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Understanding Twin Flames

This article reveals a huge breakthrough in terms of understanding twin flames and the extremely complex love numerology relationship that exists between them. Much has been published to help people who think they are twin flames, understand why the relationship is unbelievably complex and at times, utterly impossible to process logically. 365 Pin Code is a case study driven research and development unit dedicated to the development of Applied Numerology (that is numerology that has strategic thinking and planning value) and Human Futurology (the applied life science that helps you to better predict and therefore understand, your future!). A fascinating research article published in Numerology For Women, reveals that the numerology number most likely to signal a twin flame connection being present in a Co-Joined Numerology Chart (here is the 365 Pin Code chart of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn whose co-joined numbers reveal they are twin flames), is the master number 11.

The early stages of the Twin Flame journey is usually filled with Anxiety and Confusion

MN-11 is the anxiety filled number that has as its core, illumination, enlightenment, teaching and all importantly, intuitive development. When MN-11 is “actively educating” its life student, the emotional journey can be so intense that the individual (or individuals in the case of understanding twin flames) might well feel like he/she is losing his/her mind and want to run for the hills because it is all just too much to handle. The massive breakthrough alluded to in the opening line of this article is that when it comes to understanding twin flames, what must be remembered, is that one is the alpha twin flame (masculine energy – note, this does not necessary imply “the male of the pair”) and the other is the beta twin flame (feminine energy – note, this does not necessarily imply “the female of the pair”). This alpha-beta twin flame status has never been written about before and as such this is ground-breaking work.

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Understanding twin flames: The Alpha TF and the Beta TF

The general consensus in the popular literature on twin flames, is that they carry equal amounts of “skin in the game” at all times. This is not the case, nor, if you think deeply about this does this make logical sense. Twin flames must endure an arduous journey designed to deliver experiences to help them discover equilibrium, a balanced harmony, interdependency. Until this has been achieved, they cannot be in a state of equilibrium nor pure balanced harmony. Hence the notion of equal commitment by each twin to the early stages of the journey, is false and flawed. If there was equal commitment, equilibrium and interdependency would be present. Know and remember this: The early evolutionary stages of a twin flame relationship will have the alpha twin flame (the one who is actively doing the pursuing) opening itself far more to the experiential intensity than does the beta twin flame (the passive one) who is much more considered and guarded. The upshot of this, is an unfathomable creative tension with such extreme chemistry flowing that both twins feel as if they have entered an entirely different world where nothing matters other than them. Because much must still be learned and processed, the intensity of all this will become too much and a split will happen, probably through physical distance. This is perfectly natural and perfectly normal, with the spiritually wounded alpha twin flame temporarily exiting the bond with feelings of extreme frustration, whilst the beta twin flame will exit with feelings of disappointment and tremendous sadness. The agony experienced during the split is designed to cause both to seek deeper meanings, to grow, to prepare them for the grand finale when they shall split no more…

The Twin Flame journey is punctuated by multiple Joining Up and Splitting Apart events

This collision and separation (which may happen multiple times until the equilibrium is finally reached) aligns with the numerology numbers 2 and 7. Numerology number 2 (the lower octave of the master number 11; 11 = 1+1 = 11/2) is the emotional number that yearns for unity and union and togetherness. No2 is in play when the twin flames are powerfully connected. Its counterpart, numerology number 7 is the logical number that processes, analyses, and connects the dots, in an isolated, hermit-like, disconnected state. When it comes to understanding twin flames, know and remember this: the 2 (as in “joined together”) and the 7 (as in “splitting apart”) experience will play itself out multiple times along the complicated journey and, with increasing frequency as both near (or close in on…) their final event, this being THE PRE-ORDAINED EVENT that draws them together in a balanced, harmonious, equilibrated, beautiful bond that cannot ever be broken again. Thing is, twin flames are so powerfully connected through past lives, that once they have discovered each other this lifetime, no “other partner” will ever be good enough and deep down they will long (and mourn!) for each other with an intensity that is truly heart wrenching. For the final twin flame connection to happen, the beta twin flame (the passive one) will need to own a bigger chunk of the connectivity responsibility and make the required shift from being passive to active (i.e., embracing the mindset shift to now pursue, or go after, the alpha). This will help offset, or homogenously equilibrate, the dominant energy of the alpha, who will then realise that the desire to be one, is mutual, focused and going to happen because both parties are now fully invested. Never ever underestimate the power within the beta (number 2) who, when in complete control of this number, strategically operates from behind the scenes in a way that is more powerful than the number 1 of the alpha. Hence why the No2 energy is often referred to as “the ultimate power functioning from behind the throne.” All the above intelligently (as in using numbers and actual data) explains why twin flame journeys are so extreme and painful short-term, even medium-term, yet where successful, so incredibly rewarding long-term.

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Dishonoured Karmic Debts prevents Twin Flames from Finalising their Journey

Where one (or both; there are two!) of the twins involved has an unsettled karmic debt (karmic debt numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 within numerology profiles signal these…) the union cannot happen until the karmic debt has been paid in full and the lessons internalised and respected. Therefore, if you have a twin flame out there who you mourn for, best you carefully check your numerology for the presence of one or more karmic debt numbers (e.g., Birth DD: 13th, 14th, 16th or 19th; Birth YYYY which totals either 13, 14, 16 or 19 e.g., 2029//13//4; 2039//14//5; 2059//16//7; 1981//19//1; Life Path 13//4 or 14//5 or 16//7 or 19//1; If you do not know what your life path number is, here’s a Numerology Calculator to help you).

Should you discover (shock, horror!) that you have one or more karmic debt numbers in your 365 Pin Code numerology profile, please make it your business to understand what your karmic debts are and then honour their cosmic collection within your life. If you fail to do this, you and your twin flame will not be able to enjoy the incredible love equilibrium that awaits both of you in the latter stages of your collective journey. Those with a karmic debt No19 presenting need to remember this truth, whilst the No19 signals life lessons around leadership and independence, a twin flame love is not independent, but co-dependent, or stated differently, interdependent. Few understand that independence is never achieved without a full and complete understanding of its universal counterpart, dependence. Only once this independence-dependence balance is achieved, can interdependence, which is the powerfully balanced evolved nexus (as in focal point) of the two, happen.

Lastly, given that master number 11 plays such a definitive role within the realm of understanding twin flames, every No11//2 universal year will offer up much potential for the twins. No11 universal years are 2009, 2018, 2027, 2036, 2045, 2054, 2063, 2072, 2081 and 2090. So too, to a lesser degree, do No7 universal years (2023, 2032, 2041, 2050, 2059, 2068, 2077, 2086, 2095).

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