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The Spirit of July – the ‘7’ – Numerology Style

Welcome to the Spirit of July everyone!  The number 7, according to numerology, represents the unique, psychic, mysterious, and spiritual energy that can be available to each of us.

July and Spirit of 7During this ‘7’ month in the global year of 7 (2+0+2+3), we have the opportunity to explore that which we have rarely explored before. Step past hesitancy and take at least one new creative and visible step. Let go of any self-conscious worry of judgment from others. Now is a precious time to reflect inwardly and meditate on a vision that you may have always wanted, but have been reluctant to pursue.  Breathe in love, beauty, and creative essence. Breathe out anger, and thoughts that no longer support your happiness or freedom of spirit.

This can be a time of gentle action. Perhaps a longing to reunite with a friend from long ago is kindled. Or you may take yourself on a playdate in the park, sit under a tree and read, write, or paint.  Connect with love and a full heart, not a desire to influence, but a willingness to open to all things possible.

What will you do this month to connect and enlighten your spirit and vision? Feel free to share in the comment section below.

And check out my inspired video. Namaste my friends!

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