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What is Your Numerology Inspiration Number?

What Inspires you? Your numerology inspiration number can give you more incite into your personal style that makes you the happiest and most successful.

Once you find your inspiration number, take the opportunity and the challenge to tap into what inspires you in a way that is beyond your comfort zone. See what happens!

Note: if the description of your catalyst number makes you uncomfortable, you may be living in your shadow or lesson of this energy.  Be gentle with yourselfnumerology inspiration number

Do not judge or feel like a failure. Just for this moment in time you are living in your lesson. Challenge yourself this month to take one opportunity that feels safe and BE your sun number.

What is your Numerology Inspiration Number?

To find your  numerology inspiration number, add the sum of your birth day and month together.

For example, if your birthday was April 1 — Your catalyst number is 5.

4 + 1 = 5

The five is all about energy, change and the fire to create and be on stage. What brings you a spark in life is when you have fun with people as you participate in an activity that energizes you.

Once you calculate, read your sun (or inspiration) number below.

Are you surprised?

1 – The one catalyst is motivated by taking the lead. Discovering unique and innovative ideas that inspire others and can make a difference will excite those of you who have a ‘1’ sun number. If this is you, there is a good chance that you have a hard time following another’s lead. You are much happier when you are in charge.

2. The ‘two’ is the sun number of love, relationships and truth. If you follow your heart and trust your understanding of what is fair, you will be in alignment with your gratifying life. If you have a ‘2’ sun number, you may not do well when you feel unappreciated or when something feels out of integrity.

3.The ‘three’ (as mentioned above) is all about creative expression and sharing your voice — be it art, music, speaking, or writing. If you are unique and original, you will succeed. With a ‘3’ catalyst, you can get bored when something is not interesting or innovative.

4. Four is the builder, working with your hands and keeping things in order. What makes you the happiest is when you are involved and productive in a project. Fours go crazy when something is not organized!

5. Five is the charismatic entertainer, enjoying connecting with people and achieving accolades. They thrive on energy and change. This is a tricky number as some 5s find themselves afraid of being out there, afraid of failing. If you fall in this category, try challenging yourself this month and step out of your comfort zone. Take one opportunity, in a safe environment, to get out there — perhaps dancing or singing or writing.

6. Six is the energy of compassion, love and service. A six is the most content when they are connecting from a place of understanding and assisting others. The shadow of ‘6’ can be caring too much what others think. If this is true for you, you may find yourself hiding. Take the opportunity to be bold this month and create a supportive group, perhaps online.

7. The inspiration number of seven is spirituality and being the unique non-conformist. Sevens can tend to be shy. If they let go of caring what others think, they will be fascinated with the unknown and seek out a path that not everyone follows. As they connect to a spiritual view of life. there will be much success. (It will just look different than most.)

8.  Having a catalyst of an eight is the drive to be the charismatic leader, to step out and achieve your goals while empowering others. The eight does not do well if they find themselves in the audience. they are much better being in the front of the stage, taking action.

9 The nine inspiration number is the energy of transformation, seeing the bigger picture, and change. They are happiest when they are helping others understand themselves or when they are solving a problem. Analyzing everything, the 9 can get frustrated easily when things do not make sense, or are out of integrity.

11. Note: When two numbers are the same, such as an 11, you do not reduce because they are master numbers. For example, you may have an 11 sun number if your birthday is April 7 (4+7) or August 3 (8+3).

The catalyst of 11 is divine inspiration and leadership. You thrive on ideas that are innovative and unique and making things happen.  You will not do well unless you are being challenged and in an environment that stimulates your mind. An atmosphere that seems ordinary and stagnant will not interest you in the slightest.

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Feel free to let me know what your numerology inspiration number is and how you will use it this month in the comment section below or on my facebook page.

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