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Your Bosses Leadership Style – By Life Path Number

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need a cheerleader. Positive reinforcement, positive attention, and admiration are always welcome, if not a requirement!
  • They want someone to “read their mind.” They think quickly and have innovative ideas, so much so that often they leave others in the dust and get frustrated when they have to slow it down enough to instruct others as to what they actually want and need.
  • They need to be in complete control. The 1 is a leader and they prefer to be in the company of followers. They want you to take instructions and come back with it done to their specifications.

Biggest Nemesis:  Lack of self-esteem — although with the 1 Life Path boss, this can be hard to detect because they often appear “large and in charge” by being aggressive, forceful, or just seem to be confident when underneath, they grapple with self-confidence.

Think of:  Steve Jobs  |  Gwyneth Paltrow

Ideal: The 1 Life Path boss leads with confidence, creativity, and cares about who’s on board on the team. They’re dynamic and take the time to get to know the strengths and weaknesses of team members and then places people in their position of strength.

2 Life Path: The Heart & Hospitality

The 2 Life Path all about harmony and being the glue that holds everything together. It’s rare that a 2 Life Path wants to be a boss! Often the 2 is more productive and happier when they take on the role of the power behind the throne (even though there’s a part of them that would love to be on the throne!)  The 2 loves being in the know, managing the details, and getting acknowledgment for their important role in the enterprise. The 2 Life Path thrives when there’s emotional connection and lots of pats-on-the-back along the way.

Style:  Being a diplomat and a lover (not a fighter!) is the overall M.O. for the 2 Life Path boss. They’re learning not to take everything personally and to practice healthy emotional boundaries. The 2 wants peace at all costs, yet often find themselves mitigating conflict. If they find themselves in a leadership role, they really care about what others think and say about them. They also are expert at coming up with win/win scenarios.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They want to “feel the feels” all the time! They want the work environment that feels like family — and not a dysfunctional family!
  • They want constant acknowledgment and supportive input from others.
  • They need to feel as though the work they’re doing matters! The 2 Life Path boss is a giver by nature and is often good with details.


  • Relationships are top priority
  • Caring and giving
  • Can be easily overwhelmed or exasperated
  • Can hold grudges and have resentment
  • Highly sensitive

Biggest Nemesis:  Over-giving to the point of resentment.

Think of:  Kanye West  |  Jennifer Lopez

Ideal: The 2 Life Path boss leads with a loving and understanding touch. They value the people involved on the team more than the enterprises itself.

11/2 Life Path: The Satellite Dish & Spiritual Illuminati

If your boss has the Master 11/2 Life Path, here’s basically what you need to know. They have this beautiful amalgam of yin and yang, initiating and receptive, “me” and “us.” The ultimate power comes in learning how to manage what might feel like a bit of an arm wrestle. Think one-part 2, two-parts 1!

Style:  As a boss, the 11/2 Life Path can be a frustrating enigma. Who are they today? Are they the confident leader who inspires you to be your best on the job? Or are they the overly-sensitive shape-shifter making you walk on egg-shells? The 11/2 is heart-centered and relationship-oriented — with an accelerated level of drive and ambition. The double 1 wants to be up front and leading while the 2 wants to negotiate a peaceful environment and develop relationships.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They not only need a cheerleader, they need a cheerleading squad!
  • They love to be loved. Very sensitive, the 11/2 wants you to be their satellite.
  • They want to be in complete control, they want to be known as the giver, and they need to feel that they’re special.


  • Relationships are top priority
  • Self-oriented
  • Can have high-levels of anxiety
  • Can hold grudges and have resentment
  • Highly sensitive

Biggest Nemesis:  Emotional over-sensitivity.

Think of:   Stephen Colbert  |  Michelle Obama

Ideal: The 11/2 Life Path boss is a strong leader who’s devoted to an enterprise for which they feel strong passion. They lead with wisdom and heart — yet they stand on their own two feet and have a healthy and balanced sense of confidence.

3 Life Path: The Witty Creative Communicator

The 3 Life Path is a creative powerhouse who brings a lighter touch to a project and a buoyancy to whatever it touches. Humor and quirky creative problem-solving are some of the attributes the 3 brings to the table. The 3 Life Path boss thrives when adding an inspiring and uplifting angle to enterprises. Often the 3 Life Path becomes the business itself as writer, speaker, dancer, musician, actor, broadcaster, presenter, or anything that demands performative communication skills and a dynamic personality.

Style:  If you have a 3 Life Path as a boss, they are all about finding the “lighter way.” They might get stuck in paralysis analysis. Certainly they can be seen as “moody” by others. The 3 is the born optimist, yet they feel things so deeply that their moods can change like the weather. Their enthusiasm is contagious. They’re witty, imaginative, and can bring dynamic, resourceful energy and ideas to any situation.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need you to be a sounding board. They need to be heard. The 3 needs team members with whom they can bounce ideas off of and brain-storm.
  • They want you to take care of the details. The 3 is often the content creator or the idea person rather than the systems builder or accountant.
  • The 3 Life Path boss is often a pleaser and wants you to be a happy camper if they’re your boss. They want you to be happy and enjoy what you’re doing with and for them.


  • Always make things fun!
  • Dynamic and creative
  • Can be scattered and unfocused
  • Can be depressive
  • Highly emotionally sensitive

Biggest Nemesis: Self-doubt and fear of criticism.

Think of:  Jon Stewart  |  Kate Middleton

Ideal: The 3 Life Path boss is fun, optimistic, humorous, and truly cares about the team. They’re bosses with high levels of emotional intelligence. The 3 boss is a creative visionary with ideas galore.

4 Life Path: The Purveyor of Knowledge & Organizer

The 4 Life Path boss takes things very seriously. They’re the systems person and the one who understands the step-by-step processes it takes to get from Point A to Point Z.  They’re at their highest and best when taking an organizational or managerial role in a business or enterprise where there are established rules of operation.  The 4 isn’t as effective (usually) with risk or start-ups. The 4 thrives when they know the rules and regulations and improve on them to make the enterprise soar.

Style:  The 4 Life Path is all about foundations, systems, structure, and following the steady path to building something substantial.  They are the “slow and steady wins the race” people. Loyalty, honesty, and respect are key values for the 4 Life Path. They’re literal thinkers and often see things as “yes or no,” “black or white,” “this or that.” The 4 Life Path boss is demanding. They have high ideals about how things should be organized and they need everything to operate the way they say they should operate!

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who can gently provide them with more creative or progressive ideas and ways of doing things.
  • They need to be acknowledged for all the work they put in and all the knowledge they bring to the table.
  • They want you to do what they tell you to do (or what you say you’re going to do) — and can be uncomfortable when someone directly contradicts them. A better way to approach this will be to request a time where you bring ideas (backed with supporting data) and ask for their opinion. Allow your 4 boss to work with you on this new idea while feeling they’re still in the driver’s seat.


  • Hard-working
  • Solid and systematic
  • Can be inflexible and self-limiting
  • Can be emotionally detached and stubborn
  • Direct and blunt

Biggest Nemesis:  Rigid thinking and stubbornness. The 4 can put the “bossy” into the Boss!

Think of:  Bill Gates  |  Oprah Winfrey

Ideal: The 4 Life Path boss is all about getting it done and getting it done right. They’re serious about what they do and how they do it, yet are open to outside-of-the-box suggestions and are able to loosen up a bit along the way.

22/4 Life Path: Master Builder & Master Teacher

If your boss has the Master 22/4 Life Path, here’s basically what you need to know. They’re devoted to their work! They are the “master builder” and are in it for the long haul. The double 2s bring emotional sensitivity and diplomacy while the 4 demands concerted effort and slow and steady progress. Think of it as one-part 4 and two-parts 2!

Style:  The Master 22/4 is meant to bring spiritual ideals into the everyday lives of people.  The 22/4 Life Path boss is practical and pragmatic. Nothing dreamy or airy-fairy about the 22.  The double 2 wants to be the power behind the throne while the 4 wants everyone to do what it wants them to do! They’re gifted at finding the systems that allow the creation and expansion of a business, product, or service that isn’t a fly-by-night enterprise.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who can gently provide them with more creative or progressive ideas and ways of doing things. Often the 4 is more of a “back in the day” or “I’ve always done it this way” sort-of person. Introduce them to the latest trends without stepping on toes.
  • They need to be acknowledged for all the work they put in and all the knowledge they bring to the table.
  • They need to be encouraged to delegate. If you volunteer to take on a task, you’ll certainly impress your 22/4 Life Path boss when you take the task and then run with it.


  • Hard-working
  • Solid and systematic
  • Can be inflexible, self-limiting, and micromanaging
  • Can be simultaneously emotionally detached and overly emotionally invested
  • Direct and blunt

Biggest Nemesis:  The 22/4 boss can be the ultimate micromanager and stop themselves short from thinking bigger.

Think of:  The 14th Dalai Lama  |  Tina Fey

Ideal: The 22/4 Life Path boss is an inspiration to everyone with whom they come in contact. Hardworking, responsible, focused, creative, and intuitive, these bosses inspire the best from their team. They create an atmosphere of mutual respect.

5 Life Path: The Sensual Sales Person

The thing about the 5 Life Path boss is that they’re masters and mistresses of ideas yet they often struggle with focus and follow-through (that’s where you come in!). The 5 requires variety, if not a bit of drama. The 5 Life Path is all about freedom — freedom through self-discipline. They’re drawn to enterprises that excite the senses and are at their highest-and-best as a boss when they’re the lead on a sales team, manager of a territory, or in a position that offers them plenty of freedom.

Style:  The 5 Life Path is all about versatility, is an agent of change, and thrives with progressive ideas and activities.  They are catalysts. The issue is that this is a frenetic Life Path and can be scattered and possibly flit from thing to thing. They’re amazing lightning rods for anything dynamic and forward-thinking. They can be a force of nature and are expansive when allowed a certain level of free reign. Conversely, the 5 Life Path can get stuck in ruts, suffer from over-whelm, and create restrictions for themselves.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who can provide focus and grounding for them. The 5 boss can say that they don’t want any drama and yet, they become the drama.
  • They need support and encouragement for their ideas and activities — yet they need people who can also offer a “reality check.”
  • They want you to be responsible for the detail work. They need people who do the “grunt work,” so to speak. They need you to keep them on task and do the management, organization, and deal with practicalities — and they need encouragement and kudos along the way.


  • Fun and dynamic
  • High energy
  • Can be scattered and ineffective
  • Can be emotionally volatile
  • Easily overwhelmed

Biggest Nemesis:  Lack of stick-to-it-ness and can get distracted by all the “bright and shiny objects” or by feeling caged in.

Think of:  Russell Brand  |  Beyoncé

Ideal: The 5 Life Path boss is the one who can come up with five different solutions to a problem. Vivacious and dynamic, with a seemingly endless amount of energy, the 5 Life Path boss is open to new ideas and is always forward-moving.

6 Life Path: The Nurturing Visionary

The 6 boss is a visionary and someone who has a deep sense of duty and are also concerned about justice on a grand scale.  They are natural nurturers. Their gift can also be their Achilles Heel. The 6 is a perfectionist extraordinaire, an idealist, and has extremely high expectations for their own performance and also for your performance. They feel responsible for everyone and everything, so that can get a bit weighty and bleed into their management style. The 6 can be “soft and fuzzy,” yet if a boss, they can be almost impossible to please.

Style: The 6 Life Path is all about “home and family,” relationships, responsibility, and they thrive when being of service.  The 6 is an amazing manifestor and a creative force of nature. Their visionary and heart-centered service is at the core of the 6 Life Path boss. The only thing standing in their way is controlling perfectionism.  The 6 boss is ultimately a caretaker and learning to balance and modulate their overweening sense of responsibility.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who are high-achievers and can meet high-levels of expectation. Or alternately, the 6 boss can also take on people who they feel they can assist and train to become achievers — like becoming someone who fosters dogs prior to finding their “forever home.” (metaphorically speaking!)
  • They expect loyalty, respect, and obedience from their team members.
  • They want you to do what they ask of you — fully, completely, on time (if not early), and, well, perfectly. If you ever need to correct a 6 Life Path boss, make sure you offer a few compliments and acknowledgement first, then offer a corrective.


  • Caring and nurturing
  • Creative and good with aesthetics
  • Can be anxious and demanding
  • Can be too accommodating
  • Can be judgmental

Biggest Nemesis:  Self-righteousness and controlling perfectionism.

Think of:  Warren Buffet  |  Jennifer Lawrence

Ideal: The 6 Life Path boss is caring, creative, and focused on service. They care deeply about their team and prioritize people over profit. They’re loving, caring, and incredibly creative people who nurture the best in others.  

33/6 Life Path:  The Nurturing Communicator

If your boss has the Master 33/6 Life Path, here’s basically what you need to know. The double 3s bring emotional sensitivity, creativity, and optimism while the 6 infuses an element of home and family, duty, and service to the mix. The 33/6 is meant to lead and to offer a glimpse of what it looks like to love and accept everyone along the way.

Style:  The 33/6 is designed to express itself as a master teacher of higher consciousness and a higher octave of spiritual values. So you might have to cut your boss some slack! This calling isn’t easy. The double 3 is the communicator and the master of joyful self-expression while the 6 is the cosmic parent.  Many 33’s are learning to not get bogged down in defeat and cynicism, because they’ll constantly be handed the role of helper and healer.  They’re gifted at connecting with people on a soul level and finding fun ways to be of service. While the 33/6 is the teacher of unconditional love, they’re challenged with not becoming martyrish, self-sacrificing, and enabling.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who don’t take advantage of their sacrificing nature.
  • They need team players who are also driven by the need to serve something greater than themselves and who can handle their bouts of self-doubt and self-sabotage.
  • They want you to do what they ask of you — the 33/6 boss truly feels that they know best and know what’s in your best interest and in the best interest of the enterprise.


  • Fun and dynamic
  • High energy
  • Can be scattered and ineffective
  • Can be emotionally volatile
  • Easily overwhelmed

Biggest Nemesis:  Learning not to be a control freak.

Think of:  Robert DeNiro  |  Meryl Streep

Ideal: The 33/6 Life Path boss witty, high-energy, extremely caring (if not self-sacrificing), creative, and loving. They’re a beautiful mixture of nurturance and impeccable communication. They’re optimistic without resorting to toxic positivity.

7 Life Path: The Analyst & (sometimes reluctant) Spiritualist

The number 7 is a high-vibe energy and presents with an interesting dichotomy.  The 7 boss is fiercely data-driven and yet on the other hand, intensely intuitive.  The mantra for the 7 is: “OK, if we’re all having a spiritual experience in a human body, prove it!”  The 7 boss is often highly misunderstood. They can appear lofty or snooty, yet often that’s simply the way they “read” to other people. They’re really introverted and processing everything all the time, so that they might appear aloof or detached. And in some ways, they are detached. Emotions are often more foreign or challenging to the 7 Life Path boss. They’re much more comfortable analyzing data than feeling their feelings — or dealing with the feelings of those around them. They’re the boss who intellectualizes everything and might have to work on emotional intelligence.

Style:  The 7 Life Path is all about the development of trust and openness. The 7 boss can struggle with feeling too vulnerable and will protect themselves from being too emotionally exposed at all cost.  The 7 operates on a different wavelength and can be flummoxed when people totally misread them, their personality, and their overall intentions. They often have an elusive and mysterious energy — as if they’re withholding something. When in their game, the 7 boss is wise, intelligent, and incredibly intuitive.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who are businesslike and not overly emotional when you interact when them. Otherwise, if you can take on the emotional connection and come up with the creative ideas, you can perform a needed function for the 7 Life Path boss.
  • A bit of a lone wolf, they need to be left alone some of the time.
  • They want you to be methodical and stick to the facts. They can be somewhat eccentric and benefit when you are fluid with their innate introversion.


  • Generous with their time and energy when it has a point and a reason
  • Loves research and mining data
  • Can be difficult to understand their thinking and actions
  • A perfectionist – or slightly superficial
  • Easily frustrated and irritated

Biggest Nemesis:  Isolation, frustration, and perfectionism — and being misunderstood by the team.

Think of:  Elon Musk  |  Taylor Swift

Ideal: The 7 Life Path boss is brainy and also intuitive — when they trust it. They’re serious about doing a spectacular job and love it when the team works together as a cohesive unit, leaving them to their highest and best use, which is to formulate the question or task, gather the data, and bring it all together. 

8 Life Path: The CEO & Financial Go-To

Business is the natural habitat of the 8 Life Path.  They excel when stepping into an existing structure and bring it into its next and higher level of success and productivity.  When in their game, the 8 the ultimate manager and organizer. The 8 boss is large and in charge — with a dominating presence and “time is money” attitude. They’re always thinking bigger and are often focused on the finer things in life. They seek attainment of wealth, status, power, and influence. The 8 boss demands respect.

Style:  Since the 8 is all about power (and personal empowerment), money, control, and authority, it’s vital that they step into their role as a top-notch boss and authority figure.  In their game, the 8 boss has a high level of integrity. They are resilient, determined, and while they’re meant for success, it doesn’t necessarily come easily. The 8 boss is competitive and wants to win!

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who give them the respect and admiration they desire.
  • They need true team players who are great at what they do and yet are absolutely devoted to the vision and management style of the 8 boss.
  • They want you to be 100% behind them no matter what.


  • Generous and giving
  • High levels of professionalism
  • Can be ruthless and greedy
  • Can be emotionally explosive
  • Can be intolerant and overbearing

Biggest Nemesis:  Dominating and controlling personality.

Think of:  RuPaul  |  Jessica Simpson

Ideal: The 8 Life Path boss is generous, good-natured, and up to the task. They’re serious professionals who know how to get the job done and how to bring out the best in their team or staff.

9 Life Path: The Charismatic & Creative Altruist

Ah, the 9 Life Path boss is always (underneath it all) very concerned about the state of the world. The 9 boss can be a beautiful weirdo (I say that lovingly) and the sooner you understand that about them, the better off you’ll be.  In their game, the 9 boss leads with heart and with service. They have a high level of compassion, intuition, and are multi-talented. The 9 is innately creative and have a “fake it ‘til you make it” vibe that is undeniable and charisma that can’t be underestimated. Those with a 9 Life Path are old souls who have internal resources that surprise even them.

Style:  The 9 boss can come across as having multiple personalities (metaphorically speaking). One day, the 9 boss is an over-giver. The next, the self-absorbed task-master. Another day, a belligerent wrecking-ball and the next, deeply humbled and seemingly in touch with the wants and needs of others. The 9 boss often has difficulty distinguishing between healthy support and enabling. Emotions run deep and strong, yet the 9 Life Path can have roadblocks to expressing emotions with clarity and consistency.  The “go-to” becomes to lecture others and then walk away, so to speak. The 9 boss is learning the power of empathy and of listening to others.

What they want and need from YOU (whether they know it or not!):

  • They need people who can step out of the way and allow them to be a veritable tsunami.
  • They need team members who not only tell them what they need, but do it before they even know they need it. This goes for bookkeeping, filing, keeping their calendar — that sort of thing.
  • They need people around them who can handle and manage their intensity, high energy levels, and odd idiosyncrasies.


  • Incredibly quirky and creative
  • Multi-talented and creative problem solver
  • Can be self-sacrificing
  • Can become defeated and self-focused
  • Disappointment can become a road block to moving forward with optimism

Biggest Nemesis:  Becoming a rebel without a cause or bogged down in the disappointment based on personal and professional losses. The 9 Life Path boss often wants to change people (and change the world), yet they struggle to actually like people overall!

Think of:  Jim Carrey  |  Yoko Ono

Ideal: The 9 Life Path boss is incredibly generous — with a humanitarian focus. Creative, energetic, and unpredictable, the 9 boss can be an enigma and yet has a huge heart and is driven to serve the greater good.

Image by Hayley Maxwell – Unsplash

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