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The Master Number 11 – November

What About the Master Number 11?

As we travel through November 2022, what have you noticed? It can be a time of surprising meetings and opportunities that follow your vision even when you were not looking for it. It can also be a time to remind you of what is missing from your life. These are all inspirations towards action.

Master Number 11 November11 is the master number of leadership and inspiration. The energy of the two ‘1’s can enforce a new vitality with the courage to create something innovative.

Master 11 is the enlightened commander-in-chief. With a masculine vibration, we can envision unique ideas and take action. Its sum is a ‘2’. Here lies the intuitive feminine. The “2” is all about love, diplomacy, and seeing the other side of how people and institutions function.

The Shadow of the 11

The shadow of a number is the lesson, and can often encourage us to withdraw from the very new choices and possibilities that are available.  Instead of leaping towards a new opportunity, the shadow can coax us to withdraw. I shake my head during these modern times in 2022 – seeing our world through politics and relationships. Each side knowing that they are right and the other side is wrong.

And You?

You may suddenly feel motivated to advance onward with ideas and actions that you have never thought you could do. This could be your time to take a chance and be bold. Follow your passion.. even if you have anxiety about moving forward.

Perhaps you can begin by saying ‘yes’ to the offer of teaching a 2-hour after-school class, for example. Anxiety or ego may be causing you to hesitate in taking action. It may feel easier to hide in the status quo but not fulfilling to your psyche.

Instead, use the strength of this moment and turn your head to see another view.  Your fear may want to hold you back, but you can take its hand, and create a comfortable seat to observe –while you embrace the challenge.

master number 11Next, do it!

The very concept may feel like jumping off a mountain. (No, I am not suggesting you jump.).  Trust. Like the wind, feel the vitality and permission of letting go!  A simple example could be, suggesting an in-person lunch meeting compared to coffee in front of a zoom screen.   Zoomology is the latest formula to hide us from personal contact.

What is Your Vision?

Is there a project that you have always wanted to do – and you say ‘no’ at every signpost? Breathe and challenge yourself! The energy of the 11 will help if you dare to take its lead. This can be the time to turn the page and read a new chapter, or even start a new book.

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Espavo means “thank you for taking your power”

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