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What does it mean to dream about fighting?

Dreaming about fighting

Unfortunately, Dreaming of fights is quite common. We say because a large part of the population is exposed to these situations daily through the media and social networks and within their social circles…

People who live in aggressive environments, full of fights and arguments all the time, are more likely to dream of fights than others because their subconscious, during sleep, relives that experience and releases emotions that are previously repressed.

But there are also other meanings of dreaming about fighting that does not originate in an aggressive environment. We have selected the most common and most sought after by our readers, and we explain them case by case below.

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Dreaming of a couple of quarrels

Dreaming of a couple of fights, as everyone knows, is not advisable, and for this, there is even a famous saying: “Nobody chooses a fight between husband and wife.” You’ve undoubtedly heard it sometime.

Dreaming a couple of fights focuses on the love relationship rather than the people involved in the fight. It is about reflecting on the best attitude so that a disagreement between a couple – and here it can be you and your partner – does not turn into a fight.

Society has to learn to mediate conflicts, not go to all or nothing for as little as the last times we live. Dreaming of a couple of quarrels provides you with this reflection for your own love life.

Dream About a Dog Fight

Despite being a docile animals by essence, dogs can fight each other. To dream of dogfighting is to alert the one who started the fight. It can be a person from your work or a university colleague. Not everyone is docile and kind, and sometimes people are more like wolves than true faithful and loyal dogs. Think about it.

Dreaming that you fight with your mother

Dreaming that you fight with your mother works as a sign that something between your coexistence has not happened to clean. Only you can know if there are wounds that have not been forgiven, stories that have not been adequately heard, and love or affection that was expected but never overflowed.

Dreaming that you fight with your mother brings out from the depths of the dreamer’s emotions those topics and issues that are most difficult to put on the table. Caution, tact, and delicacy will be required to handle all of this without turning into an argument or fight.

Dreaming that you fight with your father

Dreaming that you fight with your father is always related to the ongoing search for approval for everything we do. Have you tried to prove something to him or someone else that you consciously or unconsciously have as a father figure?

Dreaming that you fight with your father can show you how tired you are of playing that role, how much you cannot bear to keep trying and never reach that perfectionist profile that was established by him or even by you without realizing it.

Dream of a lovers’ quarrel

Be careful not to get where they don’t call you. Dreaming of a love match shows that you are proactive in helping people, but it may also put you in situations where you shouldn’t be.

Remember that not everyone needs help or advice all the time or that it has to come from you. No matter how good your intentions are before giving the next “hint,” remember what we said about dreaming about a lovers’ quarrel.

Dreaming of fights between siblings

Emotional turmoil. Dreaming of a sibling fight can be related to your brother or sister and someone you consider a brother. We know that although we have similar thoughts, we are individuals. We follow different lines of reasoning even because of the historical baggage we carry and the way we filter information.

Dreaming of a fight between siblings shows that something can get out of hand between you and can shake the existing relationship, but nothing cannot be resolved. After all, if there is sibling love, anything goes.

Dreaming of a fight between friends

If Dreaming of a fight between friends bothers you, a misunderstanding that occurred with someone you considered a good friend still hurts. Living with these pains is not healthy, and you need to find a way to heal this wound that still lives in you.

Dreaming of a women’s fight

Gossip and intrigue. Dreaming of a women’s fight reveals more than you can imagine, and it is not pleasant at all since there are loose-tongued people around you willing to curse over you and create disharmony in your environment. Dreaming of a women’s fight is always full of squeaks, a lot of distilled poison. Be careful who you hang out with.

Dreaming of children’s struggle

Dreaming of a children’s fight has a foot in your childhood past, in that splinter stuck in you that still hurts when you think about it. Ghosts are not always from the adult world, and they travel the long way of life with us if we don’t learn to get rid of them. It is time to end this bitterness and get rid of this pain.

Dreaming that you are involved in a fight

Dreaming that you are involved in a fight reveals mental confusion. If reason tells you to go one way, your emotions show you another way. This internal struggle seems to have no end, and you are stuck in life.

Clear your vision, put it on paper so that you can see what each decision has pros and cons, and it will be easier to solve. Dreaming that you are involved in a fight requires more attitude than you think.

Dreaming that you die in a fight

End. Dreaming that you die in a fight gives the expected endpoint to a story that is nothing more to write about. Much has already been said, in fact, even more than is necessary. Each has drawn their conclusions, and now it is up to you to make your decision.

We believe that you have been able to identify who we are talking about, so dreaming that you die in a fight is not bad. It gives you an answer about how and what decision you should make. Now you know what it is.

Dreaming that you kill someone in a fight

Dreaming that you kill someone in a fight means your acceptance process about a particular situation. It may not have been easy to get here, but you have made it, and that is what is to be celebrated.

Not everyone is capable of reaching this stage one day. Some put the brakes on the road, others spend years trying to filter and swallow what they have lived, but they never get past this stage. To dream that you kill someone in a fight is the type of dream that guarantees the completion of an arduous but necessary process that we all must go through at some point.

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