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Today is 11-11 A Powerful Portal to a New Beginning

11-11 – How will this powerful day affect you?

Today is 11-11 (November 11th). 11 is the master number of divine inspiration and leadership– powerful and enlightening ideas and actions beyond your everyday knowledge can appear in your psyche. Double 11s create a Portal that you can move through. It is a portal in which anything can happen- a new beginning for you. How will you use this energy of the double ones? Who will you inspire?

11-11 meaning
What does 11-11 mean? The image is from a painting by Greer Jonas

Take some time during your day tomorrow to meditate on what you want in your life. This may be new or a stretch for you to believe this wish can happen. Be bold, be creative, connect to spirit. Open your site to the universe and send your wish out there.


Here is a suggestion, but do whatever feels right for you. Create a new vision for yourself (not for someone else) – and write it down. Perhaps light a candle.

Close your eyes and connect to self. Breathe, feel the energy inside your body. Say your wish out loud as if it has already happened. For example, I may say: “my hands reach out to my paints today and I I create a masterpiece that will be bought by someone that is inspired to have my work.”

What portal will you move through? Feel free to comment. Here

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