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Time To Restructure? The Numerology of JULY

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Is it time to restructure and set some new foundations?

The numerology for July says:  “Absolutely!” 

July is a 4 Universal Month.

The energy of the 4 always ushers in a more serious mood, demanding that we step back, review, see things from a practical viewfinder, and then get organized.

June ushered in several new pieces of information that need to be deconstructed and integrated into chunks of “manageable” data that can start to in some way be integrated.

In the U.S., the Supreme Court has been working overtime with the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court in combination with the ruling about the right to carry (purchase and use) guns. Russia is intensifying the war in Ukraine. Stocks are plummeting. Gas prices at an historic high. There’s a lot to be processed right now and a lot of questions to be answered as to how these decisions and actions will play out in real-time and in people’s day-to-day lives.

The numerology of July aligns with this more somber tone. Yet the beauty of the energy of the 4 is its gift of exposing where foundations are unhealthy and where there’s a need to create new footing and new root systems.

The 4 is the number of limitations and working through (with, around, and over) limiting conditions and circumstances. Family dynamics are key here and when then 4 shows up it’s usually pressing us to deal with difficult, if not traumatic, family history. As a Universal Month, this reaches beyond just you and me. The scope is our global family dynamics.

The 4 is also the number of health in numerology. Healthcare and other forms of dealing with collective health and wellness (equity and equality) can also be a major feature.

3 Ways To Make the Most Out of the 4 Universal Month

Feel your feelings, yet do you best not to be reactive. This is a time to review information, explore the facts, and come up with a plan.

Allow yourself to indulge in things that give you comfort. Schedule that massage, energy work, or pedicure.

Take a longer view of things. Organize your thoughts around what needs to be dealt with immediately yet also focus on longer-range desires and jot down some ideas about how to get there.

July is the time to get our collective bearings and figure out next steps. Optimally, the 4 brings in opportunities to break things down so that a sense of collective overwhelm can be reduced.

In the meantime, eat some watermelon! Clean out your closet. Get organized in your own personal life so that you feel as though you have a bit of control over something, even if it’s just your desk, bedroom closet or garage.

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