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What is the birthstone for leo and leo birthstone color

The sign of Leo is a sign of fire. This element symbolizes incandescence, dynamism to authoritarianism, love to passion, conquest to domination. Read this article carefully to find what birthstone exactly suit for you based on your characteristics.

The astrological sign of Leo: July 23 to August 22

The Sun rules this sign. It represents man, authority, dynamism, grandiose joy but also pride, snobbery and selfishness.

Discover now the main character traits of Leos and the stones associated with this 5th sign of the zodiac.

What is the character of Leo?

Each sign has character traits: both positive and negative tendencies emerge. Each person being unique, these trends must, of course, be qualified.

To begin with, here is a quote that describes the sign of Leo well: “You are my superb and generous Leo” (from Victor Hugo in Hernani).

What are the qualities of Leo?

Leo is ambitious. He thirsts for success and conquests, both professional and loving.

He has willpower, courage, strong vitality and great resistance.

Its motto could be “all or nothing”. If he has nothing, he is not discouraged. On the contrary! He remains hopeful because he is convinced that he can do more and better—his goal is to be the leader.

Indeed, starting from the bottom rung, Leo has the will to rise to the strength of his work to the top of the social ladder.

To succeed and distinguish himself, Leo can count on his intelligence, his logic and his clarity. He is also endowed with natural authority.

Leo is proud, and he likes to be considered and to show himself in a bright aspect. He beams when all eyes are on him.

One of his great qualities is his generosity. Giving gives him the satisfaction of being considered. At the same time, the Leo has a sense of grandeur and even madness of grandeur!

Leo will naturally move towards professions where they can exercise his creative and domineering temperament to the maximum.

Leos have many qualities. They are warm, sunny, passionate people and their faults, like each of the 11 other signs of the zodiac.

What are the faults, Leo?

Leo is the embodiment of “I”, and more precisely, of “I want”. He likes to order. To do this, he uses his authority, sometimes oppressive, of which he is perfectly aware.

He is also perfectly aware of his prestige.

His weaknesses would then be his vanity and his pride. Indeed, his desire for success and domination pushes him to have excessive self-esteem and be above others.

Leo does not appreciate criticism and reproach even when it is justified.

Like the animal, it is not uncommon for it to roar and release its claws in violent anger. But calm always returns after the storm. Leo quickly forgets his outbursts and forgives those who would have provoked them. For him, forgiveness is a mark of nobility.

His dissatisfaction pushes him always to go higher. To achieve his goals and dominate, he is inflexible, stubborn.

Provided with great vitality, he can, unfortunately, abuse his strength, which would have repercussions on his health.

The Leo in Love

Born under the dazzling sign of the Sun, Leo shows himself to be both dominating and passionate on an emotional level. He expects and demands a lot from his partner. Indeed, his half will have to be up to it because Leo is perpetually dissatisfied.

In addition, he has a strong sensuality.

What signs are compatible with Leo?

Leo has affinities with Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Libra, and Sagittarius.

What are the birthstones for Leo?

Is there a connection between stones and astrology?

Each stone is associated with one or more astrological signs. Thanks to their virtues, the stones will come to reinforce the positive traits of Leo’s character or attenuate its negative tendencies, fill its weaknesses, or protect them.

What are the birthstones that strengthen the qualities of Leo?

Leo has an affinity with the colors yellow, orange and red of his element, fire. In lithotherapy, the stones with which the Leo has the most affinity are indeed in its warm tones of colors.

citrine birthstone of leo
citrine birthstone of leo
  • Citrine to strengthen your vitality and confidence
  • The Citrine is natural (and therefore not heated), and it is translucent pale yellow.
  • This stone is ideal for Leo and sticks in every way to the character of this fire sign. Here are the reasons:
  • It is a real ray of sunshine that allows the Leo to “shine”.
  • It helps to have a positive attitude, to keep morale, good humor and cheerfulness.
  • It brings self-confidence and vitality to surpass oneself, impose oneself in life and make decisions. The Leo,determined to reach the top, will thus see his future confident, reassuring and promising.
  • It stimulates concentration and clarity to take action. It invigorates intelligence and also strengthens creativity.

In addition, Citrine is a stone that brings luck, and it attracts prosperity, success! It would therefore be the perfect stone for Leo to flourish in his work and achieve his goals.

Find leo birthstone Stones

The Sun Stone to assert yourself and bring good luck

firestone birthstone of leo
firestone birthstone of leo

When it is of superior quality, it recalls the warm reflections of the Sun thanks to its glittery sparkle. This orange stone has many virtues similar to Citrine’s: it illuminates emotional grayness by bringing joy, good humor and optimism. It brings self-confidence and vitality.

It will also allow Leo to assert himself by daring to say “no” to requests that do not meet his needs or desires. And it would bring good luck!

On an intimate level, the Leo will appreciate the Sun Stone, one of the aphrodisiac stones. It will thus stimulate his sexual energy.

Garnet for entrepreneurs

grenat birthstone of leo
grenat birthstone of leo

The Almandine Garnet corresponds perfectly to Leo, who has the taste to undertake new projects. This stone is stimulating, and it gives confidence, enthusiasm and perseverance to overcome difficulties and put into action the projects close to heart.

Leo will be proud and happy to see the fulfillment of his ideas.

In addition, dark red aphrodisiac in color, Garnet boosts libido.

Amber to give courage

Amber birthstone of leo
Amber birthstone of leo

Amber is not a stone but a fossil plant resin. It symbolizes invincibility. Anecdotally, the Roman gladiators carried this resin in the arena so as not to be killed.

Amber gives Leo the courage they need to be entrepreneurial and successful.

The stones to balance the Leo

Here are some stones that can help Leo in his daily life.

Lapis-Lazuli to attract sympathy around him

The Lapis Lazuli symbolizes friendship.

Lapis Lazuli birthstone of leo
Lapis Lazuli birthstone of leo

It encourages maintaining good relationships based on communication, openness and honesty. It brings good humor.

In addition, it helps calm the roaring anger of Leo.

In addition, the latter will appreciate this stone because it stimulates intellect, memory, creativity, and transparency.

Amethyst to appease his anger

Amethyst birthstone of leo
Amethyst birthstone of leo

The Amethyst is a violet associated with the seventh chakra stone, coronal chakra. It has many virtues and has become an essential stone in lithotherapy.

The colors of the Leo can arise quickly and explode like a pressure cooker! The build-up of tension can cause this sign to overreact or even uncontrollably. The Amethyst will help him to control better his anger, his aggressiveness and his emotional excesses.

Rose Quartz for softness

Rose Quartz birthstone of leo
Rose Quartz birthstone of leo

The Rose Quartz is a soft pink stone, which suits the Leo woman. This stone brings softness, appeasement and serenity in case of anxiety and doubts. It helps to find inner peace by strengthening self-acceptance.

Stone of love, she is comforting and provides support during difficult events.

Gemstones of the Leo

We have just mentioned the fine stones corresponding to the sign of Leo, but what are the precious stones associated with this sign?

Ruby and Diamond are the gemstones that best match this sign.

Ruby is corundum which owes its red color to chromium oxide. It brings vitality and motivation to move forward and overcome the difficult trials in life.

The diamond is the most precious of precious stones. Its name means “invincible” about its harshness and purity. This precious stone, therefore, echoes the invincibility of Leo.

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