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The meaning of dreaming that I have a fever: am I in danger?

fever dream meaning

Most dreams are not premonitory, but some contain real warnings. It is not a vision of the future but a knowledge that you have within you but that you have not yet paid attention to or have not dared to recognize. It can be better understood when dreaming that you have a fever, a dream that triggers all the danger alerts and of which you have to find out its true meaning. Are you ready? Discover in our dream dictionary what this dream experience means.

Why do you dream that you have a fever?

Fever is a rise in body temperature as a defensive reaction to an infectious attack. Please pay attention to the fact that it is a defensive action because the discomfort caused by fever makes us identify it as the disease itself. The fever is not the disease, and it is the one that alerts us to the disease and the one that fights against the infection. And, indeed, it is not pleasant to have a fever, nor is it pleasant to face the reality of your problems.

In the meaning of this dream, we find an obvious sign of danger. The fever you dream of is your ally, even if it is bothering you and you wake up sweating. It is the one that tells you that there is something in your life that is making you sick. And, as you already know, physical health is not usually reflected in your dreams, but emotional health. More than infection, what you have is an emotional poison that is wearing you down, and you are in danger.

So you should pay attention to the dream with a fever and review your life and your relationships. Your fever rises to fight what is attacking you, and most of the time, it is an external infectious agent that has gotten inside you. It will inevitably lead you to analyze your environment, searching for toxic relationships, perhaps friends who abuse your trust. It may be overly possessive family members or, more commonly, a toxic partner with whom you are heading into a relationship of dependence.

But it’s not always about the outside. Sometimes it’s not that there are people around you who want to hurt you. Sometimes you cause damage yourself by insisting on living a life in which you do not recognize yourself that does not fit in with your values. You have to do an introspection exercise to see where that fever you dream of comes from, but that is something you should do wide awake.

Dreaming that unknown person with a fever

If another stranger has a fever, know that your success will depend solely on your perseverance. Another important symbolism to remember is that a child with a fever in a dream is the certainty that you will soon achieve one of your greatest goals in life.

Intermittent fever

For intermittent fever dreams, it symbolize your mental characteristics. This is a sign of mental confusion, which will keep.

When you dream of other people, being in contact with an intermittent fever means that you will hurt other people around you.

This dream wants to make sure that you control what you are saying or doing to others. Make sure you are not being pushy, rude, or biased, and be patient.

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