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Thinking Into Results

Thinking Into Results (TIR) is a superb mindset training programme developed a good number of years back by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. Their website has this to say “The Thinking Into Results Program guides you through a powerful 12 lesson process for creating your new, desired results. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. It is important to periodically review the program in its entirety for constant reinforcement of the ideas. It is through the repetition of the lessons that you will experience permanent changes.”

In a nutshell, this sums up what TIR is all about: Your thoughts define your emotions. Your emotions define your behaviours. Your behaviours (as in actions) define your results. Therefore, if you desire to have different results to the ones you are currently getting, best you learn how rewire your mind so that you change your thoughts!

Real Success happens when you Understand your Authentic Self!

As internationally accredited TIR facilitators we understand everything about TIR and have taken many clients through the 12-module mindset transformation exercise. Thinking Into Results changes minds and lives, but imagine if these profound life success teachings could be linked in a perfectly synchronised way to a person’s authentic self. Now that is a whole different ball game because this intelligently shifts programme’s coaching material from enabling generic change to powering bespoke change on an individual level.

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Are you Aware You have an Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint?

There are literally thousands of mindset coaching and training programmes out there, all of them pretty much the same because they do not do much other than to rehash the material of the masters (Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Lloyd Conant etc.) over and over, again! The insightful material from these great teachers is still relevant today, but, where the greatest change must happen is that generic coaching programmes (e.g., Ten Easy Steps to Becoming a Millionaire etc.) must now evolve to the point where the material is talking directly into a person’s Intelligent Mathematic Blueprint. Know and remember this: If your coaching programme is not feeding intelligently directly into developing your authentic self through a deep and thorough understanding of your Intelligent Mathematic Blueprint, you are wasting your time and money!

Did you Know that Strategic Futurist Coaching massively advances Thinking Into Results?

Futurist Coaching (Never heard of it before? Excellent! You are about to learn something completely mind blowing…) advances your every skill and competency when it comes to thinking into Results! Mass-market coaching solutions are one size fits all, and often you just don’t fit! This explains why “those” mass-market, success guru created coaching solutions that are magnificently sold from stage (or online, in today’s post Covid-19 world) at “hyped-up” success type events, make the gurus much money but deliver few, if any, meaningful results to the hundreds of clients who signed up in the excitement of the moment. Know and remember this: Futurist Coaching is not about flamboyant fanfare and hyped-up hysterics. Futurist Coaching as delivered by Chris and Suzanne Styles, is about cool-headed logic and deep-dive numerical analytics that take you on an extremely intense data-driven journey (right into your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint) of bespoke personal and professional discovery. Over 100 bespoke (as in uniquely yours!) data points, multiple graphs and charts and lines of mathematical code, help Chris and Suzanne to help you to understand your past, present and all importantly, intelligently view your future. Having your “experience-coded” future timeline to hand, gifts you exactly what you need for bespoke personal and professional strategic thinking and planning.

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Doubting that Your Future can be calculated? Here is Hard Evidence proving this

If you do not believe that it is possible to view your life path journey in accurate numerical notation then think again, because it is and here is a link to a blog called The Pin Code where well over 100 detailed research case studies prove this! 365 Pin Code Numerology Research Centre has developed a predictive mathematical model which models a person’s life path experiences in 4D, personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical and professional emotional. Using the data our unique model provides, you can literally intelligently see into the future of any given person and identify what major risks or opportunities and presenting and importantly, when. The strategic genius within applied numerology is massively underestimated. Soon, everyone who wants to be purposefully thinking into results, will use this intelligence. Final message: understanding your life path opens a whole new world of strategic thinking and planning to you. The only way to access this and understand your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint, is through the life science of human futurology, as brought to you by 365 Pin Code. When you understand your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint, you will have gone light years beyond entry-level Thinking Into Results (TIR drives generic [as in “FOR EVERYONE”] transactional change) and entered the realm of advanced Thinking Into Phenomenal Results (TIPR drives bespoke [as in “FOR JUST YOU”] transformational change)!

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