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Why Do I See the Same Number ‘156’ All the Time? Ask Greer

house 156Ask Greer

“I have a question about a number that I have been seeing constantly for the past couple of years, and but more within the last few months is 156. 156 is also the house number of the house I grew up in”. Thanks, Sharon


Hello Sharon.
When looking at a number that you see all the time, it is not as predictable as your birthday or name numbers.
The first question I ask is.. what were you thinking and doing when you saw the number 156. Is there something that is going on in your life right now? Perhaps something that has started or ended? Like a job or a relationship? Think deeply, you may not remember at first. I know you want the answer now, but get yourself a notebook and start writing what you are noticing when you see ‘156’ you will get even more answers.
Where do the messages come from? They could come from deep in your spirit that knows all, even if license plate 156you are oblivious. They could also come from someone who has passed away in your life.

So let’s take a look at 156. “One is the energy of new beginnings, new opportunities, and/or new people in your life. Five is the energy of the fire. Connecting in a charismatic way. Meeting new people, action, and change. Six is about friendship, family, compassion, and understanding. All strong numbers appear to be leading a way to a new beginning. The sum: 1+5+6 =12 which reduces to a ‘3’. Three is the energy of creative expression in every way. Be it writing, singing, or speaking.

To me, the message may be to take a look and see what is around you. Many opportunities are available. No thinking back about past failures. Move forward.

Now go back to your journal and look at your words. Is there an ‘aha’ moment? Let me know if you have any comments.

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