired intention to heal one’s self-identity empowers an individual to not only heal themselves, but also to inspire healing in the people around them. As we break old patterns and courageously take on more authentic and creative expressions of self, we are able to begin healing not only ourselves but others, bringing ourselves and others out of patterns of darkness and into outward expressions of our inner Lights.

The energy of this 2023 Gemini New Moon will be felt from Thursday 15th June through Wednesday 21st June 2023. The 21st also marks the 2023 Summer Solstice. Use this time to listen, learn, and grow in your capacity to understand what is different from you, and to seek peaceful common ground that encourages both individual self-expression and collective cooperation – a solid intellectual and communicative foundation we can stand and build upon to create a future that manifests the Highest good for All.

And it all starts with thinking and speaking for yourself.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,


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