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The Power of 8 – Today is 8-8!

Today is 8-8! What is the Power of 8?

today is 8-8 power of 8

During this uneasy time of 2022, we can get some strength from the energy and power of 8 in August, the eighth month.

Today is 8-8 — a fortuitous time to begin your empowering life by taking action and coming up with a vision for what you would like to have next. In numerology, 8 is the source of power and abundance in every mode of activity and thought. The ‘8’ is a lesson in itself, the symbol of dynamic energy to make things happen in spite of all obstacles. The charismatic leader is out there empowering others.

It will be advantageous to use this energy to move forward rather than watching endless TV or playing solitaire or zooming. How can you shift to a more productive, inspiring life, as well as engage with others? You could commit to starting one new thing that you have been putting off or just feeling stuck with. Perhaps write a new page in that book that is in your drawer, or finish the painting that has been hanging out on your easel? (Me, lol)

8 is the Infinity Symbol

infinity symbol for augustTurn the eight to its side and you will find the infinity symbol, the symbol of all possibilities.. This symbol has a long history with a mathematical edge. But in a spiritual and philosophical approach, the infinity symbol is all about the concept of limitless possibilities. It is spiritual love, beauty and balance.

According to science and mathematics, “Infinity is considered an unlimited extent of time, space, or quantity. A distance so great that the rays of light from a point source at that distance may be regarded as parallel.” (Webster’s Dictionary).

Lion’s Gate Portal

In Astrology, 8-8 is consider the Lion’s Gate Portal, a special moment for manifestations.

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