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The 2023 Pisces Full Moon – The Reality of Our Emerging Oneness

The 2023 Pisces Full Moon reaches its maximum phase at 6:36p PDT on Wednesday 30th August 2023 at 7°25’. The power of this Super “Blue Moon” (the second Full Moon within a calendar month which also happens to be a perigee Moon). Pisces is a mutable water sign which encourages recognition of our collective Oneness and our ability to “go with the flow” of life. Every individual being and every individual thing is interconnected by nature of being part of All-That-Is. In an ideal world, we act as One through our common connections with Source/God/The Universe/The Divine. This is a spiritual and functional awakening of sorts in that we’re being almost forced to see the world differently than we ever have before. And we’re beginning to understand that there is no real reason for us to be abusive, violent, or destructive with one another or toward any aspect of our planetary environment…

… yet here we are.

It’s easy to stay in the optimistic idealism of things under the influence of a Pisces Full Moon. Pisces is where the magic happens – where the impossible seems possible and where hope springs eternal. Yet this Pisces Full Moon is not that moon. In fact, if anything, this 2023 version has us facing the more challenging expressions of Pisces. Current events and conditions are highlighting all of our escapist tendencies – denial, ignorance, addiction, self-sacrifice, victimization, etc. We as humans employ these behaviors when we’re desperate to cling to our ideals, devastated that our idealistic visions and/or dreams may not be realized after all.

Amplified by its reflection of the mutable earth light of the Virgo Sun, the 2023 Pisces Full Moon brings a special culmination of this disillusionment for those who were attached to their plans or to things playing out in a particular way. It’s not a pretty moment, but it’s a real one. If there’s an optimistic take on all that is happening now, it’s that factual truth is indeed coming to light for all to see. Whether or not that light is of benefit to you is your business. However, the idea that “ignorance is bliss” doesn’t apply here. There’s no way to ignore the reality that is emerging now.

The reality check of this 2023 Pisces Full Moon may be harsh… but it needs to be. Too many of us have been living in fantasyland for too long. This is the end of fantasy and the beginning of reality, individually and collectively. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t have dreams or visions of what is possible for the world. It only means we’re being asked to shift our intentions in creating them.

Where people have long been conditioned to believe that power comes through having control of and domination over others, there is now a call for justice, fairness, equity, balance, and peace. Where people have long depended on manipulation and deceit to push imbalanced and hypocritical behaviors and/or practices, there is now a call for truth and facts.

Relationships and partnerships of all kinds are going through major reassessments now. How balanced is the energy between the parties involved? Are the connections mutually beneficial? Or is one party at a distinct advantage or receiving distinct benefit out of the relationship, leaving the other party at a disadvantage or burden? Fairness and equity are significant considerations in various relationships at this time.

As reality sets in, people are beginning to feel empowered to embrace their “otherness” in ways which challenge the status quo not just socially but materially and financially. People are becoming more interested in learning how to assist each other while getting their own needs met at the same time. That’s because it’s becoming clear that we really do need each other, and we need to embrace our unique qualities and resources so that we each bring something necessary to the table for all of us to share.

With the abundance of retrograde energy in play at this time of the 2023 Pisces Full Moon’s maximum phase (Eris, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Venus, and Black Moon Lilith), there is definitely a call to receive feedback and be introspective. How is everything that is happening around you affecting you right now? What are you learning about how others see or perceive you (not that you have to change who you are, but to understand why they may be acting the way they are toward you)? Where are you being presented with a second chance to choose and/or act differently? In some cases, these may be opportunities for you to course correct – to restore alignment if not to get into alignment with yourself and your inner truth for the first time; then to get into alignment with your community, with your country or nation, other countries and nations, and possibly even the collective whole of humanity.

This 2023 Pisces Full Moon is occurring on a 9 Universal Day in the Americas and all points west of them, and a 1 Universal Day in the rest of the world. This is very reflective of the global dynamics right now, as the Americas are experiencing a great deal of fulfilment and completion energy – the results of their efforts for some time. These regions are being put on notice – The rest of the world is experiencing opportunities for new beginnings, though not everyone will be feeling so optimistic. The key in the 1UD regions is to remember that 1 energy isn’t only about new beginnings – it’s also about individuality and independence. How can what is happening now inspire you to create and/or establish your self-reliance and autonomy?

Both of these energies are happening under a 6 Universal Month energy and a 7 Universal Year energy. The 6 Universal Month energy is encouraging us to make sure things aren’t just functional, but healthy. The way things work must support the health and wellness of everyone involved. The 7 Universal Year energy is encouraging us to think before we act, and especially under the abundance of retrograde energy, to think about the actions we have taken which have led us to this point. Are we going to continue these actions, or will we choose to change course?

The most important theme during this 2023 Pisces Full Moon is the escape from victimization. It’s one thing to be a victim – it’s another to allow or enable yourself to continue being a victim. It’s not an easy step. The choice to walk away may come with serious risks. Nevertheless, it’s a courageous step to leave an oppressive, abusive, and/or otherwise imbalanced situation behind in order to reclaim your true self and your life. It’s a courageous step to stop being a victim to others and/or to your circumstances and to take action to change the course of your life. You recognize that you’ve reached this point when…

…there’s no more convincing yourself that your circumstances are tenable.
…there’s no more convincing others that abuse and/or exploitation is a benefit.
…there’s no more convincing others that the promises that have never been fulfilled will suddenly be fulfilled.

The 2023 Pisces Full Moon helps us realize that there is no way for us to avoid reality any longer, and if I really open up the orbs wider than I tend to prefer (I prefer 3°), there are some interesting transit dynamics arising during this 2023 Pisces Full Moon’s maximum phase. Let’s look at them for additional insights into the energies we’re experiencing now.

(wide) YOD/BOOMERANG: Libra Mars quincunx (Pisces Moon conjunct Saturn) opposite quincunx Leo Juno semi-sextile Virgo 6 Sun (2-7°) – There isn’t time for crying right now. Actions are being taken to establish and/or salvage relationships because the delusions and façades are evaporating and people are starting to see the reality and truth for what it is. As more people are committed to their individual self-expression, it becomes more important than ever to create a vision that people can believe in… but that can only be done when what is preached is practiced. If ever a time that actions and their results or outcomes speak louder than words, now is that time.

YOD/BOOMERANG: Pisces Neptune Retrograde quincunx (Libra Ceres conjunct South Node) quincunx Taurus Uranus Retrograde semi-sextile (Aries Eris Retrograde conjunct North Node) (23-26°) – The rose-colored screens are being shattered. The relational imbalances are obvious now. The once-solid foundations are shifting. Individuals are now acting in their own best interests, claiming their “otherness”. This configuration is the one that is really moving and shaking up the world as we’ve known it into a brave new world that we are only beginning to acknowledge is being realized.

SEQUENCE: Pisces Neptune Retrograde semi-sextile (Aries Eris conjunct North Node) semi-sextile Taurus Uranus Retrograde semi-sextile Gemini Vesta (23-26°) – As reality sets in, people feel empowered to embrace their “otherness” in ways which challenge the status quo not just socially but materially and financially as people become more interested in learning how to assist each other which and get their own needs met at the same time. The reality is that we need each other, and we need each other to be different in order to bring us all together – we each bring something necessary to the table. The individual must shift in mindset in order to see that interdependence will succeed where independence and codependence have both failed.

Pisces Neptune Retrograde opposite Virgo Pallas Athena (23-26°) – The function and purpose of many systemic practices and patterns are being fully revealed now. As the deceptions fall away, calls to heal the dysfunctions grow louder.

Pisces Neptune Retrograde sextile Capricorn Pluto Retrograde (26-28°) – As societal structures and institutions continue to transform, there are long-held ideals which can no longer be realized… but this is not a bad thing! In fact, these structural shifts are bringing clarity to matters long shrouded in confusion and secrecy. The more that is revealed, the more people feel confident that they’re now dealing in reality.

Gemini Vesta trine (Libra Ceres conjunct South Node) (23-25°) – A dedication to learning empowers diplomatic discussions. This is a powerful opportunity to leave behind past-based perceptions in order to exchange ideas and find pathways to peace that are rooted in present-day realities.

Gemini Vesta square Pisces Neptune Retrograde (25-26°) – The more one is dedicated to gathering information and insights into what is really happening in the world around them, the more delusions are shattered. There’s no more idealizing or justifying – there is only truth. This is more liberating than it may feel, but the challenge is in accepting that the reality may not be as beautiful as the story you were told.

Taurus Jupiter square Leo Venus Retrograde (12-15°) – If you’re having trouble generating resource growth and expansion, consider that you’re either unable to reach your goals on your own OR that the partnerships you’re in may not be balanced or fair. Look more closely at the fine print, and if necessary, reconsider and/or renegotiate the arrangement.

Virgo Black Moon Lilith opposite Pisces Saturn Retrograde (0-3°) – If you’re willing to admit that the current systems and processes you’re living by or within aren’t working for you, you have a chance to bring balance to your life by working with others to change them. Focus and discipline are needed within these collective efforts – there must be a common objective for everyone to channel their energies and efforts toward in order to succeed.

Taurus Uranus Retrograde trine Virgo Pallas Athena (23°) – The more our social values evolve, the more our resource priorities evolve, and the more empowered we are to make changes to our strategic efforts. Embracing our individual and collective evolution opens up more options for how we can find effective and efficient solutions for our common problems.

Virgo Pallas Athena quincunx Aries Eris conjunct North Node) (23-25°) – If you’re trying to hold onto old strategies, you’re going to miss out on your call to act for your future. The way forward isn’t in the systems you’ve been conditioned to follow, it’s in your own individual and independent actions. You can make your own path now… if you choose to.

Aries White Moon Selena conjunct Chiron Retrograde (19°) – When you realize that healing your self-identity not only aligns you with your Higher Self, but also serves the Highest Good of All, it’s an easy choice to make. What may not be as easy is understanding that you may not be able to take others who are currently in your life with you.

Under this 2023 Pisces Full Moon, the rose-colored glasses are coming off, and the relational imbalances are now more obvious than ever. As the foundations humanity has counted on continue to evolve and shift, things feel unstable and insecure.

Yet the instability is inspiring action, especially as people are realizing that what they’ve been told is too different or offensive or uncivilized are actually strengths that need to be embraced and utilized and offered to the world. The more people step into what makes them unique and different, the more they are finding community and allyship with other “others” who are also rediscovering and/or reclaiming their uniqueness.

There’s no more convincing people that they must look, be, or act a certain way to be accepted. The reality of Oneness is in recognizing that each of us has a unique and individual role in inspiring, supporting, teaching, nurturing, providing for, and protecting the rest of us. We get to both contribute to and look out for each other in this world, and as more of us are wake up to that fact, the faster we are able to change the world.

This is the emergence of Oneness, not the cohesion of all under one.
This is coexistence and cooperation, not supremacy and conflict.
This is a changing world, and by standing in and celebrating our differences, we are able to come together as a unified humanity to change our world… if we choose to do so.

It’s time to come together as our best and brightest individual selves within the reality of our collective Oneness.

Thank you for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers, Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,

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