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The ultimate guide to your 2022 personal numerology year and collective.

Looking back on 2021 from a collective numerology perspective, it was the year that shook the world and showed us we’re always changing, magnifying what makes us feel free. When you add 2+0+2+1 it comes to a 5 universal collective year in numerology which brings new ways of finding freedom and if unbalanced chaos… In addition we experience our own numerology vibrational year.

2021 gave us the gift and insight of the fact we can never find true happiness from the outside world and forced us to go within. There’s nothing greater than knowing who you are. When you’re living from a place of who you are and what you want, everything will fall into your hands effortlessly.

The 5 represents freedom, change and sometimes unexpected chaos. Through 2021 I personally experienced an unprecedented number of clients wanting to change their job and move to a new location.

In numerology we feel the energy of both the universal year as a collective and our personal numerology year (from our date of birth).

2022 is a master vibration and vibrates to a 6 in numerology – representing love, our homes and family and the 2 represents partnerships, intuition, peace and sound. Similar to 2020 however there will be more on a collective heart level. I feel like podcasts are going to take on a whole new wavelength in 2022 and ‘spirit’ will find new mediums to connect with us. The 2 is also creativity – from 2000’s for example tattoos became a thing. We are making history, and part of a global planetary shift.

Each year you experience a brand new personal numerology year cycle which is calculated from your birthday. By understanding and working with the rhythm of your numerology year cycle, you can reach new heights with life-goals.

Our universe is made up of planetary energy, sacred geometry and numbers. It doesn’t speak to us in English, French or Japanese, the universe speaks in symbols and numbers.  We all experience the collective numerology year from January 1.

Greek philosopher Pythagoras believed the universe could be expressed by numbers. He was born in Greece 590BC and was one of the best in his day, he established a secret school in Cortona Italy which was eventually burned down. His teachings have been passed on and his legacy continues to live to this day.

To calculate your numerology personal year simply add the day you are born + the month + the current year.

If you were born on 4 May and it’s 2022. So 4 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = (1 + 5 = 6). This shows you’ll be moving from a 5 personal year to a 6 personal year on your birthday May 4, 2022. You break the double digit to a single number. 1+ 3 = 4.

Some numerologists calculate from the start of the year, through my own research I’ve found the energy change for your personal numerology year begins from your actual birthday. I encourage you to look back and see what resonates for you.

When your numerology year is the SAME as your life-path number get ready for transformation! To calculate your numerology lifepath number simply add the day you’re born to the month you’re born and the year you’re born.

Two famous celebrity 6 life-paths in numerology are Goldie Hawn born 21 November 1945 and John Lennon 9 October 1940. They are loved around the world and have touched so many hearts.

1 Numerology Personal Year

Your 1 personal numerology year brings sets the tone and plants the seed for a brand new cycle in your life.

Inspired beginnings define your 1 personal year. The energy is strong to start the career you’ve always wanted to or re-invent your current one. New relationships can and often do come into your life, bringing a breath of fresh air.

Think of your 1 personal year in numerology as the blueprint for your coming 9 year cycle to bring in what you love.

You’ll experience increased energy and drive in this cycle and you’ll meet people to help you along the way, if you let them in. We can sometimes feel alone in the 1 cycle, or want to have more time to ourselves.

Your 1 personal numerology year is one you’ll look back on as massive transformation through new beginnings.

2 Numerology Personal Year

Through your 2 personal year the seed you have sown from your 1 personal year has now split into two! You can feel life slowing down after the energy and drive of your 1 numerology personal year.

This is the time to follow your intuition. Reflect and feel your plans fall into place. Soulmate relationships can come into play now, on the flipside partnerships no longer working often bring endings to make space for the right person to enter.

In your 2 personal numerology year, you’ll grow from working in cooperation with others whilst developing your spirituality and creativity. You may also find more collaborative offers come your way.

Incorporating music and sound healing into your life during this cycle will help you feel the energy of the 2 numerology vibration. You may also feel more sensitive during this cycle.

The 2 as symbol, is like a swan gliding across the water, representing peace, harmony and partnerships – doing all things with an open heart. Past relationships can be healed now. Reach out and make conscious connections with those who life your heart.

3 Numerology Personal Year

The 3 is like a spring always bouncing back up again (even when feeling flat). Your 3 personal numerology year enhances communication, optimism, short trips, marketing and socialising. Your 3 numerology year is a highly creative period and you’ll experience ample opportunity to truly express yourself, be seen and heard.

Problems are not such a problem during this year – the drawback can be a lack of productivity from so much excitement going on. Ground your energy for completion of projects. Watch your spending and incorporate your hearts desires to make this year come to fruition.

It’s the perfect time to grow your new business and develop contacts. Be open to new opportunities because you’ll be in the right place at the right time for some life changing connections.

If you have a big idea during your 3 numerology year then go for it – you won’t be sorry!

4 Numerology Personal Year

Your 4 personal numerology year can sometimes bring restrictions with finances and partnerships – for example you might want to save more to study or build a home. Projects can feel demanding of our time. However we need this period in our lives or chaos would emerge. Sometimes life is about contrast and the 4 personal year can certainly give this. Your career will probably take on whole new meaning.

Go with the flow, take short breaks to recharge and do things to uplift your spirits like burning citrus oils, yoga or treating yourself to a retreat or massage. You might not see how much you’re achieving in this cycle until towards the end, when you reap the benefits of your endeavours.

The energy of your 4 personal year in numerology brings further study, purchasing property (or renovate an existing one) and building stronger foundations in your life. Adrenal burnout is optional! Take time to look after your wellbeing and everything will fall into place easier than you expected.

Taking a long holiday in your numerology 4 personal year can create anxiety. Instead you might like to think about a working holiday, somewhere to write or weekend away to become re-inspired for your career and your ultimate journey ahead.

5 Numerology Personal Year

The 5 is open both front and back and brings with it the energy of being open to new experiences and freedom in your life. Your 5 personal numerology year will bring change and create a turning point from the restrictions and hard work of your 4 personal year. Expect the unexpected.

You may find yourself travelling more during this cycle (which is a good thing). This is the time to embrace life and open yourself to new adventures.

Your 5 numerology year is a one of rebirth however not adapting to the 5’s energies can cause things to go horribly wrong.

Think long and hard before big decisions like leaving your business, relationship or moving home as this year can bring a chaotic energy (almost like a midlife crisis). For example I had a friend (also a 5 lifepath) who ‘on a hunch’ sold his restaurant business in this cycle to work as a cook and sail around the world. As he neared his 6 personal year, the sailing trip fell through and he was out of work.

The late, beloved celebrity chef, journalist and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain sadly took his life in a 5-personal year (things can feel out of control).

The 5 personal year brings freedom and gives you the opportunity to really do what you want – it just takes a little more focus, double checking details and grounding yourself to reap the rewards of finding true freedom.

6 Numerology Personal Year

Your 6 personal numerology year is the most beautiful vibration for family, bringing love and harmony to your life. The 6 is pregnant with love (see its belly sticking out?)

During your 6 numerology vibration you can meet soulmates, become engaged, married or strengthen bonds within existing relationships. You may find a stray pet turn up on your doorstep and become a foster parent! Be open to the love.

Children and families become important during your 6 personal year cycle. You’ll want to make your home beautiful and be around places you love. You’ll have fun experiencing creativity and can form long lasting relationships now.

If your relationship has been at a turning point it can go one way or the other – ending things now can be completed with love and for the right reasons. From the heart – releasing soul contracts. Taking love and friendships for granted during this cycle brings long term detrimental implications.

During your 6 personal year cycle you may feel very responsible – like if I don’t do it – it won’t get done. You need to ask for help and not be a martyr.
It’s a great year to make a commitment. See what you can do to make your home more valuable. Put some flowers on the coffee table!

Pregnancy can be easier during your 6 personal year cycle – it’s all about creating stronger families and caring for children. The key word for your 6 numerology personal year is LOVE!

7 Numerology Personal Year

Your 7 personal numerology year represents an old person’s walking cane, ancient wisdom, deeper knowledge, healing. Why am I here? What’s the purpose of my life? What makes my soul happy?

The 7 numerology year will bring you towards deeper spirituality – if you’re that way inclined, you might want more ‘time-out’ to recharge, to read or study. The number 7 also represent water (which is a conduit for spirit). Take time out to be in the ocean, swim with the marine life. Become re-inspired through the energy of the elixir of water which brings life.

You can expect emotions to surface, then let them go (just like the tide). Your 7 numerology year can be deeply transformative, or one of avoidance, entering into darker recesses of the soul (trying to get out of this world).

Take a journey… experience Byron Bay, Uluru, San Francisco, Peru or Stonehenge – you’ll go so much further. Remember we’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Discover your personal astrocartography world meridian ley-lines and travel to a place that brings magic to your soul.

They keyword for your 7 personal numerology year is self analysis. Your inner-voice and connection to spirit is strong during this cycle.

8 Numerology Personal Year

Are you chasing your tail or experiencing heaven balancing on earth? Your 8-personal year in numerology is your year of karma/destiny/fate where you will find yourself reaping what you’ve sown.

Your 8 numerology year is the number of infinite abundance – what you’ve ‘put in’ over the past years will be returned now. This is your cycle of balance and learning the transforming energy of money, time and how you value yourself. Your 8 personal year can be one of the most successful and powerful to occur in your life.

The 8 also represents the eighth sign in the zodiac – Scorpio: Power, money, control, wills, births, death and transformation. Regarding your physical body – you have to watch out for imbalances.

Success through your 8 personal year is of course is not instant – it is about years of work coming to fruition. With 8 being the number of equilibrium and destiny it will direct your ambition toward the greatest balance needed for your growth and success.

Your 8 numerology personal year is not a force to be taken lightly. Forgo ego, live with compassion. Transformation is guaranteed. You can be more blunt during your 8 personal year cycle so remember this and choose your words carefully so not to offend people.

The 8 numerology year will teach you balance!

9 Numerology Personal Year

At some stage in life everything must come to an end. The only thing we can be sure of is change. This my friends brings the final year of your 9 year cycle.

Your 9 personal numerology year enhances worldly pursuits, research, writing, philanthropy, finding the meaning of life, riding the waves and sailing the world.

This is the year to give from the heart and to let go of what’s not needed to bring in what is. If you are in a 9 personal year cycle it’s time to learn about the humanitarian side of you. 

The 9 has circled all the numbers – any number added to a 9 comes back to itself (for example 2 + 1 = 3 + 9 = 12 then = 3).

Your 9 personal year brings the energy of expansion and how you can make a greater impact on the world.

If you’re inspired to volunteer and help save the orangutan or become a vegan after years of eating meat you’re not going through a mid-life crisis! You’re just in your 9 personal numerology year. Roll with it.

You’ll feel the energy of letting go of possessions and people not needed in your life anymore, or you’ll find them removed one way or another. Energetically and spiritually this is for your growth… you’ll feel inspired and ready for the next cycle in your life… Your new 1 numerology personal year.

Embrace creativity and take time to reward yourself for the amazing journey you’ve achieved over the last 9 years. If you’ve been thinking of leaving your job or moving house your 9 personal numerology year you’ll probably find yourself doing so now.

On the flipside, it can be difficult to get things launched during your 9 personal year, it’s about releasing, letting go, travelling and what brings your soul freedom. If you’re trying to start something in a 9 numerology personal year you might feel restricted – so it’s best to keep your options open as much as possible.

Clear clutter in your home – you are going to notice the excess baggage in your life this year. Go through one room at a time – clear out your whole space and you will feel so much better. Bring some Feng Shui into your life!

Remember you can only receive more when your hands are not full.

And your journey continues…

“Numbers rule the universe.” ~ Pythagoras

Hi I’m Tameera, nice to meet you! I’m an intuitive, astrologer, master numerologist, relationship alchemist Bio my pic Oct21 298x300 1
and Feng Shui expert with over 20 years of experience working worldwide.

I’m featured in VOGUE and teach through workshops and retreats in addition to private 1:1 consultations. I’ve mastered the perfect formula to read anyone and I’m passionate about helping you transform your life, career and relationships.

My clientele includes Hollywood celebrities and luxury brands. I love connecting with all walks of life and find the accuracy and shifts behind my gifts never ceases to amaze.

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