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The Mass Retrograde Concurrence of August and September 2023 – Stop, Look, Listen, and Choose Wisely

There’s an abundance of retrograde energy in this late summer season of 2023. Currently with Eris, Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and Black Moon Lilith all in retrograde motion, there’s a call to receive feedback and be introspective.

What’s great about this timing of this mass concurrence of retrograde energy is that it’s very much aligned with the numerological 7 Universal year energy, and as we enter September, it will be bolstered by the energy of a 7 Universal Month as well! These energies of analysis, reflection, rest, and exercising patience affirm the wisdom of slowing down, taking a moment to reflect upon where you’ve been and to consider what you want to create for the next chapter of your life journey. This will be encouraged not only for individuals, but also for larger institutions and collectives. On every level of human existence, we’re being asked to stop, look, listen, and make wise choices which consider the present and the future.

I say this because the world is changing fast. Many of us are insulated from the reality of the magnitude of what is shifting right now physically, materially, financially, geographically, and planetarily. Humanity is being asked to evolve, yet we’re resisting our individual and collective evolution at every turn, trying to cling to a past that is no longer relevant with the emerging technology and the expanding human consciousness. Only those who are both embracing their personal transformation and willing to see the transformation underway beyond them (in our societal and global institutions) are realistically seeing what lies ahead… and even for them, things aren’t completely clear. Yet there’s enough to take a few steps forward now, and that’s why addressing these retrogrades is so important right now.

Let’s take the NINE currently retrograde celestial points and bodies one by one:

Black Mom Lilith Retrograde in Virgo/Leo – Lilith has been in Virgo, bringing a bit of ego-driven righteousness to our assessments of how things are functioning in the world. There’s been a heightened awareness of what and isn’t working in our everyday lives. But the Black Moon just moved back into Leo today, which brings this energy back into recognition of who and what is not being acknowledged or given enough attention. Essentially, notice who and what is trying to get attention from the masses right now, who or what is trying to distract people from what is happening right now, and especially notice who is not seeking any attention at all right now at all. After Black Moon Lilith’s Virgo functionality conversation started drawing attention to systematic and procedural flaws and shortcomings, its regress back into Leo will be very telling in regard to the motives behind current events in our personal/private and collective &/or public lives.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo – Of course, the conversation stays in Virgo-land because Mercury is keeping our minds there. Thanks to both the Black Moon AND Mercury, we can’t unsee what we’ve seen, and we can’t avoid what we know is no longer healthy or functional in our lives on the personal, public, or global levels. The feedback has been and continues to be powerful and abundant.
The great thing about this is that it presents an opportunity for us to consider what we can do differently, how we can change course, and how can we do it in a way that truly works for us, physically and systematically. The challenge is that we have to wean ourselves off of our old routines and patterns in order to make the shift.

Venus Retrograde in Leo – This one is, surprisingly, disrupting 1-on-1 relationships and partnerships of all kinds, and it’s doing so because individuals are recognizing that they may not be able to express themselves as much as they want to individually and creatively within said relationships or partnerships. As individuals become more aware of and begin to embrace their unique characteristics, they also begin to recognize whether or not the relationships in their lives support, encourage, and celebrate that expression. Partners are either leaving in order to seek connections that allow them to shine more brightly, or partners are leaving because they are intimidated or frustrated by their partners’ ability to shine more brightly than them. It’s an interesting dynamic, especially with all that is going on right now.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces – As a mutable water sign, Pisces can be all over the place, especially when it wants to escape a painful reality in one or more areas of its world. With Saturn Retrograde moving through its realm, it is making sure that we cannot avoid the realities we need to face and address in order to have any chance off realizing our visions and dreams. Showing us where more focus and discipline are needed in our lives, it also shows us where we may have been allowing ourselves to be deceived or distracted from reality. This is a message to align with the afore-mentioned 7 numerological energies – to sit down, take a deep breath, and focus on what has been, is, and what we may want next for ourselves and our lives, individually and collectively.

Chiron Retrograde in Aries – This one’s been around for a bit, and it’s still having us look at 1) if, and 2) how well we’re healing our self-identity wounds. You may notice that you’re not as easily triggered by certain comments or actions by others, or that you aren’t as afraid of being or doing things alone or independently. You may even feel more comfortable initiating things when moments of choice arise. All of these moments reveal your progress in healing your self-identity. However, there may be other or new areas of your life that are now awakening insecurities or fears – these are the areas to work on next.
I often joke with clients that if you’re not working on or working through something, or if you’re not learning or growing in your Higher awareness, you’re not fully living into life. With Chiron retrograde in Aries, this is a wonderful opportunity to see how far you’ve come in your self-awareness work and to see what area may be next.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus – This represents how we individually are affected by the shifts in social and societal values and priorities. As humanity tries to evolve, many of us individually find ourselves being pushed out of our comfort zones, being challenged to reconsider our own personal values and morals in reflection of the changing societal norms. The question for many is… am I honoring tradition, or remaining stuck in the past and missing out on the future?

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces – Though this one has been happening almost annually for a while now, it still doesn’t cease to amaze, especially right now. The 2023 version of Neptune Retrograde is bringing some serious façade drops, bringing some hard and, in some cases, painful truths to light. The rose-colored glasses aren’t just being shattered; they’re being obliterated. For some, they’re being replaced with gray lenses of depression. For others, they’re being replaced with red lenses of anger and revenge. Yet for most, there’s only an untinted view of reality now, and this is really the best way for humanity – individually and collectively – to move forward.

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn – This is Pluto’s first retrograde back into Capricorn after briefly visiting Aquarius and giving us a taste of how technology could affect humanity in the future. Now back in Capricorn, it’s bringing our attention back to our societal structures and institutions and how they need to be transformed to prepare us and support us in and for the future to come. Many people are realizing how much their ability to pursue and achieve their goals and ambitions is being controlled or limited by these institutions. They aren’t able to progress forward to be prepared for a brighter future. Structural transformation is needed.
Yet transformation isn’t simply change. It’s the death of an old way of being in order to allow a new way of being to emerge. This means that these long-established structures and institutions and leaders can’t just be “changed” out – the entire system must be eradicated and replaced. This is the catalyst for some of the major geopolitical disruptions you’re seeing, but it’s also responsible for the major power shifts within various regions and nations around the world.

Eris Retrograde in Aries – This one represents the rise of the “others” – the individuals, the communities, the cultures, the peoples who have been alienated, ostracized, and otherwise dehumanized in our lives, our communities, and our world. If you have felt this way, it’s important to know that your uniqueness – your quirk – is what will have value in the world that’s emerging now. It’s more important than ever for you to be your True self in the world. Humanity needs you to be you. Without your unique presence and contribution, the world will be a lesser place.
That said, it won’t be easy to keep on keeping on. The conditions created by the other retrogrades previously discussed will make sure of that, which is why it’s so deeply important to use this heavy retrograde period to pause and reflect before choosing and making your next steps. It’s a time for seeking and hopefully finding where you can be most effective as the world continues to transform.

Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus – This one hasn’t started yet, but only 13 hours after Venus goes direct, Jupiter begins its retrograde motion on 4th/5th September, bringing a larger-than-life presence to matters of lifestyle and resource. Jupiter is usually a positive influence, but sometimes, it can be too much of a good thing. In this case, it’ll be interesting to see if Jupiter’s retrograde in Taurus will affect various people and entities. It’s likely to expand or increase whatever is already in place for you in this regard… though some people will experience an increase in resources. Be as prepared as you can be for what may come as you may outgrow your comfort zone.

How is everything that is happening around you affecting you right now?
What are you learning about how others see or perceive you (not that you have to change who you are, but to understand why they may be acting the way they are toward you)?
Where are you being presented with a second chance to choose and/or act differently in your life?

This mass retrograde concurrence provides each and all of us with ample opportunities for course adjustment or correction. These are chances to restore our alignment if not to get into alignment with our individual inner truths for the first time. Once we’ve (re)aligned with ourselves, we have greater opportunities to get into alignment with our communities, with our countries or nations, other countries and nations, and possibly even to come together as the collective whole of humanity.

There’s a lot of potential here. It’s just a matter of if we allow ourselves to see it, and how we choose to use it.
Choose wisely,

Thanks for reading and sharing Signs and Numbers. Until next post…

~ Light, Love, and Blessings,


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