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What is Your Personal Year Number in 2023?

personal year meaning
What is your personal year?

What is Your Personal Year Number?

Each year you have a new personal year number based on your birthday. Having this information will help you understand the theme and challenges you will have this year.

To find your personal year, add your month and day of your birthday to the current year.

Calculate like this:

If your birthday is April 1 and it is 2023: 4+1+2+0+2+3 = 12 (1+2=3).Your personal year number is a 3. Now look at the definitions of your personal year to discover more about your journey this year.

Note, if your personal number adds up to a master number (11 or 22) do not reduce.

Definitions and challenges of each personal year:

1 – Year of new beginnings and innovative ideas. Could be a new job or a new relationship. Challenge: fear of taking the next step

2 – Connecting in relationships of all forms – romantic, business, social and self. Challenge: caring too much what others think.

3 – Year of creativity and self-expression in every form – art, music, speaking, writing. Challenge: fear of letting your voice be heard.

4 – Year of the builder, the organizer, a great time to get something done. Challenge: feeling bogged down by all the work you are doing or feeling overwhelmed.

5 – Year of fun, increased social life, travel, and energy. Being out there in the world with people. Challenge: feeling a loss of freedom, overwhelm, or too much on your plate

6 – Year of all matters of the heart. Dealing with family, loved ones, community, relationships. This could be a time of marriage, birth or rebirth.  Challenge: experiencing loss, feeling overburdened or taking on too much responsibility.

7 – Year of spirituality and connection with inner self, year of unique thoughts and actions. Challenge: feeling unsociable, withdrawn, fear of speaking your truth.

8 – Year of abundance, leadership and manifestation.  A great time to achieve your dreams. Challenge: Being too self-consumed. Feeling over-burdened. Instead of being the leader, feeling oppressed, victim.

9 – Year of transformation, transition and completion. A time to examine your life and see what new path to take.  Challenge: Will you see the lessons of what you have been putting up with and decide to change the direction of your life?

11/2 – Master year of inspired ideas and actions. These ideas can influence and inspire others and may deal with your relationships (2). Don’t leave yourself out of the equation! Challenge: Having many dreams but not acting on them.

22/4 – Year of mastery in relationships (2) and building (4). This is a time to connect with others in a profound way and make a difference. A great time to achieve a project with others. Challenge: Taking on a project without asking for help. Taking it all on and caretaking others

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