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Your Karmic Life Purpose Numbers – Numerology Speaks

What is your karmic life purpose? This is the path you chose to walk in this lifetime (continued from Finding Your Life Purpose)

To find your karmic life purpose, add the birthday numbers of your month, day, and year separately. For example, If you were born on April 1, 1987, you would find the sum of each of your birthday numbers separately like so:

4+1+1+9+8+7=30/3 Your destiny is a 3

Remember, do not reduce the sum of the two numbers if they are the same (such as 11,22,33, or 44.) These double-digit numerals are called master numbers and are very powerful. To learn more about the master number, click here  

Note: almost all the karmic destiny lessons have a ‘judgmental influence’. This reflects ‘self-judgment’ as well as worrying about what others think.

After you find your karmic destiny number, reflect on the vibrance and challenges as it appears in the history of your life from your birth until now. You may consider starting a journal with reflections on lessons learned. How can you improve the vibrance of your life purpose and shift the challenges? During this reflection, you may have a memory of one of your past lives.

Below are summaries of the karmic destiny lessons of each number. Included is a mantra you may embrace. (Or you may create one for yourself.)

karmic life purposeWhat life purpose lesson did you choose in this lifetime?

1 – The journey of the leader, innovator, and inventor. The lesson is to achieve confidence and to lead with compassion. Shadow – insecurity, controlling, stubbornness, resentful, feeling the victim,
Mantra: I am an inspired leader, sharing my incite with the world as I empower others.

2 — The destiny of the two is love, connection with another, fairness, diplomacy, and kindness. Lessons – insecurity, shyness, shame, reluctance to take the lead or make waves.
Mantra: I am compassionate, intuitive, and understanding. My words and ideas make a difference and inspire others.

3 — The destiny of creative expression – art/music/writing/speaking/designing. Lessons – Insecurity, self-love, acknowledgment, seeing and appreciating your talent
Mantra: I embrace the creative expression within me with ease and grace.

4 — The destiny of the builder, organizer, and connection with nature and the home.Lessons — Completion, acknowledging your gifts. Shadow: controlling, stubborn, and opinionated.
Mantra: I am limitless. I am the builder, embracing the earth and acknowledging all the possibilities.

5 — The life purpose of energy, charisma, and connecting with others as you share your creative talents. Fearless. Lessons — Impatient, stubborn, scattered, self-centered, dreamer, or retreating altogether.
Mantra: I embrace the vibrant, joyous life within me and share it with the world.

6 — The life purpose of service, healing, compassion, and friendship. Lessons — Self-conscious, insecure, people pleaser, fear of success and accomplishment. Shadow: Isolation and self-sabotage
Mantra: I open my heart to others and myself. I embrace the true nature of love and joy.

7 — The journey of the mystical self, experiencing the unknown, the spiritual, and the unique. The seven can be a difficult journey as the energy is not from this earth plane. Lessons — Be selective with who you share your knowledge. Shadow: anger, frustration, annoyance, judgmental, and isolating.
Mantra: My soul opens to the direct vision of light as I joyfully connect to nature and all its beings.

8 — The destiny of 8 is the charismatic leader and abundant more manifest. The eight can accomplish much and succeed at all they set out to do and discover. Lessons — Learning selflessness and empowerment. Shadow: selfish, controlling, overbearing, coming from the ego and not the heart.
Mantra: I embrace the power and abundance that resides within me as I share it with the world.

9 — The life purpose of the ‘9’ is intuitively and psychically understanding truth. Nine is the spiritual warrior and arbitrator. They can see beyond the veil of what appears to be happening. Shadow: opinionated, impatient, and incessantly analyzing
Mantra: Universe – I am the spiritual warrior, and I am grateful for your guidance.  Allow me to connect and enjoy your light as I learn the lesson of humility and empowerment.

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