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This Akashic Crystal Healing Shows You Who You Can Trust | Meditation

The codes and the energy of each crystal as it comes together in these powerful, sacred geometric grids, as well as they hold the ancient codes that they have for you to help you to remember who you are and awaken to the gifts and messages that you are Here to receive so let’s get started.

I will invite you to take a moment and tune into the present in your life to the questions you may have. You may have a specific question, or just maybe you open to the message from the sacred crystal codes for the week ahead and then once you tune in, i will show uh.

Each of my hands will have one of the sacred crystal coats and i’ll. Just invite you to just tune in to your intuition and allow your intuition to choose one of the cards, and there will be the message for you.

So to invite you to close your eyes and take some nice deep breaths tuning into this present moment in your life. And then you may want to tune into your question or just to be open to the energy of the week to the message that the sacred crystal codes have for you, beautiful and now.

I have both grids on the screen and just tuning into which one is calling your attention today beautiful and then i will share with you so comment below which one you chose. If you chose this site, this crystal grid is called angel messages and if you chose this, one, this crystal grid is called trust.

So we’re, going to start with reading the trust sacred crystal code grid. For you, as i share the message, allow the vibration healing and transmission from this crystal grid to come to you, and you do so just by allowing your eyes gently to move through the grid and receive what you hear to receive.

This is the sacred crystal grid of trust. It brings the energy of trust into your life and an invitation to lean in interest. This is the time to focus on gratitude and really, if you haven’t yet start counting the evidence of the many miracles that you have experienced in life and may have taken for granted.

If you’re at this moment in your life, feeling frustrated for not seeing the results of your action in the form of manifestation, this greed reminds you that the universe never makes a mistake. If you have not seen the manifestation of your desires, there is an important piece in the present situation that needs your attention, so trust the likes, attracts likes and spend time align with your intentions and trust that this is the time where you’re.

Going to be able to collect the fruits of the seeds that you planted so comment below if you chose this grid, how this message resonates for you and if you chose the other grid, the angel messages also again connect to the vibration of the grid allows your Eyes to move and receive this powerful vibration from this grid, and this grid brings the blessings from the angelic realm.

It is a confirmation of the angelic presence in your life. Your angels see your question and the answer to your question is yes? Yes, yes, this is a great time for you to take action in what you are in in the vision in the dreams that you are experiencing right now.

This is your yes time and also give yourself permission to give yourself. Yes, what have you been denying yourself and it’s time to say yes for yourself. I will even challenge you to give yourself a week of your yes look sooner, you’re, like give yourself permission to tune into your desires and give your soul what it needs.

Thank you for watching, and i would love to see your comment below. I come back to each video here numerologist and i love to like your comments and if there is any question for me, i’m happy to answer and those of you that don’t know me.

I’m, patricia nisaki and i would love to invite you to visit my youtube channel, patricia isakin. We, if you are interested in learning more about the akashic records, receive healing sessions and transmissions, as well as learn the energy behind creating a successful business.

I would love to welcome you in our channel and i also would love to invite you to subscribe to numerology’s. Youtube channel. So anytime me and my amazing friends here in the numerologist team have a new video for you.

You get notified looking forward to see you in our next video

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