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What do dogs dream about

what do dogs dream about

Dreaming is the nature of the human being. We have thousands of different dreams, but one of the most frequent are dreams about dogs, especially if you have them as a pet.

But … what does it mean to dream of dogs? If you do not have any as a pet or have never had one? Well, the meaning can vary significantly from one situation to another. Here you find various doggie dreams.

For example, depending on how the dog is (small or large, white or black, etc.), its attitude in the dream (meek and affectionate, or brave and aggressive), and how you behaved with it (you stroked it, you escaped because you were it chased, it bit you, you were playing happily…).

Interpretation meanings of dreaming about dogs

First of all, you should not forget that dogs represent loyalty, fidelity, and friendship. Generally, if you have a dog at home, it will surely be friendly, close, affectionate, and possibly the most loyal friend you have in life. Thus, these dreams are almost always associated with these values.

Now, doggie dreams can also represent the opposite values ​​when it is very aggressive when it attacks or hurts you. It may also uncover some qualities of your character that you did not know and give you information about how you have been feeling lately.

But if you want to determine what your doggie dreams means, stop to remember and write down each of the things that were happening so that later we can interpret them correctly.

Here you will find each of the meanings related to dogs.

I have dreamed of dogs, but I have none. What does it mean?

The meaning changes a lot from whether you have a dog as a pet or if you don’t. Every day we meet people who walk their dogs, who come to greet you, or who pass you.

It is improbable that you will not see a dog on television, in person, or a movie. Also, you may have dreams of dogs, and you don’t particularly like canines, but since you come across them so often, you end up dreaming about them.

It is also possible that you feel a phobia for them, either because of past experiences from your childhood, because you were bitten by one, or simply because they scare you. In that case, it is also customary to dream of one.

But let’s attend to the exact details of your dream.

Dream of black dogs

Black dogs in dreams, especially if they are aggressive, indicate the presence of false friends. Likewise, it also talks about your insecurities, fears that your plans will not work as planned, that you will fail to reach your goals, and until you go through a financial downturn.

That is to say, and its meaning does not bode well unless you see how it distances itself little by little from you, in which case it would represent that you are conquering your worries.

Dreams in which a dog attacks or bites you

Although dogs are almost always good friends, sometimes you may dream that your dog bites you on your hand, leg, butt, or body. Your subconscious is alerting you to notice those setbacks that you have not paid attention to.

These can be problems paying taxes, arguments, fights with your partner or a family member, etc. Also, a hypocritical person may be plotting against you.

The person who is going to cheat on you is likely a closer friend than you expect. To do this, see where it bit you. If it was in your hand if it caused you great harm, or even if you were disappointed that at first, it seemed like a good dog, your mind is telling you that you should not trust just anyone.

Dream of white dogs

It is a dream with positive connotations that it will apply to your personal and work life. The explanation is that goal in which one color, white, represents honor, loyalty, and generosity.

You may soon find your soulmate or get a promotion and get a better salary.

What does it mean to dream of dead dogs?

Dead dogs in dreams are interpreted as a bad omen. It means that fidelity has died, that someone has stopped respecting you, or that they never have, but you have not realized it.

However, sometimes death in dreams can mean that you are living a stage of changes that can go for both good and bad … and only you can find out.

If you dream of brave or aggressive dogs …

When you dream of a dog growling at you, trying to corner you to show submission, it means that inside you, there are insecurities that make you self-conscious.

In addition, if the dog chases you to bite you or its aggressiveness generates a lot of anxiety, it indicates that someone close to you is about to deceive or harm you.

It is also likely that the dog is calm during sleep, but that its violence can be perceived in its eyes, which stare at you and cause you a lot of concern. It is a sign of anger from someone around you, a friend you have failed and to whom you should apologize if you do not want to lose it.

Have you dreamed of a friendly dog?

When the dog is happy, it represents good omens. It is a sign of prosperity, especially when you caress it or feel comfortable with it.

If you dream of big dogs …

There are dogs like Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Pitbulls that are imposing a lot, and that, in certain situations, can be very violent. Therefore, the meaning of this dream depends on:

  • Was he a friendly dog? If you see him playing and happy, it means that you are comfortable and that you are having a good time in your life.
  • Was he ill? It represents that something is not working in your life, and in a way, it makes you vulnerable.
  • Was he attacking you? Indicates possible betrayals of those who least expect it.

Meaning of dreaming about newborn puppies

One of the most beautiful things you can come across is a dream with newborn puppies. When you have this dream experience, it means that you feel happy and prosperous, well cared for by your partner, with good friends …

On the other hand, seeing a baby dog ​​could mean that you feel nostalgic, either because you broke up with your partner and have not replaced their love, because you thought happier when you were a child or because you have lost a loved one you miss him. Less. Focus on the good that is to come, and soon you will be able to rest easy again.

Dream about cats and dogs

By custom, it is understood that cats and dogs have never gotten along. In this sense, dreaming of them means that there is a duality in your feelings. Especially if you see them fighting, it is convenient to reflect to fix your headaches and return to calm.

However, if you saw that in the dream, the dog and the cat were playing and were friends, it means that you are happy with everything around you, especially at home.

Dreaming of dogs barking

The meanings can be very varied.

  • One possibility is that the dog barks with joy, approaching you to greet you, lick you and show you his affection. It means that you are positive and that you will have good luck.
  • But if you dream that the barking dog is coming to bite you or scare you, it means that something will happen soon that will destabilize you or a person you appreciate very much.

Dreaming of dogs fighting

It means that you are witnessing an unfair or harsh situation between several people around you, which you can remedy. Get involved, and you will get everything back to normal.

Dreaming that your dog has ticks or fleas

If you have dreamed of a dog with ticks or fleas and it feels uncomfortable, it means that a person close to you is trying to take advantage and could betray you, so you must be very careful.

When you dream that you adopt a puppy …

It is possible to dream that you adopt a puppy, something that usually reflects that you feel somewhat lonely, that you do not have enough friends, or that you have moved away from a loved one, and your subconscious remembers it trying to fill that void.

You must open up to meet people, but you work on your love above all that.

Dream of many dogs

The meaning depends on several factors.

  • If all the dogs are friendly and faithful, it represents that your circles are healthy, as well as the relationships you have with them.
  • If the dogs bite you or run after you, it means that you are in danger due to deception or have angered someone a lot, which is why this dream distresses you.

Did you see the dog die?

Do not think that it will happen in reality because it does not. However, this dream can generate doubts and anguish.

Still, the interpretation is associated with your fear that something in your life will die, such as your friendship or partner relationships. Do you think you are distancing yourself from someone?

When a puppy dies, it represents the end of loyalty, trust.

Another possibility has to do with the mind unconsciously remembering those people who made you feel whole but who are no longer in your life for one reason or another. Dead dogs represent nostalgia and your desire to recover something lost.

Dream of rabid dogs

It means that many anxious worries appear in your dreams as an aggressive dog. It would help if you tried to solve them to regain normality and inner peace.

If the dog comes to throw himself at you, it indicates that the effort you will have to make is much more significant since the situation is dire.

Dream of small dogs

If you dream of a small dog, it means that you are going to experience a new chapter of your life full of prosperity, new goals, and that good news and challenges will arrive to enjoy and face. In this way, the dog will grow (as a symbol of your evolution) until it becomes significant.

If you had a lot of affection for the puppy, the dream also symbolizes that you surround yourself with people who show you loyalty, with good friends who are worthwhile and that you should not miss.

If you dream of talking dogs …

The world of dreams makes anything possible. This is why you can get to see a dog that talks to you, with whom you have a conversation, or sends you a message. There are several meanings in this regard:

  • If a person died recently, they could turn them into a canid, and you should hear what they have to say to you.
  • You think you are misunderstood. Hence you do not talk to people but to dogs.
  • You would like to recover some of your past relationships.

When you dream that you don’t see your dog …

It tends to stress a lot of losing the puppy, especially if it is your natural pet. You find yourself playing with him in the street, and by magic, you no longer see him.

It would not be surprising to wake up with palpitations, sweating because you were looking for it but did not know where it was. It is a dream experience that means people with whom you are losing contact and want to regain it.

Oh, and don’t worry because it doesn’t mean you’re going to misplace the actual dog.

Did you turn into a dog?

It is sporadic for you to dream that you turn into a dog. But its interpretation is exciting: it indicates that you reflect on yourself and see yourself as this animal.

It means that you may not have been faithful enough to someone you appreciate, that your friends deserve an apology.

If you run alone with sorrow, looking for something, and you did not know what, if you barked or if you woke up sad, it means that you feel estranged from the world and your people.

Wild dogs in dreams mean …

If you dream of wild dogs, it means that you do not feel tied to anything or, on the contrary, that you are too tied up, but you need a vacation as soon as possible. Try to take the weekend to dedicate it to yourself, to relax and recharge your batteries.

Dream of an abandoned dog

Dogs represent loyalty and friendship, so when you see that the puppy is abandoned, it is probably a metaphor for someone you have not treated as he deserved.

Another option is that you see yourself as a dog that wanders alone on the streets, reflecting emotional deficiencies that you must solve as soon as possible.

If you dream of an injured or sick dog

A relationship in your life is hanging by a thread, and it is “sick” It may also be that the subconscious is telling you about yourself and your emotions, about how you feel in reality.

What’s bothering you? Is there any loyalty that is being jeopardized? Do you mistrust your friends, or do you think someone questions you?

In any case, something is wrong.

Dream of a happy dog

If the dog you dream of is happy, it is positive. Especially when you see yourself caressing it, playing with it, or if it is very affectionate. Things work as you expect. There is nothing to worry about.

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